Will You Survive Graduation?

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 Each feather equals one of my heart strings

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Elizabeth Aura


Full Name : Elizabeth Rosangela Maria Aura
Race : Angel Fae

PostSubject: Each feather equals one of my heart strings   Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:56 am

Name: Elizabeth Rosangela Maria Aura
Nicknames: Has only had one nickname, Liz'Beth, which was given to her by John, so won't allow anyone else to use it unless they are extremely intimate.
Age: 166
Occupation: RM Moderator
Race: Angel/Fae

'A kind, maternal soul who has lived through the two Boer Wars as well as World Wars and through personal heartbreak, Elizabeth has seen a fair bit of the world and how it changes.

So naturally during that time she will have made friends, having come to Aeternitus herself. Not so much enemies but that is not to say that such a thing is impossible.

Lover/Soul Mate? That will be more difficult as she has guarded her heart for 60 years when her beloved died. But that also doesn't mean that it is impossible.... Just, don't expect her to be taken lightly or have a one night stand with....'

Eldest: Name: Elissa Marie Aura-Watcher
Gender: Female
Age: 68 born in 1944.
Race: Fae/Siren
Powers: Charmed Singing where the emotion she sings with, becomes instilled into others.

Middle: Name: Jonathon "Junior" Patrick Aura-Watcher
Gender: Male
Age: 65 born in 1947.
Race: Fae/Eagle
Powers: Shifts in an Eagle with slightly enhanced senses in Humanoid form.

Youngest: Name: Rosa Marina Aura-Watcher
Gender: Female
Age: 62 born in 1950.
Race: Fae/Mermaid
Powers: Shifts into a Mermaid form and swims beneath the sea.

Past Love:
Jonathon "John" Watcher:
Gender: Male
Age: 42 born in 1916, died in 1958.
Race: Human
Profession: Airforce Pilot

Despite knowing that Elizabeth was a Fae, John loved her more than he loved to fly (which is substancially high and thus was unexpected when they met!). They spent as much time together as they could, even though John had to sometimes go and train young Pilots from time to time but it helped to pay the Bills.

Although they were not married, they never felt the need to nor was it going to be productive for Elizabeth when John died after only 16 years of being together.

Result: This has led Elizabeth to almost completely forget how to love a man, nor does she expect to fall in love again after such a heartbreak.

But it's not impossible, for John always told her that: If he should die, Elizabeth should move on and remember their times together with a smile.

Last edited by Elizabeth Aura on Sun Apr 21, 2013 4:32 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Added past love section...)
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Each feather equals one of my heart strings
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