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 Of hockey pucks and consequences...

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Mason Whitlock

Full Name : Mason William Whitlock
Race : Wizard

PostSubject: Of hockey pucks and consequences...   Sat Aug 18, 2012 10:40 am

Finally, after a long first day of classes and meeting a certain chesire fae that tempted him to assist in vandalism, Mason made his way into the ice arena to practice and condition. Normally if he had this type of itch to practice at home, Mason would have to settle with practicing on asphalt and in his street hockey gear, but since he now knew of where the arena was, he no longer just had to settle.

After pulling on his ice skates, hockey pants, pads and warmup sweater, Mason slowly made his way out onto the ice rink, skating around smoothly and slowly as he carried his hockey stick, helmet and a bag of pucks out onto the ice. Setting the pucks down, the boy gazed about the place in a slight daze, loving every moment of being on the ice and loving the lights around him, this not being the biggest rink he's played on, but this one being the most meaningful to him.

Pulling on his helmet and strapping the metal faceplate into place, Mason quickly skated backwards from center ice, using his hockey stick for balance and quickly started skating along the sideboards around the ice, turning a few laps to feel for his edges before turning up a notch, alternating skating a lap normally and then skating backwards at a sprint, just to warm himself up.

Smiling to himself after completing 10 laps and feeling loosened up, the boy set up a net to shoot at, dumping out a few pucks at different locations on the ice, such as between the offensive zone circles, deep in the slot, and just inside the offensive zone blue line. Mason started closer to the net and mixed his shots between a heavy wristshot and strong bullets of the slapshot variety, easily making a high percentage of the shorter shots, before sliding back to shoot from the blue line, roughly about 60 feet from the goal. Mason started blasting bullets towards the goal, making his first 3 of 4 slap shots, but as he wound up and fired the last, the puck made a loud ringing sound against the iron crossbar on the goal and richocheted upwards off the bar and the ceiling and went flying across the rink.

"Oh crap, I hope that doesn't break anything or hit anyone...." Mason thought with a wince as he watched the loose puck go on its rampage.
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Of hockey pucks and consequences...
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