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 Needed A Band-aid

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PostSubject: Needed A Band-aid   Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:46 am

Vega leaned against the threshold of the office door. An unlit cigarette hung precariously between her painted, ruby lips. She stood there, contemplating how she was going to go about this theft. They always had a stash of blood hidden in the nurse's office. But lately, there was no nurse to give it out in case of emergencies. So the only logical thing to do in a situation like this was to steal it. After all, it was going to waste hidden away, unusable to those more...ravenous students at the school. Like herself. Her lovely lips upturned deeply, the frown seeming more a scowl and anything and causing her cigarette to droop dangerously. Sighing she walked into the room; forgetting to close the door, she lit her cancer stick and glanced around the room. This seemed to easy.

Either way, Vega allowed her keen senses to lead her to her treasure. Delicate nostrils flared as she sniffed around the room like a blood hound on a trail. Slender fingers moved around medical supplies, looking for the fridge. She expected a rather long freezer, but instead it was a small thing sitting behind a privacy curtain on the other side of one of the beds. Pulling her cigarette out after a long hit, she grinned and slowly blew the smoke out. "Jackpot." She muttered lowly. Moving close, she crouched down low. Her spandex pants stretched taut over her thighs, her boots skid across the floor as she inched closer. Her white gold bracelets and chains jingled softly as she inspected the lock keeping her from her treat. She hissed out from between her teeth lightly and pulled her cigarette out again.

"Damn." The complaint was ushered out in a slight growl. Black nails glistened as her fingertips slid over the simple security, and with a forceful jerk, it snapped is if it were nothing but a piece of string. Blowing out the smoke finally, she grinned and tossed the destroyed lock to the side. Putting the stick back in her mouth so she had both hands free, Vega lowered her sapphire gaze to look into the small fridge. Sure enough, there were about twenty packs of unused, neglected blood sitting on the top shelf. Pulling out a few, she sifted through them. Now...it was time to find her favorite type and take those specified types. She could be generous sometimes, after all. "O, O positive, A, A positive, AH! Here we are...AB. Mhmm." How lucky she was this day.

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Kythen Lyaer

Full Name : Kythen Joshua Lyaer
Race : Werewolf

PostSubject: Re: Needed A Band-aid   Sun Aug 19, 2012 12:30 am

Kythen sometimes wondered about people's sanity. He didn't know what had possessed the kid to do it but it was generally unwise to try and mug a werewolf. Not that the student, who happened to be human, would know that's what his target was but really, it was still a really bad idea. Of course, catching said werewolf off guard meant you got a lucky shot in but that was beside the point. Despite a deep gash on his arm and a cut across his cheek, Kythen was uninjured. The kid, however, was in a little worse shape since he'd reacted without really thinking. He'd turned around as the kid was coming in for another attack, knocked his strike off center (the source of the cut across his cheek) and hit him. Knocking the fool out cold before Ky had a chance to realize he was human. Oops.

At any rate, he decided it was probably a good idea to get him checked on. So he'd hauled the unconscious student to the nurses office, though there was no nurse in sight. The door was open, however, which was odd and there was a smell of vampire and smoke on the air. He settled the injured kid into a chair and set out in search of both the nurse and the source of the vampire smell.

He found the vampire first.

"You're not supposed to be in here." He said, suddenly very aware his sleeve was covered in blood and he was still bleeding a bit from the stab in his shoulder. "And you're really not supposed to be in there." He added, indicating the cooler with a wave of his bloodied arm, grimacing a bit when he realized he'd done it. Blood and vampires were not a good mix. And this one was hungry judging by the fact she was into the fridge where they kept the blood packs. "But in all honesty, I'd prefer you break into the fridge and steal that than try and nibble on me so by all means please continue." He added with a shrug, and a glance around. If she was here, that meant the nurse probably wasn't. Well too damn bad for the idiot kid then. He'd just have to deal with waking up in the nurse's station with a headache. He wasn't sticking around if there was a vampire lurking about. "Well, I'll leave you alone if you leave me alone. Carry on." He said and turned to leave, hoping the vampire would be content with the packaged blood and not be interested in his fresh blood. But when had anyone ever said things would be that easy?
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Needed A Band-aid
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