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All about Claire Delgado

Character Picture :
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Full Name :
Claire Jacklynn Delgado
Age :
Race :
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Birthday :
August 10, 512
Rank :
Occupation :
Dean's Guard
Personality :
Claire is a person that likes a plan, and likes order because that is what keeps people safe. She is not a person that talks a lot but her words are often full of wisdom and experience. She can come across as cold sometimes, but its mostly because she is lost in her head. She often thinks about the wolf from the fog and how she doesn't know anything about them.

If anything Claire is compassionate and would rather not use violence if she doesn't have to. Claire is more like a voice of reason in the mist of chaos. Even when people are riding on high tempers she stays calm and thinks things through to the fullest. It is really hard to piss Claire off, and if someone does well then it is not likely that they will survive, because she goes into a sort of blind rage so to speak.

Above anything, Claire is loyal. She does as she is told and only questions things if she feels that there is a flaw in the system so to speak. She is not easily persuaded to take one side or the other, instead she takes the side that had the most logic behind it. Survival is key, and that is how she plays her cards, but to be honest the only thing that keeps her going is finding that the wolf from the fog.
History :
Claire isn't your typical werewolf in the sense that she has lived longer then most of her kind would. This is because of the position she held as a pup. Claire was breed into a family of protector and that meant putting their life on the line for the greater good. It was something that Claire embraced and was told in time she would have to give her life to save whomever choose her to do so. What she didn't expect was that she would be given to a vampire, which was not ideal for any werewolf of that time but she accepted it.

She trained among vampires to learn their ways, so that she could better defend her new owner. It was when she was presented to the vampire that she got the biggest surprise of her life. The moment the doors closed behind her she was forced to fight, and though she had taken a massive beating, which consisted of many broken bones and blood loss she still managed to stand up when her owner told her too. It seemed to impress the vampire, but Claire doesn't remember much other then passing out.

When she woke up she was fully healed, but was told that she had only been out for about a day, that was not nearly enough time to heal fully. That was when vampire came back and told her that he had her healed, and gave her a gift, or a curse, just depended on how one had taken it. He had a wizard, Oliver, cast a spell on her that would keep her alive longer then most wolves because he liked that even though she had been beaten to near death she still followed orders. It was a strength that he had admired and wanted to have instilled in his other guards.

So her life was spent training other guards not to stop, not to give up until they literally could not move. It was a painful life, one where she kept out living her kind and many times she had been faced with death but the vampire refused to let her go. He kept her around, even though he kept her at a distance most of the time.

As time went by she grew to hate herself, and had often tried to take her life but she was never allowed to. The vampire always seemed to know when she was about to do something stupid, and was there to stop her. Then something amazing happened out of no where to the wolf and it stopped her in her tracks which considering she was in the heat of battle was not a good thing.

Through the fog a wolf stepped out barring it's teeth at her. There eyes locked for the briefest of moments and it was almost like the whole world stopped around her, she felt like she couldn't breath and that was when she knew... it was her mate. What Claire didn't know was that it wasn't her actual soul mate, but an illusion conjured by Oliver so that he could get Claire away from her owner. It is still made the connection, but her soul mate wasn't even alive yet.

Claire never had a chance to find out who the mate was, she was attacked from behind. The vampire that owned her had seen that look, that hesitation and he stepped in and 'saved' his prized wolf from being swept away. When Claire woke up she was told that she had a nightmare but it felt far to real to have just been a dream.

After that, Claire didn't perform as well as she use to she was distracted and her abilities to train others went down until the vampire was given no other choice but to sell her. He wanted to kill her but, Oliver, the wizard that had cursed her stepped in and said that he would take her, after all she was still worth something.

That was how Claire ended up as AETU, she was traded off and Oliver became a good friend and he taught her things that wouldn't have normally been taught to her. For the last 100 hundred years or so she has walked to the halls of AETU. Her role has changed many times, from student to teach, teacher to grounds keeper, and so forth and so on until she was recently approached to be a guard for the dean.

At first she was hesitant, she didn't know if she could do it again, put her life out there for someone when she knew, she knew her soul mate was still out there and that she could one day be forced to face to fight them. Still, after much discussion she agreed because the vampire would need someone to protect her during the day light hours and that was something Claire knew that she could do, or at least she hoped she could.
History Continued :
Meeting Vanessa for the first time:

Profile - Claire Delgado Tumblr_lmzpdf3MHB1qblguqo1_500
The day I met Vanessa is one that I could hardly forget. I was sitting with Oliver at a coffee shop, and he was telling me how I needed to get out more and make some friends, but I really wasn't hearing it, instead I just acted like I was listening.

Profile - Claire Delgado Tumblr_m8zye5WdbQ1rz3vauo4_250
As he was talking, I heard and felt something I had never felt before, it was almost like I was being pulled away and was quick to excuse myself. I walked on a sort of auto pilot at a quick place when I came upon a girl getting mugged. Instinct kicked in from there and I charged after the guy, to try and stop him and we ended up in a struggle.

Profile - Claire Delgado Tumblr_m3d2tbbHeO1qixrmoo1_250
I told the woman to run, while I fought the guy but he was stronger then he seemed, and he had a gun. I had never felt the need to protect anyone like I felt the need to protect her. So I did want came naturally to me and took control of the situation.

Profile - Claire Delgado Tumblr_m3d2tbbHeO1qixrmoo4_250
I grabbed the hand that the mugger had the gun in and struggled with him. When I realized that I couldn't get the gun from him, I resorted to what some may call desperate measures. I angled his hand with the gun against me and pulled the trigger, sending the bullet through myself and him as well.

Profile - Claire Delgado Tumblr_m3d2tbbHeO1qixrmoo5_250
I remember looking to see if the woman had gotten away only to see her running towards me. From there things got kind of hazy because I spent a good amount of time just trying to keep my inner wolf in check. Last thing I wanted was for this woman to see that side of me after getting mugged.

Profile - Claire Delgado Tumblr_mby499nZ1v1qe8nm1o1_r1_500
After healing for a few days at her place, I had to say my goodbyes. I had to get back to school, but part of me didn't want to leave. I felt a connection with the woman, that I couldn't explain, after all she was human. Still it was hard for me to go, but I managed to say goodbye and over the years I kept in contact but haven't seen her since. I try not to think about her much these days but lately she has been on my mind a lot more and I don't know why.

Other :
Is well trained in sword fighting
Is a skilled archer
Has decent aim with a fire arm
Is loyal to a fault
Will give her life for a cause
Loves a cold beer and gazing at the stars at night
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Playby :
Angie Harmon
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Claire Delgado
Claire Delgado
Rank: Dean's Guard
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