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All about Mason Whitlock

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Full Name :
Mason William Whitlock
Age :
Race :
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Single, but looking
Birthday :
October 15, 1993
Rank :
Occupation :
Personality :
Mason is much different than most kids who are stand-outs at sports coming out of high school, seeing how he doesn't brag and act like the typical jock. He often is very quiet and tends to be an emotional introvert, which can cause his powers to be shaky at times, but is a friendly person all in all, and if you can get him out of his shell, he will remain a loyal friend and back the person up through thick and thin. Like most wizards, the boy is very studious and is a borderline bookworm, almost always reading something if he's not doing something. Due to this, Mason is a somewhat intelligent person and can seem cold at times if something is on his mind or if he's busy. On the flipside, it doesn't take a whole lot to make him jumpy if something blindsides him.

Despite all of that, he's a typical teenager, who has a weakness for cute girls, he loves Rock Music, the occasional sweets, and sports and has the normal bad habits of biting his nails and cracking his knuckles.
History :
Mason was born to Kyra and Jonathan Whitlock on a rainy October morning in Charlotte, North Carolina. Mason had a mostly normal childhood, with only a few weird occurrances happening around him as he grew. His father, a sports writer for the newspaper in Charlotte, easily got the boy involved in sports and got Mason hooked into youth hockey, which he took to like a duck to water, becoming a successful youth hockey player in the Charlotte Metro Youth Leagues.

It wasn't until age 11 that things really started to change quickly for Mason, as his father was killed in a horrific car crash. This tore Mason for nearly a year and he pretty much isolated himself from anyone he normally talked to and hung out with. Considering that the boy had few friends as it was, Mason carried his feelings for quite a while and the buildup ended up in him discovering a few of his powers in a violent fashion, as it almost resulted in his own death, as he'd nearly froze himself completely. After his recovery from the injuries from his outburst, his mother explained to the boy that she was a witch, and he'd inherited her genes and that she would help him even things out through practice and focusing his magic safely.

High School took on a different theme for Mason, which was basically survival and to keep his magic on the downlow, which isn't the easiest thing to do through the stresses of teenage problems and high school altogether. Having to manage the study of his powers and book studies was strenuous enough, along with him being involved in Ice Hockey. Mason, being a hockey talent, received many athletic and academic awards along the way, which gave the boy hope that he could continue his schooling with a fine establishment.

To Mason's amazement however, he wasn't highly recruited by many schools, mostly smaller schools with weak scholarship offers which didn't impress the boy. It was then that his mother informed him about the school and the prestige of Aeternitas University that he weighed the thought of getting a quality education while being able to play hockey close to home, and with this racing through his mind, it was no contest that he applied and made his way to the school.

Other :
Mason has an affinity for Ice Elemental Magic, meaning he can use this to do many things, ranging from freezing someone to the spot where they stand to making someone's drink cold, sometimes this can be a bit wacky if his powers aren't in tune, so he's careful on when to use these. Also can harness a bit of lightning abilities, but are very hit or miss..

He also has a slight affinity for healing and shielding, but he still is trying to get a handle on these shaky abilities at this point.

As he uses a spell, his pupils flicker a light blue

- Sports, especially Ice/Roller Hockey
- Chocolate Chip Cookies
- Magic
- Cute Girls
- Spicy Foods
- Classic and Hard Rock Music
- Thunderstorms/Snowstorms
- Science Classes
- Reading
- Animals

- Heights
- Classical Music
- Bullies or Evil/Dark Beings
- People who cheat or lie
- Getting Injured
- Losing (whether its a sport or board game, etc.)
- Spiders

Athletic Awards:
- 2 time Charlotte Metro Youth Hockey League MVP (Age 9 and Age 12)
- 3 time Charlotte Metro Youth Hockey League All-Star
- 3 time North Carolina District 1 All-Academic Team
- 2 time North Carolina All-State Team (District 1)
- Lead his high school into the State Playoffs for the first time in school history, losing in the State Semifinals
- Represented the East in a West vs. East High School Hockey All Star game
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Playby :
A.J. Trauth
OOC Information :
My name is Ryan, but you can call me Petey. I am 24 years old and I live in Northwest Ohio, so that would put me on the Eastern Time Zone. I've been roleplaying for just about 6 years now, so I know my way around a thread! Feel free to contact me through PM, MSN, Yahoo or even AIM, I'll be happy to bounce any idea around and anything like that!
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Mason Whitlock
Mason Whitlock
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