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 Ky's Scrapbook

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Kythen Lyaer

Full Name : Kythen Joshua Lyaer
Race : Werewolf

PostSubject: Ky's Scrapbook   Fri Aug 24, 2012 12:18 am

Misc. Stuff:

Protection Charm
To protect him from being possessed by an 'evil' spirit, his mother gave him a wolf shaped charm necklace and taught him to cleanse and cast a protection spell over it.

He drives a black '96 Ford Bronco. This is only his 3rd car since he started driving but all 3 have been a similar make.

Electric Taylor; Electro-Acoustic Taylor
He taught himself to play guitar while his mother made him take piano lessons (with shooting lessons as a reward for actually attending) and he is quite skilled at playing both piano and guitar as a result. He owns both an electro-acoustic Taylor Guitar that he bought himself with his graduation money after high school and an electric Taylor Guitar.

Ky's Pets:

Mystique; Casanova
Kythen owns two horses, one a black mare with silver mane and tail named Mystique. He uses her in the equestrian eventing. She is a sweet tempered and friendly horse and a lot of people enjoy giving her treat. Her favorite is dried apple bits. His other horse is a Tovero Stallion named Casanova. He's a bit more unpredictable than Mystique and it's generally a good idea for people to be wary of him. Ky uses him more as a trail riding horse since he doesn't like to use Mystique too much, especially when he has equestrian events coming up.

Michael; Leo
Michael and Leo are his two corn snakes. Michael was the first one he bought and Leo was a later addition. He's not sure why he bought them in the first place but he quite enjoys having them around, in part, because they tend to freak a lot of people out.

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Kythen Lyaer

Full Name : Kythen Joshua Lyaer
Race : Werewolf

PostSubject: Re: Ky's Scrapbook   Fri Aug 24, 2012 12:22 am

Ky's Teddy Bear Collection:

Yes, Kythen collects teddy bears. He has a rather extensive collection of them dating back to his very first teddy bear when he was a child up to ones he has purchased more recently. Each bear has a story or represents a specific person that greatly impacted Ky's life in some way. But only he knows what each bear means and he's not likely to explain their meanings to just anyone. Not ALL of them are bears but the majority are.

Inner Teddies:
These Teddies represent specific people in his life (mostly family) though some are close friends.

This is Ky's inner teddy (or so he says). It doesn't seem to have any special meaning to him beyond being a cowboy teddy but it does reside on the top of his desk rather than with the rest of the miscellaneous teddies.

Ky's angel. He purchased this beautiful teddy after his grandmother passed away. She sits in a glass curio cabinet in the living room along with some of his more treasured possessions and some awards he's won over the years. This place of honor should indicate this bear is very special to him and he tends to avoid answering questions about it. It's usually wiser simply not to ask.

An old vintage teddy his mother bought for him at the flea market when he was thirteen. He has yet to find another teddy that so clearly says 'mom' to him.

Korvin Lyaer's Teddy-self. Ky came across this teddy online and bought two. One for his dad and one for his grandfather.

The second teddy he found online that so suited his grandfather. Jaisen still manages to pull off the old fashioned cowboy look even in today's modern society.

He was never quite happy with this teddy but for the longest time it was the best he could find. He has since managed to locate a new teddy that he likes better.

This teddy fit Jace so much better than the original that he bought it despite the fact he was more or less flat broke at the time. He didn't figure he'd ever find another more perfect teddy....even if he's not super fond of the outfit.

A high school rival that he never really did come to terms with. They never saw eye to eye, both being too dominant to ever get along well. Gabe moved away and Ky bought a teddy to celebrate.

Info goes here....


Event Teddies:

Ky got this teddy as a graduation gift from his mother when he graduated high school.

Ky's mom bought him this when he figured out Santa Claus wasn't real. He's not sure why she did that but he appreciated the new addition to his collection. He only pulls old Santa out during the holidays though.

Ky got this while he was in the hospital at seventeen after a car crash. It was a get well gift from a friend.


Miscellaneous Teddies:

This is the teddy that started it all: Ky's first teddy bear. It's a bit floppy and lost a lot of it's fluff and general cuteness but he never could bring himself to throw him away.

Not a teddy but still important enough to be considered part of his collection. Comet looks just like his first horse of the same name that passed away when Ky was fifteen and he got Casanova to replace him. He purchased the stuffed animal and it has a place of honor on his bed and when Ky is feeling particularly down he curls up with Comet. This is the only 'teddy' he will ever sleep with.

A random teddy that showed up in his locker at work one night. He suspects Jake but has been unable to prove anything.

A very big teddy that sits in the corner of his office. It was another random gift that showed up in his truck while he was at the mall. He has no idea who it came from but it's big and squishy and nice for when he feels like sprawling on the floor with his laptop but needs a bit of a pillow to lean on.

He found this poor fellow in a dumpster and rescued him from an undeserved fate. A very through cleaning and he was good as new. His name is the German word for Bear.

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Kythen Lyaer

Full Name : Kythen Joshua Lyaer
Race : Werewolf

PostSubject: Re: Ky's Scrapbook   Fri Aug 24, 2012 1:48 am

Ky's Apartment:
NOTE: Most of these just depict the general layout of Ky's home or the colors of the furniture. I'll eventually get around to describing the rooms properly but for now enjoy the images. xD

Kitchen Area (Layout)

Office (Layout and Furniture Color)
He keeps Michael and Leo's tanks in here, one on the table that is hardly visible and one on the table behind the chair

Spare Bedroom (Furniture Style and Color)

Ky's Bedroom (Furniture Style and Color)

Living Room (Layout)

Living Room (Furniture Style and Color)

And just for the lulz....

Ky's Childhood Bedroom
NOTE: This is pretty accurate except that the walls are painted a lighter beige color.
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PostSubject: Re: Ky's Scrapbook   

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Ky's Scrapbook
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