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 Biology 101

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PostSubject: Biology 101   Thu Aug 16, 2012 11:42 pm

The hallways seemed empty for such a large school, she was late, of course. Pretty late. As in her class was almost over late. A small grin touched her ruby red lips, her sapphire eyes glided over the decorated walls as if there was something amusing on them. Mr. Hendrickson wasn't going to be very happy with her. Inwardly she prepared herself for the upcoming yells of dissatisfaction, the flustered features of the chubby man. The sick smell of his sweat as it soaked his to tight collar. All the while he'd wave a handkerchief in the air angrily at her as if doing so would intimidate her in some way. The human man was the most disgusting being she'd ever laid eyes on, even people who had scarlet fever back in the day had been prettier than him. A soft, husky laugh escaped her lush lips at the thought, echoing down the halls as she continued towards her classroom. Each click of her heels made the halls sound as if they were playing audience to a tap dance show.

Knee high boots covered slender, fishnet covered, milky thighs. Her hips were adorned with a pair of bright blue daisy duke shorts, a black spiked belt and dangling chains with a small, silver cross pendant. Fishnet covered her otherwise bare abdomen, beneath it lay a lace black bra, just barely covered by a bright red flannel shirt. It was tied neatly in a knot between her breasts, pushing them together rather suggestively. One foot was placed in front of the other as her hips swayed softly with each sensual step. Grabbing the door to the classroom, she swung it open quickly. Without even bothering to look at her professor, as she knew that pissed him off more, she moved to the front of the room where he seat was. Leaning back in the chair, she lazily propped up her heeled booted on the desk, put her arms behind her head and looked to the ceiling boredly. Sighing she awaited for Mr. Hendrickson's ranting to begin.

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PostSubject: Re: Biology 101   Fri Aug 17, 2012 12:50 am

The constant pressure of their aura's weighed down on him. The sick sensation that each of them was a dark foreboding force of nature. He was in their territory now, in the heart of the jungle - amongst the lions, the tigers, the bears. Oh my... he thought to himself, ignoring the obvious stares in concern as he strolled reluctantly into the classroom. Time seemed to slow, his body dragging toward the front of the room, the beating of their hearts in anticipation for his explanation. Would he have a decent one? Keeping his posture firm, his movements sly, he avoided any direct eye contact while still letting his pale crystal blue eyes scan the throng of demonic energies. In the pallid glow of the afternoon sun, his eyes flashed phosphorescent, a symbol of his arcane exposure - and his acceptance amongst them. Cute little things, aren't they.

The group was in their young adolescence, hardly capable creatures, and far from threatening to the mortal world. He could feel the radiating of their powers, the distinct waves they emitted outlined each and every student's path of excellence. IT was a gift, this channel. To see the without sight, and know without knowing. Significantly overdressed for the occasion, besides being matted with a white dress shirt and navy blue tux, the claret tie that wrapped tightly across his neck made the air caustic and totally threw off his color mesh. Blanketed with annoyance, he pulled it away and let tit hang loose and free, exposing the tan of his neck to the venomous eyes of a more curious predator. His desk awaited him, decorated nicely with human skulls, heart diagrams that explained the anatomy in more - monstrous way, and his personal favorite, the shiny red apple with rotten hole torn from it, oozing black puss and green mucus.

Fingers curled tightly across a peace of chalk, playing with it in silence as he set his satchel down. eye reverted to their normal haze, his position protectively hovering over his new desk and chair. Opening the paper back booklet folded neatly before him, he drew his freehand across the pages remaining quiet to avoid revealing the deep husk of his words, and the shallow wit in his phrase. Instead he counted heads, and mapped out the number of children that were suppose to be in his class, before finally concluding only one was absent. No matter, hardly worth acknowledging in a place like this. Finally he turned to the chalk board, scribbling in grungy English phrases the future of his service for The Guardians. Pathetic celestial beings that haunted his reality now.

Finally he spoke aloud to those who would listen, his lyric casual, lacking the will or desire to care about anything other than what came out of them. No deep meetings, no over crafted joyous proclamation. Just a non-shalant revelation of his reason for being. In a dark husky tone he whispered, ''Mr. Hendrickson will no be joining us today.'' Pausing for a moment he turned back toward the decaying fruit. ''Apparently he's fallen ill to a lovely case of 'we have no idea'.'' Continuing his writing, he followed up with his position, ''I'll be filling in for our beloved Henry (easier to say), as your new biology substitute.'' As his words came to a close, the final bell rang and the soft click of high heels sauntering into his classroom late. Stiletto heel against the tile only made him more curious.

His eyes flared back to the ether, milking the energy that flood into the room for what it could read. And it was then, that time stood still, the fraction of seconds he'd felt, now turned to hours in his head as the power that overwhelmed him was not only threatening and resolute. But familiar. The fragrance of Lavender, the sweet exotic tinge of darkness, and the intoxicating lure of power, was enough to make him weak. Letting the chalk fall, he turned brisk fully toward the song of tardiness, running fingers through his smooth black hair as he caught his breath. Eyes widened in awe, the tension sparking like static as he locked onto the dark ridged eyes of his pale mistress. Flashes of his past haunted him now, and a flurry of emotion made the walls crawl and the sunless room intensify.

As he pushed himself to speak to her, the ghost of his memory, the figment of his passion, and the ultimate reason for his destructive nature, his face showed no more emotion other than cold - dilated hatred. But his voice, remained collected, arrogant, and witty. ''Ah, Ms. Dieudonne." the oddity of this, is that he hadn't called anyone else names out. Depicting he already knew everyone by name was a tactic he simply picked up on 30 seconds ago. "Welcome to biology, so glad you could join us."

As he changed his position softly, curling along the outer edge of the oak desk, the words eh wrote revealed them selves...

Mr. Ravencroft, Biology 101

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PostSubject: Re: Biology 101   Fri Aug 17, 2012 1:38 am

"Holy shit..." She muttered aloud as now tantrum was thrown by her dear ol' Mr. Hendrickson. Something was off, something certainly had to be wrong. Thick black lashes surrounded deep, sea blue eyes as she lowered her gaze to the front of the room. Instead of the fat, ruddy man she expected - Vega was confronted with a blast from her past. "Holy shit..." She repeated in a whisper, only this time for an entirely different reason. Her gut twisted, what was her dead, unbeating heart felt as if it filled her throat. A chill rushed over her pale flesh, causing her to jerk in response. Her legs dropped from the desk and she slammed her chair onto the floor. Those crystal blue eyes of his seemed to burn a hole into her. He was different. Not his happy, open self. She could tell in one glance that her influence upon him had not been a pleasant one. Something inside of her found amusement in that. A small smile touched the edge of her blood red lips, the claret color a start contrast against the milkiness of her satin skin. Her mouth had dropped open in surprise, and after a moment of recollecting herself, she clicked her tongue together.

Her teeth came together with a soft snap as she trailed her gaze over his muscled, fine physique. Had he gotten...bigger? The idea thrilled her, but she wasn't sure why. She was sure the man before her would want to have nothing to do with her. But then again...she could be rather persuasive. A sneer touched her delicate features as those slender brows furrowed softly. As he moved, her gaze turned to glance at the board. He was...was the substitute?! Sitting up a bit straighter in her seat, Vega was at a loss for words. So many questions, they ran rampant within her head. But she couldn't ask him anything right now. She'd have to wait till after class. The one time that time did matter, it seemed, was when it involved this man. That arrogant charm, that sharp wit, it was unusual for him. Had it really hurt him that badly? Licking her lips, she leaned back in her chair once more and stared at him. "I won't be late again..." She announced in a thick, husky voice. Her lilting accent was soft and musical, hinting at her favored occupation of singing.

Tucking her hair behind her ears, she kept an ear out for those around her. Of course, there were whispers. People were contemplating how he knew her name already, if they knew each other - what her reaction had been about. It was like petty highschoolers, they drove her crazy. Vega jerked her head to the side and hissed at them, instantly they quieted. Their insistent talking had given her a migraine. Slender fingers lifted to rub her temples lightly. Sighing, she looked back to Trevor. That tongue of hers ran over her bright lips as her gaze lowered to his neck. The world around her blurred lightly as the sound of his beating heart was all that she could hear for a moment. And while his face was a picture perfect calm and confidence, his pounding heart said otherwise. And it made her...ravenous. Suddenly she wanted very badly to mount him upon that very desk and...

Irritation caused her to suck in air through clenched teeth. It made a hissing sound as she pulled out of her trance to stare at him once more. Like a predator coming into close on her prey, Vega would wait patiently for his lecture to be over. And then, mhmm, then the games would begin.

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PostSubject: Re: Biology 101   Fri Aug 17, 2012 11:28 pm

Oh, you bitch. Like the devil she was and always had been, her movements instantly turned offensive. She knew the ropes, the gestures, the sways, and the angle to bend her features all in favor of his attention. She knew exactly who he was, and the new appeal was obviously enough to peak her interest. His first instinct was to curse the heavens, reflecting on this sudden twist of events in the most malicious way ever. The Guardians could have done far worse, but nothing could measure up to this. His mind, clouded with confusion, told his heart to let go. The racing, the fast steady beating, his chest felt like it would explode. The heat of desire funneled through his veins. Destroying the resolve he repared himself for. It'd been so long, and she'd not aged a moment, still young and beyond beautiful.

Of course, that much, he had prepared for. Not to find her in such a degrading place as this, but to one day find her again, and thank her for the release she'd given him. A university though? Vega was far beyond this. Digressing, he watched with stern intent, fixated on her movements as she shuffled uneasy at his new position. She didn't repress the urge to speak, but only in surprise rather than relay what her hungry eyes dsicovered as they wandered his physique. Flattering, she'd noticed? The reaction was hardly worth the effort. Trevor would not allow such hastened defeat, she'd ruined him, and her sultry sways and coy play on words would only infuriate him more. Did she think she controlled him? She didn't even know him anymore. But the thought of a detached romance was astoundingly appealing at this sudden moment, but hardly anything he cared to be involved with. Instead, it was time to play a game.

"I'd hope not, I'm rather gifted with punishing tardiness." he snickered, playing with her words as he favored to idea of torturing her endlessly. The fledgling vampire Screaming his name in repented agony. She crafted the madman before her, and after all this time - she would see the monster he'd become finally. "Malus domestica." he spoke openly, keeping his crystal gaze intently on the vampire queen of his past. A smile curled across his face as he awaited the class to attempt an understand its meaning. Reaching behind him, he pulled the oozing apple off the desk and shifted his gaze to analyze its contents. The arcane energy that circled the fruit was quickly revered for its crafted handwork. Surely the Guardian's were more capable creatures than expected. They wanted you gone, then you were gone. Surely they could use a better clean up crew. "The common apple to any ordinary human being, would ultimately be perceived as your best friend." Tossing it in the air he leaned back against the sanded oak desk to catch it.

He was fascinated by its fasion, and the pure intensity of its chemicals was intoxicating in it self. He stared at it with a lovers's gaze, pursing his lips playfully as if to kiss the tar that foamed in its core. "The seeds however, are in fact composed of light amounts of amygdalin, a cyanogenic glycoside." he frowned at the words, his gaze shifting to an odd glance of confusion, then a simple shrug of dismissal as he tossed it into the trash beside him. "Which, those of you who don't know, high intakes of an Apple's seeds would be fatal." he suddenly rocked gently in his position, moving his gaze back to the vampire woman in the front row, lips smirking in response to her tension - the glimmer in her eye as she hungered for him. He said to her, in thought and body, hungry?

"So essentially, and apple is like a woman. Beautiful on the outside, but if you taste to much of her insides...you die." he froze his gaze on her, intending the words to sink deep into her soul as he cautiously scanned the length of her delicious curves. Finally free from her whim, he stood abruptly, turning to the class with folded hands, "Now, I believe we've covered introductions, lets move onto something more interesting!" rushing behind the desk he pulled down a projector slide, and revealed the topic of discussion. "The theory of the human evolution!" eyes narrowed as the portrayal of monkey's evolving into men made hims scoff. Another frown of distastes fell to his face as he whispered to himself before beginning his lecture..."Oh how false you really are..."
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PostSubject: Detention...   Tue Aug 21, 2012 4:37 pm

His words caused a light huff to escape from between her lovely lips. A snort came rather unlady-like from her nostrils as she crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him. To much of a good thing had never been a bad thing for her, never. She caught the meaning behind his words. How could she not? To much of her had never harmed him before. A twisted grin touched her lips then, as memories flooded her mind of their dark, passionate nights. A small laugh slipped into the air, but Vega quickly covered her mouth with slender fingers. Grinning behind them, she watched him continue on with his actual lecture. When he turned around, the vampiress eagerly admired his backside. That venomous gaze of hers trailing the expanse of his muscled back and lowering to his slim waist. If only he were undressed.

The class was an hour long, which, as she looked up at the clock on the wall - seemed like an eternity. Of course, she had that, but it didn't help the anxiety that overcame her. Her legs crossed, her body on fire from being so close to him. Trevor had given her so much. Passions that she'd never once seen in her long life - and as her mind wandered back to them, it was all she could do to stay seated. Her foot tapped on the floor, making a continuous tapping noise. Likely it annoyed him, but she didn't care. His talking and lecture annoyed her. Narrowing her eyes upon him once more, she smirked as the final bell rang. Signaling that is was lunch time. Ahh, yes. Lunch time.

As everyone exited the room, Vega waited patiently until the door was closed after the last student. In the next instant she was upon him, moving to push him against the chalkboard, her hands pressing his wrists against it in a aggressive fashion. "Teacher, I think I need detention; I should stay after class." She asked in a low murmur, her deep blue eyes locking dangerously upon his crystalline blue eyes. A hand moved, fingers trailed over his pulse, licking her lips once more, Vega would wait patiently for his words - his explanation. Had he come here knowing she attended? He hadn't seemed all that surprised to see her and had even openly called out her name, acknowledging that he remembered her - and maybe even...despised her. There was a definite dark feeling coming off of him, the raw hatred that burned in his eyes.

"Don't you agree?" She said, grinning deviously. Pulling back, the demoness pulled out a pack of cigarettes from her jean pocket. Slipping out a stick she pressed it between her lush, painted lips and flipped her lighter open to catch it. Taking a long puff after a moment of silence, she moved to side on the side of his desk. Daintily she crossed her legs and kicked her foot idly in movement. Blowing out the smoke in his direction, she arched a slender brow. "What're you doing here, Trevor?" She asked smoothly, her tones cool and collected. And yet, inside she felt uneasy. As if the sun were getting closer and closer, burning her skin - despite her tolerance for it these days. Taking another puff of her cigarette, she leaned back on her arms to watch him, to wait for his reaction. Vega was curious to see how much he'd changed...

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PostSubject: Re: Biology 101   

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Biology 101
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