Will You Survive Graduation?

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 I Will Endure

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Evelyn Varrow

Full Name : Evelyn Varrow
Race : Vampire

PostSubject: I Will Endure   Wed Aug 08, 2012 1:18 pm


Elizabetia Romanov
A extremely good investor for the school, Evelyn makes sure to keep Eliza pleased at the university. She respects the woman and doesn't find her a bear to be around, but wouldn't exactly consider her a friend for they are not close or friendly in that particular manner. She makes sure to keep good terms with her and will chat with her from time to time.


Katerina Croft
To Evelyn, having Katerina around is like having a security system. It's there, it's turned on and she doesn't really bother with it. She doesn't talk much to Katerina unless asking her a quick question or telling her to go with her somewhere, sometimes she may ask how her day is but rarely. She treats her more as a robot then a person. She is never rude to her or treats her like crap, but behaves with her neutrally like what she is...a security guard, and nothing more.

Andre Louvel
Evelyn wouldn't call Andre a good friend per say, but she wouldn't quite call him just an acquaintance. When she see's him she talks to him warmly and she thinks he is quite a respectable man...you know, deep down. She recently buttered him up to marry the fae Adella, and likes him even more since he agreed to do so and followed her indirect orders. She knows he will be good to the girl and protect her, but just hopes he doesn't teach her any ill manners.


Castielle Monstisque
Her sire, her best friend, her mother, her sister...just simply, her everything. Castielle saved her from her miserable life and made her anew, and Evelyn knows she can never truly pay her back for it. She loves her sire deeply and respects her in every way possible. Castielle is the only person she will ever listen to without question, and goes to her when she seeks advice or comfort.

D'artagnan De Lioncort
Evelyn has known D'artagnan ever since he came to the school and she finds him to be a good friend because, well, he gets her and she gets him. Their personalities are very similar and she doesn't feel like she has to put up some act or fake personalty around him. Not like she goes out and paints the town red with him, but she would consider him close to her and she at times just enjoys sitting and talking to him or griping about this generation.

Nowe Veleno
Once she never paid much mind to Nowe, he was a friend to Victor and that was all he was to her. But many years ago before she was ever Dean he saved her life, and that made her finally notice the other Vampire and be in his debt. When Victor departed he left Nowe as her guard and he has come to be a dear friend to her. She trusts him with every aspect of her life and he is the only one to see all sides of her personality. Of all people she is the most comfortable with him.




Freya Hellenisitc
Once Freya was simply a nuisance, a little fae that liked to be a tick on the Dean's neck. But recently Freya has asserted her dominance and Evelyn see's her as a threat. The woman overstepped some major boundaries and Evelyn will not allow it to happen again. She has ordered her guards to find her and capture her....or kill her, if need be. She hates the fae for she does not like her power to be questioned and intends to viciously get back at her.

Evelyn Varrow

Vampire | 326 | Originally from Sweden | Dean of the University | Dominant | Strict | Feminist | Not very emotional | Doesn't like bullshit | Blunt | Ruthless | Protective of the school and her students | Cold | Her word is law | Quiet, but has a wicked temper | Prideful | Doesn't really smile or laugh| Very good people skills

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I Will Endure
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