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All about Adella Louvel

Character Picture :
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Full Name :
Adella Louvel
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Personality :
A delicate creature, Adella exhibits far more traits from her mother's fairy side then her birth father's more animal nature of the Wolf. She is quiet and meek, raised to never speak unless spoken too and to bow down to those above her stature, which to her is everyone. She is obedient to a fault, listening to anything anybody tells her to do or say for she does not know any better. She is a simple girl who enjoys simple things, like watching rain or a flower blow in a breeze, she does not like loud or flashy things in her life and finds no enjoyment in TV or video games. When she does speak her voice is quiet and many times people cannot even hear what she says, so she gets utterly embarrassed to have to be told to speak louder four or five times for people to hear her. Since she was raised in the woods far from civilization, she does not understand the American lifestyle and many things either scare her or completely escape her understanding which leads to people teasing her in class relentlessly without her even noticing.

She often looks sad or lost, she misses her home greatly and even though she never belonged there either she finds herself feeling far too out of her element at the university. She doesn't understand the fascination the Dean and others have with her magic and doesn't like to have attention on her. She goes to class then quickly goes back home, sticking to the shadows and making sure to avoid big crowds of people. She is a easy one to please though and with the right trigger she has a brilliant smile and laugh that lights up a whole room, but her shyness doesn't allow her to often give out those bursts of happiness. She does not speak English well at all, and more then not horribly bungles anything she tries to say in English and stammers a lot, she really only likes to speak in her native tongue but is encouraged to speak English, which she secretly hates. She does not make friends easily and prefers to be by herself.
History :
To say Adella had a normal, nice life growing up would be a utter lie, though if you ask her she would tell you she grew up happy but she is a optimist by heart. Her mother was a fairy woman married to the King at a young age, who always resented the arrangement and never loved her husband. In this resentment she had an affair with a Werewolf, and through it came the birth of Adella. Her real father was killed by her mother's husband, for the King was not a forgiving man, but knew his wife was loved by the people and would not kill her or the bastard baby. But when Adella was born, only her mother ever truly loved her. Her half breed species scared the other fairy and she was tormented as a child growing up and never acknowledged by the King. She lived her life being ostracized by her own people, and forever wished to be able to escape the small confines of her village out in the deep, unknown woods of France.

From a young age she had power, but her mother and the King tried to hide the immensity of it, but it only backfired. She did not know how to control her power and many times it would unleash itself without any control. She would cause earthquakes or set things on fire, and this only made the fairy people fear her worse. They wanted to get rid of her and the King was quick to agree, but her mother pleaded with him not too, to at least allow her to reach a age where she could be married off and convinced the King they at least should get something out of her, anything to keep her daughter safe. He agreed to wait to marry her, and the rumors of her power spread to other villages of fae. Most were afraid, but others were greedy and wanted the power for there own. But fortunately for Adella's sake, news of her power also reached Evelyn Varrow.

Evelyn knew how rare it was for people to possess the power to control all four elements, especially a half breed girl. She quickly left to France to try and convince them to let Adella come to Aeternitas to study, but by the time she got there the King had already agreed to marry Adella off to a fairy prince in a neighboring village. Evelyn knew they only wanted Adella because of her power and feared what they would do if they got a hold of it and forced her to use it. So she used her resourcefulness and made a deal with the King that if she could find someone of more power that could take Adella far away from him. if he would let her go...and he agreed, and so her brutal convincing of Andre began. He was once a prominent and well known Alpha, far older then the prince Adella was to be married off too.

The King was not pleased Andre was a Werewolf, but Andre's reputation was far better then the weakling prince she was to be married off too and it took Adella far out of his life and so he agreed, though had his suspicions Evelyn was lying about the arrangement. And so he sent Adella to America with a escort to watch over the wedding and keep an eye on the couple to make sure it was a true marriage. Adella pleaded and cried to not leave her home, but the King forced her away. And now she is here at the university, married to a complete stranger of a species she is half of and doesn't even understand but she is determined to try and be a good wife...but every day she wishes only to be back home and away from her distant husband and there absolutely awkward relationship.
Other :
-- Has the very rare ability to be able to control all four elements. She is currently learning how to better use her power and not loose control of it.
-- She is able to shift into Wolf form, but not whenever she pleases, only on full moons.
-- She loves animals, especially hoof stock, like deer and horses.
-- Her favorite color is peach.
-- She has a necklace of a small metal sword around her neck that her mother gave to her that belonged to her birth father.
-- She likes to make things, she loves crafts and using things from nature to create little items.
-- She's a pretty decent cook.
-- She's afraid of thunder storms.
-- Her French accent is extremely heavy.
-- She can't read, she was never taught how.
-- She loves to learn about history.
-- She likes to swim.
-- Likes only to be addressed as Adella and nothing else, she does not like nicknames or pet names. Only her husband is allowed to call her "Addie".
-- Has come to find she really likes monopoly.
-- Has a fascination with cars. She absolutely loves to be in them.
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Adella Louvel
Adella Louvel
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