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 Mission Accepted

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PostSubject: Mission Accepted   Mon Sep 10, 2012 2:40 pm

The soft purring sound of a motorcycle made it's way into the parking lot Aeternitas University, it's rider was clad in a pair of dark blue jeans and a tight white button up shirt that was rolled up to her elbows. Turning off the smooth engine she removed the black helmet from her head allowing her long dark brown hair to tumble down her shoulders and back bouncing slightly with a slight curl. Dismounting she laid the helmet on the seat and turned to look at the gigantic building. The director wasn't kidding when he said it was castle. The place was huge. Nodding her head slowly she made her way up the steps of the castle ignoring the curious glances of the students.

The CIA had sent her here to eliminate the threat that had befell the school. Hell hounds. What fun! Xeira had laughed her little demonic ass off when the Director filled her in on her mission. Obviously Xeira was a fan of hellhounds and had flat out refused to help her get rid of them. If she wanted them gone she would have to do it by herself. It was always good to know where the demons loyalties lied. The Dean had no idea she was here yet, she always did recon work before informing those who she was working for that she was here. There weren't many students here today, probably do their best to stay indoors do to the recent string of attacks.

Walking over to the large fountain that sat in the middle of the square she bent down and examined the discolored stain on the concrete. Dried blood, this was the sight of the first attack. Running her fingers along the side of the fountain she looked at the tips noticing the yellowish powder that lingered there. Sulfur, oh yeah, hellhounds for sure. There had already been three attacks, no four, not more than two hours ago a nun was attacked. This was going to be a bitch, especially without Xeira's assisstance. "Better get started then." she said in her thick Irish accent. No time like the present.
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PostSubject: Re: Mission Accepted   Mon Sep 10, 2012 7:09 pm

Jericho decided to provide his assistance since the recent...developments that started to transpire across the campus of the school. All fingers seem to be pointing his way for the way things started to turn out across campus, but really was it his entire fault? All he wanted in reality was his sword from hell back, something that he cherished and was quite fond of. But nooooooo, just because a simple miss calculation in the timing and symbols it was all entirely his fault. Poppycock, he says to those accusations, they undermined his intelligence and his position as a scholar! But, he does admit he could have used, maybe, possibly, a bit more discretion and caution while performing the ritual. However that was beside the point, considering the current situation that was at hand at the moment.

Walking towards the fountain on campus, he took out all wooden smoke pipe, inspecting the tobacco chamber if there was any left inside. Seeing very little, he took out a plastic bag filled with tobacco, took a few pinches of it and started to pack it down, trying his hardest to make it nice and smooth. He then placed the pipe on his lips sucking on it a bit to make sure air could flow through it successfully. Happy about it he lit it, taking in the rough smoke into himself. Then, after a few moments, he spewed out the smoke from his nose and mouth, tasting the delectable fragrance of the tobacco. "Ah, now that is quite delectable if I might add. It is far more appealing then this farce of cat and mouse, which if I might say, is a perfectly waste of my time. I could be at home, having a good glass of brandy with some nice coffee leaves to keep my spirits up!"

However by the time his ranting was over and made it to the fountain, he saw a women hunched over the fountain looking at what he could make out to be dried blood. He took the few seconds that she hadn't notice him to observe the women in her entirety. Quickly, he glanced over her, sniffed the air, and made note of her nice posterior. She had a demon inside her, a crafty one too, this could prove delectably interesting for him. "Hello miss, sorry to intrude in your quaint endeavors of procuring evidence to what is here, however I believe the fruit of which you are looking for is not here at the moment. Or, well, you and I would not be having this very quaint and pleasant conversation!"
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PostSubject: Re: Mission Accepted   Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:47 pm

Xeira suddenly hissed dangerous in her head and retreated deeper into her mind. Standing slowly she turned towards the new comer, placing her hand on her side she rested her fingers on the butterfly knife hidden in her pocket. Katerina didn't trust people easily, especially ones the Xeira shied away from. Her expert eyes scanned him over quickly, the scent of a demon was strong on him. Squaring her shoulders she raised her head slightly a single brow arching at his statement. He had a very strange way of speaking.

The scent of tobacco sent her back to her human years, it smelt of the same brand her husband once smoked. She fought hard not to close her eyes and get lost in the scent. "Who are you?" she asked bluntly not one to beat around the bush of things. Katerina was known for getting things done quickly and effectively. However she was told she couldn't use her normal means of getting information much to Xeira's dismay. So she had to do it the old fashion way by talking and Katerina really wasn't a people person.

"Dangerous...tread carefully." Xiera warned her silently as she began to pace back and forth nervously. Very few things ever made the demon worry, in fact Katerina could count all the times on one hand. Xeira was a lesser demon, one that needed a host but was more deadly than any Katerina had come across in her long life time. The demon held no fear, no remorse, and enjoyed killing but Katerina took caution when Xeira warned her. "And what do you know of what I seek?"
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PostSubject: Re: Mission Accepted   Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:12 pm

Jericho took notice to the slight move moment of hand that the woman made towards her pocket after he spoke up. Looking towards it he noticed a slight bulge, a smooth oval like object that had the same consistency as a knife would. Well, one that was hidden in said pocket, he understood her mistrusting but come one, would anyone really attack you in this school. Then again, Jericho has been attacked before but not under the same circumstances as this situation was implying. But he did make note of it inside of his head, it meant that she might have more hidden, and dangerous object on her person that he should definitely look out for. Placing his hands where she could see them he intended to show her that he meant her no harm what so ever. He could tell she could read gestures as this, well most can, however there are some that are just oblivious idiots to the world of engagement etiquette.

As she asked him her question, Jericho raised his left brow and smirked a bit before pulling the pipe from his mouth. Before he answered he blew out the smoke that was harbored within his lunges, filling the area around him with a thin layer of the material. "I am the head of science department her at the university. My name is Jericho Macgrath and might I say it is a pleasure to meet the acquaintance of such a beautiful woman". A smirk crossed his face as he placed the pipe back on his lips to take another puff of the burning tobacco within it. After his response, she seemed to ask him another question; one pertaining a query about what he knew what she was looking for. It came quite simply to him really, the way she moved and the way she dressed showed what she has been doing for a living for a while.

"I know that you are querying where are the hellhounds that have been loose all over the campus, am I right or am I misinterpreting your intentions of looking at dry blood on a fountain"
? He continued to look at her with his left eyebrow cocked up. Taking another inhale of tobacco smoke, he decided to move a bit closer to the fountain, still maintaining his hands were she could see them so it didn't look like he was coming to attack her. "Now I have a few queries of my own if you don't mind. One would be what would one such as yourself be doing at a university such as this? I thought, this was simply a procedure for the school staff to handle and not someone as...shall I say the secretive types such as you"?
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PostSubject: Re: Mission Accepted   Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:58 pm

The man rose his hands defensively showing he meant no harm, her shoulders relaxed slightly but her hand stayed by her side, Xeira's warning still echoing in her mind. So he was one of the professor's at the school, and he was a demon. Though she shouldn't jump to conclusions without evidence she couldn't help but instantly point his as the cause of the whole mess. Demons wanted power and loved chaos, what better way could one do so than summoning hell hounds. A slender brow rose at his introduction, so it would seem he was also a flirt. Great. A smart ass and a flirt just what she needed.

Katerina looked down at the blood stain again, then back at the professor. "What do you know of the hell hounds?" As a professor the school he'd probably know more than any of the students. They were told it was nothing more than a bear or wolf that had stumbled upon the grounds. But bears nor wolves tore their victims apart like this. Katerina had never actually laid eyes on a hell hound before but from what Xeira told her they weren't a nice sight to see. The demon within her actually cheered for the beasts, perhaps it was because she herself was a demon and enjoyed destruction and death more so than others.

Should she tell him what she was doing here? The Dean would no doubt inform the staff of her presence once she told her that she had arrived. "I'm Agent Croft from the CIA. Since the school has yet to contain the hell hound situation and too many have been killed the director sent me here to take care of the situation." she stated matter-of-factly.
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PostSubject: Re: Mission Accepted   Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:26 pm

Jericho noticed that the woman shoulders started to ease, showing she wasn't so much on a defensive but still seemed wary of as her hand still laid next to her pocket. He really couldn't expect much from her type, they always were on the defensive, especially with someone they don't know comes around. Or was it mainly because of the situation that was a foot, either way at least she wasn't about to attack him for any sudden movements he made. Jericho knew undoubtedly she must have questions of the attacks, along the lines of who was responsible. He could also deduce since he could sense she had a demon around him she most likely could sense he was a demon as well. Which meant that at the current moment she might be considering that he was the cause of all this. With that, she is partially right to an extent, though she'd most dubitably be wrong of the reasons why the situation came forth.

Well that was matter to come across later down the road, as his suspicions came true, she asked him of his knowledge of the hellhounds she was seeking. "I know plenty, I'm trying to find them as well though a little more against my will unfortunately. I'd personally rather be at home right about now. Though, we can't all choose our activities for the evening". He grinned a bit, slightly raising his left brow a bit before sitting besides the fountain. Jericho continued to smoke from his pipe, taking in huge puffs from the burning tobacco that filled his lungs. In the end, he knew what he had to do to get the beasts attention, but he felt it was better to make a game out of it. It would subsidize his boredom for the situation and well...as he put it earlier it was a farce game of cat and mouse that he would win. It just took time a patience, sort of like chess, though even in that he would quickly beat his opponents.

The woman spoke once more, this time telling him of why she was there and what he could only presume was her left name hence the 'agent' in the front. He had heard of her once before, a new guard from said organization from the new world to watch over the school. Though, he never truly thought he'd meet her in person, but then again if she was beautiful to say the least he'd at least have a glance. "Ah that would explain your posture and accessibility into the school. Though I find it quite invigorating that the new worlds government would want to get into the affairs of the 'mystical' world as normal people call it. Though it is understandable, their curiosity would get the better of them eventually, but I'm surprised it took the imbeciles this long to get acquainted with our world".
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PostSubject: Re: Mission Accepted   Mon Sep 17, 2012 4:06 pm

"Do you not care about the safety of your students?" Katerina didn't really care either. There were few things she actually invested emotions into now a days. This was just another job to her, get in, get out, that was it. The students were only a minor side mission. Katerina's eyes narrowed on the professor. One would think that a professor would be concerned about the safety of their students however, he was a demon and she doubted there was much he cared about in general.

The agent grunted and crossed her arms tightly over her chest, "The governments have known of supernatural creatures since it was formed, Sector 1 is a branch designed for supernatural cases. I, along with other supernatural's, are sent on missions too dangerous for humans. I was sent here to find the source of the hell hound attacks and dispose of him/her." Xeira stirred slightly becoming more curious about the demon in front of her. He was obviously a higher demon, since he held no scent or aura of humanity within him. Only higher demons could come into the mortal realm without the need for a host. Which was why she was Xeira's host.

"Since you are a demon, have you tried summoning them back to the spot where they escaped and sending them back?" she knew nothing of magic and spells. Katerina tended to stay away from people that used magic, it made her hair stand on end and made Xeira very antsy.

Last edited by Katerina Croft on Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:40 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Mission Accepted   Sun Sep 23, 2012 7:58 pm

"Of course I do, part of the reason why I'm here in the first place. But that doesn't mean I can't want to be somewhere else doing something completely different. This isn't really a good use of my skills as I look at it, but if I don't Evelyn would possibly have my head...or my ear". Jericho rubbed his right ear a bit, remembering the conversation he had with the dean earlier. It was...long to say the least and wasn't something particular he wanted to sit through. Oh well, he was here now trying to fix the problem or more trying to figure out the problem. He had a different theory entirely from the staff of the school, who just assumed that he made a mistake and summoned them by accident. They, of course, weren't looking at the smaller details that passed through their eyes. The hounds were of course organized, even though it seemed like they weren't they were. As if being commanded by some force, but Jericho couldn't figure out what.

Her grunt knocked him from his thoughts, as she explained how the government new about super natural creatures for some time now. She continued, detailing the sectors purpose in monitoring and dealing with said super natural creatures and phenomena. He wasn't really surprised by this at all; the government was a very suspicious bunch. A government that he might add, that didn't like to be out of the loop of certain things that they didn't have much control over. Jericho got a quick chuckle out of it, even if they did have a sector and was watching over most things, there are certain aspects that they will not know unless they go there themselves. "Well that is by far the cutest tale I've ever heard and by far the most intriguing and fascinating. I might have a few queries about said organization later, though I'm pretty sure you won't divulge such sensitive information to a professor such as me. But it won't hurt to ask now would it"?

Jericho at the moment might not seem too interested in the demon in her, but he was always curious about things that intrigued him, even if it was only a little. It just wasn't something that he was super curious about, know she was a demon was enough. Though, the fact that she was helping or more or less allowing her contract-e to help was nothing short of amazing. Most demons would be giddy about the death and chaos of things happening around here. "Of course I did, do you think I'm an amateur? No there is something greater afoot here, something that I, the great Jericho is going to find out what and most definitively put a stop to it"! Placing the pipe back on his mouth he smirked a bit and then placed his hands into his pockets.
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PostSubject: Re: Mission Accepted   Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:52 pm

Katerina was getting very annoyed with the demons cocky attitude, so much so that she had turned away from him and began to walk towards the sector of tree's that sat at the edge of the school grounds. If he was curious he would no doubt follow, and curiosity basically radiated off the man. Katerina wasn't known for having a lot of patience with people who were full of themselves like the Jericho. Xeira on the other hand warned her not to anger him or their would be consequences. Xeira may not be from Jericho's hell dimension but you still respected high level demons no matter where they're from. They still had the ability to whip your ass.

"Arrogant prick." the agent said in her thick Irish accent. Kneeling she examined the broken limbs of the small shrubbery the dried blood on the ground, the foot prints that were scattered as if the owners were running frantically. From what she had learned hell hounds were large and vicious and didn't leave survivors. They liked to toy with them, using them as play things until they were nothing but bits and pieces. Wonderful creatures, she should get one as a pet. It was day light which meant that they would probably be sleeping since it was easier to hunt during the night. "Ya know where they are don't ya since you're obviously the one tha' summoned 'em." she was loosing the control on her accent due to her frustration.

"Tha sooner we find 'em the sooner I get to leave. Now, yer gonna lead me to their den so we can open a portal to send 'em back. From wha I know, a few have already been killed. Which is good for us, but the remainin' ones need to be sent back." stepping to the side she motioned for him to step in front of her. "Lead tha way Mr.Macgrath."
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PostSubject: Re: Mission Accepted   

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Mission Accepted
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