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All about Freya Hellenisitc

Character Picture :
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Full Name :
Freya Rayanne Hellenisitc
Age :
Race :
Cheshire Fae
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Birthday :
January 28, 1346
Rank :
Occupation :
Personality :
Freya is a wild child of sorts, she is usually always on the go and likes to have fun as much as she can. She is a graffiti artist of sorts and is the sort to leave her tag wherever she goes. She is a sarcastic being that likes to cause mischief and mayhem wherever she goes. She seems to get away with it to because of the type of fae that she is, she can just disappear like she was never there. She is the sort that likes to seduce, she doesn't like men but then again most of her kind don't get along well with the opposite sex. She does have a kind side, if she sees someone who needs help she will step in, though its a side of her that rarely comes out. When she is not out blowing energy she is usually somewhere sleeping, hey she is part cat and cats need their beauty rest.
History :
There once was two cheshire that actually got a long and for the sake of their kind remaining in existence they had a little cheshire baby. Now most of you have probably seen Alice in wonderland and you have probably heard of the cheshire cat, well a cheshire fae is remotely similar the only different being that we shift into real cats, and we glamour ourselves to look like humans. Other then that we can take on any cat form that is local to help us blend in a bit more. As a matter of fact, you may have a cheshire cat living with you and not even know it.

Much of my life was spent on my own, because my parents could not stand the site of one another let alone me after I was born. To live a long and happy life I ended up taking various cat forms on and living with a number of different families. It was easy to live this way, plus I was always well fed and taken care of. When a family got to attached or were just plain abuse I would simply disappear and find a new family. If the family was out of town I would take off their precious belongings, sell them for cash and store it away. I made so much money you would not believe.

This has been my life, going from house to house, stealing from those that took me in and fleeing when the time was right. That was until I met Evelyn, she is rather nice, and seeing as she is an immortal as am I, it would be a nice fit for a more stable living environment so I stuck around.

When the hell hounds came, my life took a very different change. I ended up saving the dean and through that experience I realized just how attached to the woman I was. During the whole thing I discovered that my tears could heal the injuries the hell hounds created and with Evelyn's help I was able to produce enough to help the students. It all came at a price though, because I ended up telling the vampire how I felt and that didn't go well. Now I am homeless and have no idea where my life is going.
Other :
- Women
- Alcohol
- Disappearing
- Graffiti
- Loud Music
- Cigarettes
- Parties

- Sobriety
- Men
- Relationships
- Drugs
- Television

Fae Form The only difference is that Freya is all white with purple strips, and is about the size of a bob cat.
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Amanda Leigh Dunn
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Freya Hellenisitc
Freya Hellenisitc
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