Will You Survive Graduation?

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 Mistletoe and Firelight

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D'artagnan De Lioncort

Full Name : D'artagnan De Lioncort
Race : Fae/Djinn

PostSubject: Re: Mistletoe and Firelight   Fri Mar 15, 2013 11:42 am

He felt comforted by the fact that she prefered his fae form over his human form. While he was handsome in his human form he was always more comfortable in his true form. No restrictions, no fear just pure and untamed freedom. But damned it all if the woman wouldn't stop thinking. He could basically hear her insecurities and it was doing nothing for his labido. His eyes opened slowly their magical mix matched gaze falling onto her angelic face. Licking his lips he bit his lip gently and stilled her hands. Reaching forward he grabbed the fallen strap that held her outfit together and slowly brought it up to cover her chest.

Placing his hands under her legs he carried her over to the fire and sat her down gently on the plush pillows in front of it. "You know I love you Michelle. You're the only woman I have ever...loved other than my mother of course." They had slept together once, and it was magical but he had forced her to break her vows and he knew how important her vows were. Even if in his opinion they were stupid. Moving his golden locks from his face he looked down at her already hearing her mind jumping to conclusions. "I no longer wish to court you Michelle."

Kneeling down beside her he reached into his pants pocket and removed the small velvet box. Flipping open the lid he let the diamond sparkle in the flames light. "I want to marry you instead."


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Michelle Karvan

Full Name : Michelle "Misha" Karvan
Race : Unicorn

PostSubject: Re: Mistletoe and Firelight   Mon Mar 18, 2013 3:37 pm

“Oh my gosh!”

She blinked and leaned back to look at him curiously when he stopped her hands….and then he brought the straps back up in their proper place. Oh no…she had messed something up didn’t she? Oh she knew it! She was such a awkward, sexual klutz she was surprised he even attempted to have sex with her anymore. She frowned and pursed her lips together “I’m sorry! I was really was trying hard to not think. I was thinking about not thinking…oh boy, that doesn’t make sense does it? It’s still thinking…I’m sorry. I did something wrong?” She rambled nervously until he set her down before the fire. She fiddled with her hands, smiling when he mentioned he loved her but she just knew something was up, but what was it? Had she really sucked that badly he had to tell her about it now? She was worse than she thought.

She felt her face fall and she stared at him, holding her breath “Oh….o….ok….” She said slowly, not wanting to jump to conclusions but, that sentence seemed very….doom and gloom. She looked down and chewed on the inside of her lip. He couldn’t be saying he didn’t want her anymore, could he? He wasn’t a cruel man, there was no way he was just going out right now and saying he didn’t want her….she looked up and took in a breath as he kneeled down before her, preparing for some worse words, when she saw the velvet box. It didn’t even click until he opened it and asked her to marry her and her jaw drop, gasping loudly “Oh my gosh…that’s a ring…that’s a ring!” She whispered in shock then covered her mouth with her hands “Oh my gosh!” She squealed, absolutely blown away. He wanted to marry her?! He wanted to marry her!

She lowered her hands and laughed, then started crying soon after “Yes!” She exclaimed, laughing more “Yes! Yes, yes, yes!”


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Mistletoe and Firelight
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