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All about Nowe Veleno

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Full Name :
Nowe Zavier Veleno
Age :
Race :
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Birthday :
January 6th
Rank :
Dean's Guard
Occupation :
Dean's Guard
Personality :
Nowe is as nebulous and aloof as the felines he has developed an affinity for. His loyalties are his own business but he obeys those who hold the power as if he has none of his own (though that is far from the truth). However, his loyalties to his friends are paramount over anything else and he would do anything to see them happy and safe (though earning his friendship is a hefty task in and of itself), which is why he currently holds the position of Dean's Guard to Evelyn. Nowe would willingly sacrifice himself for her safety as both her friend and her guardian. He is confident in his own strengths and content with his place in the world and has no apparent desires to take any positions of power above and beyond what he already has.

However, all is not as it appears with this young-faced vampire. His life before being turned and his careful handling after have left him with an uncanny ability to manipulate others to his needs and desires. It's a subtle art and he's good enough at it that one does not usually know they're being manipulated, at least not in trivial matters and the less trivial matters he tends to avoid so manipulating someone into say...staging a coup is not something Nowe would take part in. As a former assassin, Nowe is no stranger to violence and death and has caused his fair share of untimely deaths at the whim of his master or mistress (or any person with a tempting enough payment when he was not in the service of any particular vampire).

He has few friends and people he meets generally fall into one of three categories, people he likes, people he tolerates and people he does not like. People he likes are as close to friends as the vampire usually gets and they are reasonably safe from betrayal. It all depends on how well he likes them. People he tolerates are just that, they exist and he acknowledges that but he neither likes nor dislikes them. He could protect them just as easily as kill them and feel next to nothing about it. If he dislikes someone, it is generally a good idea for them to stay out of his way as much as possible. He wouldn't actively seek to hurt them without proper cause, he doesn't like to disobey orders or cause undue stress or troubles for his 'master', but that won't stop him from actively looking for a good reason to hurt them.

Beyond that he is open and friendly enough, and rather likable when you first meet him but only because being talkative means he can learn things he wouldn't otherwise get to know by being silent. He gives little away but learns as much as he can in as short a time as possible without making it obvious that's what he's doing. He excels at being unremarkable enough that people may see him but not really acknowledge him as a potential threat. He can remain hidden in plain sight to keep watch over Evelyn without anyone guessing that's what he's doing.
History :
Nowe was born in a small town in rural Germany to a poor family with little in the way of any sort of means to support themselves. His first few years were uneventful enough, his parents barely scraped by and often went hungry in order to feed their son. But without the means to continue to raise the growing boy, his parents gave him up to a 'noble' family as a servant at the age of seven. Nowe was obedient to the family and did his duties and chores without complaint or fuss and what little coin they gave him he in turn gave to his parents. As he grew, he became interested in what the master of the house did in the little cellar room that no one was allowed in. But, being perhaps too curious for his own good, Nowe ventured into the cellar when the master of the house had the misfortune to be called out on urgent business and forgot to lock the door behind him. It was within this room that Nowe discovered an odd assortment of vials filled with various liquids, knives and other such easily concealed weapons. All the items necessary to be a very successful assassin.

It was perhaps simply good luck that had the master of the house was in a good mood when he returned and found the young servant boy inspecting the items he had stored there. The boy showed no fear at being caught and asked only a few questions. The man was getting older, perhaps too old to be sneaking about murdering other people for money and Nowe seemed unconcerned when everything was explained to him. And thus, the little servant boy who had quietly done his service to the house for four years became the assassin's apprentice and began learning how to become a silent and unseen killer.

When Nowe was sixteen, they had been sent to kill a noblewoman suspected of killing the Lord's son only to find that she was no normal noblewoman. The vampire mistress killed the old man but when she tried to kill Nowe, she seemed to see something in the quiet young man that she liked and she made him hers. It took time for her to earn his trust but she was persistent and Nowe eventually allowed her to turn him. Seeing the potential in having an assassin in her entourage, she turned him into a secret weapon of sorts and refined the skills he'd learned as a human so that he moved swiftly and silently and struck without mercy. She taught him how to kill humans quicker and introduced him to more powerful prey: werewolves, fae and other vampires and together they rid their little portion of German countryside of problematic immortals. Nowe was young, though, and she knew it would take many, many more years for him to be good enough to take out her more powerful enemies but together they carved out a portion of territory for themselves and held it ruthlessly for little more than half a century.

But a more powerful vampire had decided the lone mistress and her pet were a threat that needed to be removed and did exactly that. But, as with the mistress, he saw the value in keeping Nowe close, in part because the young vampire had shown a ruthless desire to protect the mistress though he was not strong enough to do so. The master vampire took Nowe under his wing with promises of power and far greater things than what his former mistress had been able to provide him. His new master had a love for exotic animals and Nowe discovered he had a previously undiscovered love for felines, particularly cats such as leopards and jaguars, and found something soothing about the presence of the silent, stealthy predators. Nowe's master was content to remain in his seat of power in Italy but Nowe was not so content to remain in one place with little to do but stand as a silent guard to the wealthy master with few enemies and his master gave him his freedom to travel as he pleased. The young vampire spent most of his time traveling Germany, Italy, France and Spain, occasionally spending time in England. In his travels, Nowe made a name for himself as a highly skilled assassin and soon found that people were coming from all over to have him deal with 'problems' that they themselves couldn't or wouldn't deal with. And that was how he came to meet Victor.

It was summer 1575 when a group of Spanish vampires came to him in Germany where he'd been staying and told him of a strong older vampire that had been ravaging villages, leaving chaos and destruction in his wake. Why they didn't simply band together to eradicate the threat themselves he didn't know but the reward for success was enough to tempt the reluctant vampire into taking the job. He spent weeks tracking the older vamp, learning his habits and studying him to figure out when the best time to strike would be. He chose his moment, waited until the vampire was alone and resting before he struck. But he never killed his target. It seemed the vampire, Victor, had known he was being followed and set the assassin up. But instead of killing him offered him a choice: die, or join him. And Nowe, being only 161 at the time and unwilling to let himself be slaughtered by the much older vampire, took the offer of an alliance and his life and traveled with Victor, cleaning up his messes and found himself enjoying life with the vampire that feared nothing and no one. Despite their differences, the pair quickly became friends but the lure of the New World was too much for Nowe to ignore and after 45 years of traveling with Victor he changed his name from his old German name and left Europe in 1620 on an English ship called the Mayflower.

The voyage was long and uncomfortable, he dared not feed on the pilgrims and the rats tasted horrible. The quarters were cramped and there was sickness and death all around him. He was grateful to arrive in America and quick to take his leave of the ship and the little town the pilgrims had set up. He lived on the fringes of civilization, preying on the townsfolk and the occasional Indian and staying out of sight and more or less under the radar of his fellow immortals. As the New World expanded, he moved with it, drifting from town to town and never staying long in one place, finding a use for his services and starting his life as an assassin in America. He stayed out of the wars, avoiding them as much as he could and being called upon for assassinations and scouting when he couldn't and often wondering what his old friend was up to in Europe, not knowing that late in the 1600s Victor had come to America as well. He moved westward as the population continued to grow and expand, finding all new opportunities for jobs and expanding his knowledge of weapons and poisons considerably as he traveled across the country and down into Mexico. It wasn't until late in the 1700's that Nowe learned of a University for immortals and returned Eastward to investigate. There he found Victor, Dean of a school and sanctuary for immortals. But he didn't stay nor did he let Victor know he knew about the school at first, continuing his explorations of America though he did occasionally stop back at Aeternitas to check up on things, very rarely stopping in to say hello and catch up with an old friend. The man he had once known had changed and Nowe didn't want to disrupt the life he'd made for himself at the University any more than necessary. That and he got the distinct feeling several of the residents didn't care for him much and figured it best to remain scarce.

But as much as he enjoyed traveling he had seen enough of America and was tired of moving from place to place with no real home to return to. So he returned to North Carolina and the school he knew he would be welcome at. And one bright fall morning in 1792 Victor would walk into his office and find Nowe settled comfortably in his chair. He took up a position as one of the Dean's Guards (a former Guard having recently decided to 'retire' and move on). It was only a short time after that that Victor met the young vampire, Evelyn Varrow, and watched with silent amusement as the headstrong woman shot down his advances. Like Victor, Nowe admired the fiery vampiress but never made his opinions known. She was interesting, but he had a duty to Victor and knew his old friend would not be likely to approve if Nowe made ant advances toward her (not that he had any real intentions of doing so after having watched her deny Victor).

It wasn't until several years later that Nowe got his first real chance to speak to Evelyn (they'd spoken on numerous occasions over the past several years but never at any great length). If asked, Nowe cannot say what caught his attention that night. But there was just a sense of something wrong and a scent of blood on the wind, which wasn't unusual for a full moon when the werewolves were hunting. But he felt compelled to investigate, with leave from Victor who also sensed a wrongness in the air, and that's when he found them. A group of Hunters had somehow managed to infiltrate the school and, as circumstance would have it, had caught Victor's fiery young charge out of her dorm. The fight the followed was brief, but bloody, and it wasn't long before the human Hunters lie dead and Evelyn was safe with Nowe who tended any wounds she had and was torn between scolding her for letting herself get caught and praising her for not screaming and alerting the whole campus to danger.

He brought her to Victor, who had come looking for his wayward guard, and explained what had transpired. And it was that night that Evelyn and Nowe formed a tentative friendship that only grew as the years progressed. He remained in his post as Victor's guard and Evelyn's close friend until Victor retired in 1905 and appointed Evelyn Varrow as the new Dean and Nowe as one of her new Guards. He has remained in that position since, serving Evelyn in all manner of jobs and guarding her life with his own as Victor had entrusted him to do when he left the school.
Other :
He can speak English, Spanish, French and Italian as well as his native German.

Nowe's birth name is Lukas von Bachmeier

He owns two exotic Bengal cats. Gormogon, a dark orange male and Domino, a silver female.

Weapons of varying sorts, mostly blades

Being the center of attention
Vampire hunters

Because I have nowhere else to store them Nowe's nicknames for people....

Evelyn - Mariposa (Butterfly; Spanish)
Freya - Katzchen (Kitten; German)

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Elijah Wood
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Nowe Veleno
Nowe Veleno
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