Will You Survive Graduation?

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 they told me i was curious

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PostSubject: they told me i was curious   Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:48 pm

It was just a usual class-filled day for Jack, all things considering, but it didn't feel that way. He couldn't help but to feel anxious and edgy when the full moon was approaching. Normally though, this didn't become much of a problem for him unless there was some sort of added stress in his life. He couldn't quite pinpoint what it was. His classes didn't really cause him much stress, though they probably should. Perhaps it was the amount of humans he noticed in his last class. Normally, this would thrill him. He would love nothing more than to get to know some of these people, and other species most especially. But he knew that befriending them meant he had to hide a part of himself that was very prevalent. This wasn't an issue concerning befriending other non-human creatures, but most of them were distinctly anti-social. He'd gotten to know a few over the years, but not very well.

Today, he pulled his jacket a little tightly around himself to ward off the autumn air as he made his way out of the building and across campus, his boots scuffing the gravel along the way. Eventually he reached his destination, an alleyway that he could step into and smoke, and catch up with his thoughts. As he walked into the alley, the breeze stopped and he reached into his pocket for his cigarettes. He pulled one out and lit it as he brought it to his lips before slipping the rest, along with his lighter, back into his pocket. As he exhaled, he leaned slightly against the wall and glanced down the alley to see who was approaching when the faintest sound of movement reached his sensitive ears.
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Adella Louvel

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PostSubject: Re: they told me i was curious   Mon Oct 01, 2012 4:02 pm

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Classes were going…interesting, for Adella to say the least. She didn’t have it easy like other students who understood English, she had it very difficult. Her private lessons to better her magical abilities weren’t bad because Evelyn had made sure the professors spoke French, but her regular everyday classes? All English, which she understood on a very wobbly level. She had to record the lectures on an enchanted tape recorder then played back in French so she could take notes at home. But she still was forced to attend classes, to sit there and stare and try to understand English. She hated the English language and she usually just daydreamed the whole time until she was given freedom. Her last class finally came and she all but ran out of the building and started walking home. Now that she actually liked her husband, she missed not being around him.

She always cut through Smoker’s Alley, she may not have had many friends or understand English but she knew a shortcut when she saw it. It kind of creeped her out and she all but ran through it normally, but if it got her across campus quicker and home then she’d suck it up and go through. She walked with her head down, her bag slung over her shoulder. Around this time she never really saw anyone in the alley so she wasn’t bothering to look up…but she suddenly smelled smoke and by the time she looked up she was almost ontop of Jack. She just got swept up in her thoughts sometimes and just did not pay attention. She gasped and reeled back “Oh!” She exclaimed in surprise, glancing around the narrow space then back to him “I am sorry” Her French accent was strong as she spoke, putting a hand over her racing heart.

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they told me i was curious
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