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All about Andre Louvel

Character Picture :
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Full Name :
Andre Acelin Louvel
Age :
121 years
Race :
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Birthday :
December 12th, 1891
Rank :
Occupation :
English Professor
Personality :
“I am a man who enjoys a glass of whiskey and a good cigar. Does that tell you enough, c héri?” With a faded Cajun French drawl and stern expression, Andre Louvel is not an easy man to read. Most would pass him off as a quiet southern man with few hobbies beside drinking or playing a game of poker when the truth couldn’t be further away. Too much goes on inside the wolf’s head for him to ever rest at ease. The life he’s lived has worn the once suave and charming man down to the bones of a stoic and stern shell. He focuses his energy on teaching and drinking in his spare time, and there’s really little room left for other nonsense. Sure, there are the teeny quirks and playful gestures, but Andre would really like you to believe he’s a grumpy old man.
Vastly intelligent, the old alpha doesn’t speak much to prove this. For the most part he keeps to himself and doesn’t share the stories of his past or the fights from his younger days. Being a man of few words, Andre's french cajun accent hasn't faded much over the years. He grew up in the french quarter of Louisiana and speaks french fluently (though with a strange accent to people from the country France rather than the southern States). You wouldn't exactly pinpoint him to be an English teacher the way he speaks, but he writes much more eloquently and poetically. There is a softer side to the rough edged canine after all.
It isn't a likely side to show, but the wolf does have a playful persona underneath it all. A smart ass, quipping young pup still surfaces every now and again - and with his new wife being in the picture it has brought out other portions of his personality he thought were long dead. Southern gentleman's never really let their chivalry die, and perhaps Andre's charisma hasn't burned out entirely.
History :
Most creatures are not born to be alone, but loneliness now runs through the wolf’s blood. Once upon a time Andre was part of a pack. Not just part – he was the alpha. A long bloodline of dominating brute’s and strong warriors created his family, yet as far as the wolf knows now his bloodline will die with him. Born to the head of a pack in the French quarter of Louisiana, the wolf was born with weight on his shoulders. His father, Louis, was the fourth Louvel to run the French quarter pack. Yet the story isn’t about how mommy and daddy fell in love – because it has nothing to do with the shape of Andre’s character. He followed his father with fierce loyalty, and only took over the pack once it was his time.
In his younger years his life wasn’t without mischief and trouble. He was arrested more times than he could count by the human police, yet always managed to sweet talk his way out of it or barter with the men to set him free. Most of the time he found his way there from a fight over a pretty girl in a tavern or a stiff bastard who wouldn’t give up his fair piece in a lost poker game.
All those troubles became irrelevant once the young wolf became Alpha. He stiffened up his upper lip and became the stoic, strong pack master the French quarter needed.
Nothing is fair in love and war, and in the early fifties the wind’s changed. Wolves had been hunted for years, but were’s had been mostly safe thanks to their smarter senses and cheat with human language. They knew when the hunts were held, they knew what areas to avoid. But the price for pelts was as good as gold as the war put pressure on livestock. Wolves were hunted in the masses, and a few humans knew the secret of lycan well enough to go after the pack. One by one the pack of fourty wolves was killed off, including Andre’s wife and children, leaving only Andre. Few other’s survived and those who did retreated into hiding and have not come to find their alpha since.
Burdened with guilt and heart ache, Andre took to drinking for years. He drank, smoked, and gambled until he could hardly feel his heart beat in his chest. He wanted to forget who he was and where he came from. Just when he thought he was safe, the wolf got recognized by a vampire. A vampire of all things! He was asked to come to the school to teach. A dominant mind must be focused on something, and teaching occupied enough of his time to keep his thoughts away from Louisiana and the family he lost. Professor Louvel is not the friendliest teacher, and never seems to manage a smile, but is smarter than his southern drawl lets on. Rumor has it his attitude will change soon thanks to his new bride, but there’s a twist to the story that keeps the wolf a very stoic man.
Other :
The outdoors
Reading & writing
Old movies
Good food - he is a fat man on the inside

Overly happy people
Humans (for the most part... they're not ALL bad)
Healthy food
Ballet (he got dragged to a performance once - never again.)
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Playby :
Joe Manganiello
OOC Information :
Tis Vem!
Andre Louvel
Andre Louvel
Rank: Professor
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