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All about Evelyn Varrow

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Full Name :
Evelyn Varrow
Age :
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Sexuality :
Man hater
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Rank :
Occupation :
Dean of the University
Personality :
In just a short number of words Evelyn could be described as cold, strict, calculating and one hell of a bitch to be reckoned with. The school and the safety of the inhumans are her main priority and anybody that tries to disrupt the peace at Aeternitas or threaten her students better be aware she will kill you or get you killed in the blink of an eye. She is a tough woman and is not easily swayed, not by tears or begging or any sob story. Her word is law and she does not take well to people not listening to her, she doesn’t give you options or ultimatums, she tells you how something is going to be and expects you to follow it. She sees the bigger picture in life and doesn’t have time for the smaller issues; she does not waste her time dealing with younger students and rather send them off to someone else then get dragged into their petty problems. On a normal day to day basis she is quiet and keeps to herself, doing her work tucked away in her office….and many times does other people’s work as well if they are not to her standards. She likes to work in the background and isn’t often seen, but if you do see her she exudes a force of power that often makes many nervous, even for her rather young age as a Vampire.

She is a woman who is brisk and to the point, she does not like to sugar coat or go around an issue, she likes to attack straight on and solve it without fluff. She is able to hold patience and a calm demeanor when needed, but she much rather be blunt and curt. Although she does not bother much with the students personally except a few close friends, everyone, even the humans, she cares about. She is not one to express affection and certainly not show it, but she would never let anyone be harmed if she could help it. She always strives to find a solution to any problem, and is often called away from the school to handle inhuman issues all around the world. She is also a feminist at heart after the repression she felt when a human and detests women who become stay at home mothers or bow willingly to their husbands. She is a bit of a man-hater and does not like it when a man challenges her because she is a woman in a position of power. She has a lot of pride and stays strong and unyielding to make sure she never shows a sign of weakness.

She does not possess a sense of humor, she rarely ever smiles unless it is a false one for certain appearances and true laughter is not even a possibility. Although you would never see it she is a constant worrier and goes months without sleeping, not ever wanting to fall behind on her work. She is conservative with old fashioned ideals and she if often found muttering about the last couple of generations and how useless they are. She does have a soft spot for young children, and they are the only time she shows a softer side to herself, the maternal instinct in her having never left her. She is infamous for being a bitch, but as she sees it as long as you respect her she will respect you in return. She has not lost her temper very often but when she does, it’s is a bloody and frightening ordeal and something no one would ever recommend you seeing. She is also very good at looking at you and making you feel like she is cutting you open alive with her eyes.
History :
Evelyn Varrow was born Agnetha Vasa on April 12, 1686 in a small town of Sweden. She was born the only girl out of six boys and thus was not held of any importance to her family. She was raised with her family to the age of ten, and then was sent off to be a maid in the home of a wealthy family. The husband of the family always had an eye for her and when his wife died several years later in childbirth, he took Agnetha as his bride, her only the age of thirteen and he in his late twenties, though of course this was not uncommon in this time. Agnetha feared being married to him, she was meek and shy and his bold ways were intimidating to her. But the one thing she had on her side was her youth and beauty, and that kept her life in luxury for many years. Her husband doted on her and gave her absolutely everything she wanted. He even praised her higher after she gave him a son a year after their marriage and a second son shortly after the first. It didn’t take long for her to quickly adapt to her new life and she swam in the beautiful gowns, jewelry and other presents her husband gave her. She soon became spoiled and self-centered, though she loved her children dearly. Her extravagant lifestyle however did not last forever.

She was eighteen when her first husband died of illness and was married off to one of his cousins around her same age. He, unlike her first husband, did not lavish his wife. He barely paid any attention to her and sent her two sons away to live with his parents, which made her loathe him from the start. Her life with him was quiet and uneventful and she bore him a daughter in their time together, which displeased him greatly. He pressured her that she must give him a son and although she became pregnant again the stress caused her to miscarry. He verbally degraded her after the miscarriage, but she did not need to deal with him for much longer. He went off to war and was killed in battle, and she was once again married off like she was nothing but cattle at the age of twenty one. Her third husband had been a widow for several years and had gained pressure from his family to take a new wife, as it was a respectable thing for a man at that time. He only chose Agnetha because she was available and was a respectable woman and like her second husband did not pay her much mind after some time passed…but he did every other female.

For a few years her new husband had interest in her, not like her first husband but she was a shiny new toy for him to play with. He let her keep her daughter with her but her sons she was never able to see again, her second husband’s parents refused to give the boys back to her. She was two years older than her husband and to him that was plenty old. Once the newness of her faded he ignored her and returned to bedding his young, fresh whores and at first this didn’t bother her and she was content being left alone. Her third husband already had three children, one a son, and did not give her any pressure to give him more children. She enjoyed her time with her daughter and life was not perfect, but she was content. But as she aged and her daughter grew older, she started to reflect on her life and became angry. She was angry that her first husband treated her like a pretty little doll, her second treated her like dirt and her third and current husband didn’t care one ounce for her in any shape or form.

She didn’t want that kind of life for her daughter and started to become bold towards her husband as the impatience of her life grew. She told him to get rid of his whores, told him how she should be treated and would tell him he was a slob and did nothing with his life. This angered him and they often argued, finding her disgraceful to act such a way towards him. He only dealt with her behavior for several months before she pushed him too far off the edge…and he kicked her out. No warning what’s so ever, he threw her out of their home one evening and told her to not come back. She was scared and panicked and regretted the way she had behaved. She screamed and cried at the doors to be allowed back in, to at least take her daughter, but she was denied. Not having any other choice she wandered the village and tried to reach out for help, but everyone turned their back on her. She had no one to turn too, no food, water or shelter and eventually gave up and sat in the dirt, hopeless and fearing she would die alone in the cold.

But her angel of mercy descended upon her. A beautiful woman seemed to appear out of nowhere and offered her an outlet from her bottomless life. She didn’t fully understand what she promised her, but she took it, she wanted change and she would take it whatever it meant. And so that night Castielle became her sire, and she became a Vampire. When she awoke all she could register was to go get her daughter and she left in a flurry to retrieve her. But her hunger was strong and when she broke into her home she found herself searching for her husband first. She found him in bed with one of his whores and she ended up killing them both in a bloody range. Afterwards she stared at their bodies in horror, but she felt a satisfaction so ugly and deep...but so wonderful that she oddly felt no remorse for killing them and drinking their blood. She then gathered her daughter and left her home for good.

She returned to the mysterious woman Castielle with her child, and came to learn about her and what she had become. At first she was afraid and wanted it reversed, but after some time she learned to accept what she had ultimately decided for herself. She was no longer a slave, no longer expected to behave a certain way or bow down to any man as a subservient wife. She traveled with her sire and daughter and enjoyed the riches that the world around her had to offer. Castielle came to be a mother, sister and best friend to her and she loved and respected her sincerely. Castielle taught her everything she could possibly imagine about the world and the people in it and Agnetha’s thirst for knowledge grew and grew. For years she never left her sire’s side and shared the wonders of the world to her daughter and raised her to be strong and independent. When her daughter came to be sixteen she asked her if she wanted to be a Vampire, but her daughter refused. Agnetha offered again and again but her daughter insisted it was not the life she felt she wanted. While in Germany her daughter met a man and fell passionately in love and became engaged. Agnetha tried to convince her not to get married, that it wasn’t what she wanted, but her daughter loved the man too much and married him anyway. After this Agnetha felt her daughter needed to live her own life and bid her farewell, leaving her to live normally and happily.

After leaving her daughter Agnetha just wasn’t the same. She continued to travel with Castielle for a little longer but soon felt she needed to travel on her own and left her sire’s side. She revisited her favorite countries and traveled to new ones, made friends, at times shared her bed with a passionate man or two but never once did she travel back to Sweden. While living in England for some time she decided to change her name to Evelyn, feeling it was the last piece she needed to do to truly say she had started a new life. It was also in England she heard whispers of a school being built in the America’s, a place she had yet to travel to and so she went there, feeling a curious pull. She was greeted by the Dean, Victor, on her first day there, who quickly tried to be fresh and advance flirtatious behavior upon her. However, she quickly shot him down and because of it, Victor saw a strength and force in Evelyn he had yet to ever see in such a young woman. She was tough and did not take bullshit, and he came to respect her and even come to admire her for everything she had been through and the independence she wished. He quickly took her in as his ward and after some time, came to view her as a daughter.

He broadened her education from the things she had learned with Castielle, gave her empowerment and the idea that even as a woman, she was capable of doing anything she wished. She spent almost all her time with him and learned how to be a leader. But unknowing to her behind Victor’s bright and flamboyant ways of living life, he was struggling with personal issues between him and his lover, Arthur. Victor could not give his lover everything he needed and he ended up leaving the school, and it harmed Victor deeply. He floundered for years as he was never quite the same and Evelyn never knew what to do to comfort him. And in time Victor saw Evelyn was ready for power, and he offered her the school. At first she declined and felt she could not do any justice to what he had done for the university, but his persistence finally won her over. In 1905 Evelyn took over as Dean, and Victor slipped off quietly to live alone and his whereabouts unknown. She ran the school diligently and brought it into modern times and quickly became an ambassador for all inhuman species, though many were not happy about her being Dean because of her rather young age as a Vampire (and being a woman). In 2009 she was even further questioned when she came to the hard decision to allow humans into the school.
Other :
=Can play the piano and violin=
=Loves flowers. She has quite a large garden in her backyard=
=Her favorite color is purple=
=She loves to read, when she has the time=
=Not a fan a technology=
=Her favorite designer is Armani=
=Hates bugs. Anything but butterflies, she doesn't want near her=
=Loves the smell of lemons; hates anything overly sweet smelling=
=Has a 3 year old horse, Nickelyby, who is extremely temperamental=
=Loves nature, but not a fan of the beach=
=Hates revealing outfits. In general, is not a fan of this generation period and anything they do=
=She's a cat person. Not a fan of dogs=
=Has a slight Swedish accent, but it's faint. When she's pissed however she'll start ranting in Swedish=
=Has a painting of her daughter, Agnes, in her office=
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