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 A little Gypsy Love

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Freya Hellenisitc

Full Name : Freya Rayanne Hellenisitc
Race : Cheshire Fae

PostSubject: A little Gypsy Love   Thu Oct 11, 2012 10:49 pm

Claire Delgado

Claire is a 1500 year old werewolf, who is being kept alive by a spell. She is bound to her wizard friend Oliver and is a guard for the dean. She grew up in the battle field, where she met her soul mate but has no idea who they are. Plot ideas:

- Make friends
- Train as a guard

Freya Hellenisitc

Freya is a Cheshire fae who has fallen in love with the dean. She is trying to be more human then feline right now, if only to attempt to win over Evelyn's heart. Plot ideas:

- Make some friends, she doesn't have anyone but Evelyn right now.
- Have some fun, she needs a life that isn't all about Evelyn.
- Find a home, because right now she is sort of crashing at Evelyn's but needs a new residence now that she isn't acting as her cat.

Gauge Townsend

Coming Soon

Kristine Kochanski

Kristine a vampire without a sire, her ability as a witch allowed her to change her blood to that of a vamprie's thus killing her in the process. Now she acts as the school nurse at AETU and still has her ability that allows her to heal students. She is socially awkward when she isn't working because of how she became a vampire. Plot Ideas:

- Have her first ever romantic relationship, this girl has never even been kissed.
- Have someone teach her more about vampires.
- Learn some form of self defense, she is worthless when it comes to that.
- Lose control and feed from someone.

Nikita Smith

Coming Soon

Zeus Riley

Zeus is an immortal wizard who can touch things and learn everything about it, but that doesn't work on people. He recently was asked to be Associate Dean at AETU and accepted, though he is not exactly welcome there. Plot ideas

- Make friends
- Get in more awkward situations (already almost got killed in an elevator

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PostSubject: Re: A little Gypsy Love   Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:26 pm

I toss Cassie at Kristine she'll have a soft spot for the girl Very Happy
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Freya Hellenisitc

Full Name : Freya Rayanne Hellenisitc
Race : Cheshire Fae

PostSubject: Re: A little Gypsy Love   Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:27 pm

Woot! Kristine needs some people who don't hate her XD
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Nowe Veleno
Dean's Guard

Full Name : Nowe Zavier Veleno
Race : Vampire

PostSubject: Re: A little Gypsy Love   Fri Oct 12, 2012 12:00 am

We've kinda discussed a bit for some of my characters and some of yours. The two I'm most likely to play with, however (Kat and Shane are still undecided) are Ky and Nowe.

We've talked about her and Nowe a bit before. I don't really know how close they'd be as friends but we had talked about them discussing Evelyn at one point and Freya more or less discovering that he cares about her as more than just her guard. I don't know if you still wanted to do that or not but there's potential for a tentative friendship between them.

As for Ky....I don't really know how much of an opportunity they'd have to meet and be friends but we can always figure something out.

We've talked a bit about Nowe and Krsitine too. He'd find her interesting and be more than happy to teach her stuff. He enjoys teach other people how to fight. He'd also encourage her to feed from people if only because he does and he finds it far more satisfying than animal blood or bagged blood. But mostly he'd be teaching her about being a vampire and self defense in both hand to hand combat and with blades (if she wants training in guns or archery she'd have to talk to someone else).

As for Ky, he'd find her interesting yet creepy. He doesn't really like vampires as a general rule based on the fact they're a pain in the arse to kill and they live on other people's blood. But if she didn't act like a vampire around him too much then he'd be fine with getting to know her. He'd also enjoy teaching her how to shoot if she wanted to know about guns. Alternately, he could come into the nurse's area injured and he could be the one she feeds from. He'd not be terribly pleased with her about it though and be unlikely to be her friend after that. So whatever direction you would want to go with that is fine by me.

I don't really have many ideas for Anka other than the fact both my men would be nice to her. If she wanted to learn like...self defense (I skimmed your hellhound thread and saw she was disappointed she couldn't fight much) Nowe'd be there for that. Ky'd just be nice but still wary because she's a vampire. xD

If you want her to be a vampire she could talk Nowe into it. I haven't really thought much about whether or not he'd turn people but hell, if she asked and had some reason for it he'd probably do it. The wolf thing, however, you're out of luck for. Unless We figured out some reason that my boy completely lost control and couldn't stop himself from attacking her he wouldn't do it. Anything else, however, is up for debate.

Not really sure on anything for her either. Nowe wouldn't trust her much, if at all, and I doubt Ky'd be jumping up to make friends either. No luck there.

Pretty much the same as above. As per our thread with her and Nowe I think he's curious about her but not sure whether he wants to get to know her or forget they ever met. xD

And Ky's not very likely to meet her and even if he did he wouldn't donate blood or pay her for company. He's a 'good boy' for the most part.

Claire and Nowe are co-workers so there's that to play with. I kinda get the feeling she's not terribly impressed by him, though so I dunno where their relationship might go.

Her and Ky, both being wolves, would probably run into one another at some point. Her being older than he is (he wouldn't know how old but he'd know she was older) would prevent him from thinking of her as a potential for romance but he might be interested in learning a bit of archery from her. But that's really all I've got in mind right now for these two.

Ky would absolutely and utterly LOVE to corrupt to Ezekiel and introduce him to all the things he's never experienced before. Well...except maybe drugs since he tries to stay away from those but hell, Ky sometimes slips into old habits and he'd share with a friend. =3

Zeus is more likely to know Nowe than Ky. But I don't really know if they'd be friends or what. Nowe would probably just pretend he didn't exist unless Zeus talked to him and made an effort to get to know him. I've recently discovered that Nowe has something against witches/wizards so he'd be wary of Zeus and probably not go out of his way to make friends but I don't really see him hating Zeus either. There's a potential for them to be friends if they can work out whatever differences they might have. And hopefully Zeus doesn't expect Nowe to guard him like he does Evelyn; Nowe'd probably just let him die unless he had orders to do otherwise. So I can see some interesting situations between these two but I really won't know what more to suggest without throwing them in a thread together and seeing what happens.
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Freya Hellenisitc

Full Name : Freya Rayanne Hellenisitc
Race : Cheshire Fae

PostSubject: Re: A little Gypsy Love   Fri Oct 12, 2012 4:21 pm

Freya & Nowe: I think it would be really interesting for them to have a talk about Evelyn, maybe he could be worried about Freya's intentions and confront her, only to realize he has feelings for Evelyn as well?

Freya & Ky: With Freya taking a job on campus and possibly moving to AETU there is a chance for them to meet randomly.

Kristine & Nowe: She would be greatful for any help that she would receive and wouldn't really be interested in weapons as much as just being able to defend herself. She is not into violence on any avenue and would likely end up getting herself killed trying to heal someone she hurt XD

Kristine & Ky: I doubt she would attack within the school, because Evelyn would kill her so if it did happen it would have to be away from campus. I could see them being awkward friends, you know the type that sit down to talk but don't say much of anything at all but still try and catch up when they see one another. Kristine also doesn't act like a vampire if only because she still has the mindset of a human witch.

Anka & Nowe: It could be interesting for him to teach her, but she still has to learn to get around. She doesn't have full use of her legs yet, she has to build her muscle strength back up, but it would be nice to have some other vampire around to teach her things.

Saskia & Nowe: This could get extremely interesting, because Saskia would resort to him if Evelyn said no. Though, I do have a feeling that him siring her would create a whole lot of drama that Saskia would both love and adore, she is a little off her rocker that way. Lets say we play this one by ear?

Saskia & Ky: They could likely be friends if anything, I could see them getting along... maybe he could even become a little protective over her because of her Tourette's?

Claire & Nowe: Its not that she isn't impressed she is just horribly blunt when it comes to things, its her biggest flaw. She will warm up to him and be not so bitchy as she gets to know him.

Claire & Ky: Claire would love to teach him Archery Smile

Zek & Ky: He needs more bad influences, as he adapts to the English world. Maybe they could meet one day on campus while Zek is working and strike up a friendship Smile

Zeus & Nowe: He would not expect anyone to protect him, as he doesn't really need protecting. He can't be killed because of a potion he created and thus doesn't need protection. I don't know if they would be friends, but Zeus is very kind and would at least say hello to him anytime they cross paths. There is also the fact that Evelyn currently hates Zeus and thinks he is there to take over the school, so Nowe could be asked to watch over him?
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Nowe Veleno
Dean's Guard

Full Name : Nowe Zavier Veleno
Race : Vampire

PostSubject: Re: A little Gypsy Love   Fri Oct 12, 2012 11:23 pm

Freya & Nowe: Nowe's aware of his feelings toward Evelyn but reluctant to show them because he knows it wouldn't get him anything and would possibly even make Evelyn push him away/fire him or whatever. And I'm sure Freya is aware that Evelyn and Nowe are friends if she's been Evelyn's cat for ages. So it wouldn't take too much for her to figure out he has feelings for Evelyn. It'd be his feelings for Zach that might be a surprise.

Freya & Ky: We'd have to thread and see how they reacted. Ky'd be allergic to her, that's all I can say right noiw. xD

Kristine & Nowe: All she'd have to do is ask and he'd teach her whatever she wanted to learn.

Kristine & Ky: Evelyn would only hurt her if she found out about it and Ky's not real likely to tell on her. But off campus would be fine too. That's just be something that we'd have to play around with and see what ideas we came up with for them. =3

Anka & Nowe: Like with Kristine, all she (or anyone else) has to do is ask and he'd help. He taught Francesca how to be an assassin for the mafia (and then helped her kill her 'master' but that's beside the point xD). So if no one else offers we can work something out where Nowe is helping her out with whatever she needs. Maybe if Evelyn asked him to he'd sort of take her under his wing?

Saskia & Nowe: Nowe wouldn't care who said no before. He'd mostly just ask her why she wanted to be a vampire and if he thought her reason was good enough would go ahead and turn her. He might also want her to be sure she knew what she was getting herself into by becoming one but that would be less important than why. And if Evelyn got pissy about it he'd just be like 'she asked, I agreed. I'm older than you and I can do what I want'. Not in those exact words, of course, but yeah, he'd feel bad that Evelyn was angry with him but not regret turning Saskia if it was something she really wanted. He can deal with Evelyn being pissy with him.

Saskia & Ky: If they were friends it would definitely cause friction between Ky and Nowe if he did turn her. Not that Ky knows Nowe at this point but he'd dislike him on principle. He'd also feel terribly awkward around a newly turned Saskia because he'd be afraid she'd want to snack on his neck (and Nowe would encourage her to feed from people since that's what he does; though he would leave the choice ultimately up to her). As for him being protective, he can be if he feels a need. As an added bonus they can both talk to ghosts and I'm toying with the idea of Ky have a ghostly 'stalker' of a sort. Mostly just a ghost that follows him around and irritates the hell out of him by dropping in unexpectedly. xD

Claire & Nowe: And Nowe is not terribly impressed with her being blunt. Not that he minds it in general, he just doesn't like when it's directed at him. He's terribly sensitive though he tries not to show it. He appreciates her honesty but doesn't like the fact she was pointing out his flaws. He doesn't dislike her but he'll probably tell her it's best she not tell him when he screwed up (mostly because he'd already know if/when he did etc) or he might just decide she'd be fun to hunt.. xD

Claire & Ky: And Ky would love to learn archery, though he's far more likely to use a gun than a bow and arrow if he has to shoot something but learning would still be fun. Maybe there are other things she could teach him to? Like maybe show him how to be a better Alpha or something? With 1500 years of experience she's probably got a lot she could share with my almost 26 year old wolf. ;3

Zek & Ky: That sounds good to me. We should totally do a thread for them at some point.

Zeus & Nowe: Well, Nowe wouldn't really know that unless Zeus told him. I can see their first meeting being something along the lines of Zeus just trying to be nice and Nowe being like 'go away' and telling him something along the lines of what I said before and warning him away from trying anything stupid. Just because that's what he does. Plus, Evelyn not trusting him makes Nowe not trust him. He'd keep an eye on him even without being asked.
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PostSubject: Re: A little Gypsy Love   

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A little Gypsy Love
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