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All about Zachariel Bant

Character Picture :
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Full Name :
Zachariel Jev Bant
Age :
Race :
Angel (Fae)
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Birthday :
July 6th,
Rank :
Occupation :
Personality :
Zach was one of the quiet ones of his group, though this doesn't mean he was submissive in any sense. Those created from the Necro Element tend to be susceptible to something called 'blood lust', which is essentially a heightened urge to kill. To combat this he was also created with the feeling of compassion, ensuring that he'd have normal emotions. The boy enjoys laughing and making others smile, feeling a sort of satisfaction in seeing them happy. He loves to be outside at night, so he can watch the moon move across the sky, and likes colder weather best. Despite being one of the strongest of the group, he never lorded it over his 'siblings', preferring to help them out when possible if they needed it. After making the mistake he had and suffering the consequences, he had the realization that even the ones he held closest would turn on him one day.

There's a violent, demonic side of him that usually escapes with anger or despair. When this happens, the little crimson crystal he carries around will take the form of a scythe, so getting anywhere close to him would be a bad idea. His walk becomes deadly, and the smile that's normally so kind becomes sadistic. His piercing crimson eyes seem to lock onto vital parts of the body without him even consciously doing so, and his laughter is closer to a cackle than anything. He enjoys the sound of screams when he's like this, and it takes a strong hit to get him to snap out of it. But because of his scythe, it's unlikely that anyone would be willing to get close enough to try.
History :
* Created on June 6th, 1861; he was created a 13 year old, and gains a year of physical age every 30 years.
* Is part of an Elemental 'set' of Angel-Fae; each are made from one of the twelve Elements. There is a thirteenth Angel who was the first created and isn't made from a single specific element. He has a little of them all, and is the only one who is considered neutral of the group.
* He's the twin brother to Life; the other emotion/item Life is created from is unknown at this point in time.
* Was set up by previously mentioned brother to fail in a mission they were on (he doesn't know this), though he came through in the end and managed to salvage it. He still has no idea that his twin was the one who tried to make him fail and remains as close with him as he was before.
* They've lived in every country at least once over the years, save for Africa and Switzerland. And Greenland, but we weren't counting those.
* He's grown more volatile with his temper over the years, and the family recently had to move to another state (Havelock) because of an incident. ... In other words, Zach got really pissed off and completely leveled the last town they lived in. They don't like to talk about it.
* Zachariel, along with his eleven siblings, have recently invaded the school. They're all students there, but due to their diverse schedules, it's unlikely you'll ever see the entire group gathered. Unless it's at night, but you'd have to follow one of them to find the place they meet at...

More will be added as I can think of it. ^^;
Other :
* He always smells like mint.
* Has a strange fondness of bats and wants one as a pet.
* Loves the band T.A.T.U. immensely.
* Can sense 'energies' of others, and can speak directly to another's mind through his own mind; think one-way telepathy.
* He has an appetite similar to a Vampire's but only half the time; he can sustain himself on human food for a long while, but if he suppresses the blood-hunger, it makes him collapse. He has delicate fangs that are usually hidden unless he is thirsty, angry, or in a great deal of pain.
* He usually slips into blood lust quicker if he's: watching violent, bloody movies, listening to angry music, or around senseless violence or fights.


Zach isn't exactly 'stand apart from the crowd' material. The boy is roughly five feet, four inches tall, and weighs roughly 150lbs. He's not well built muscles wise, though he's not exactly soft either. His face isn't devastatingly handsome, and he certainly doesn't get a lot of double-takes, but he's not considered unattractive either. His eyes are a pleasant shade of green, though in certain light they could pass for teal. His hair is a ruffled mess, long enough to hide his eyes from view if he so chooses. While on the topic of his hair, it's a dark brown shade, with barely visible streaks of black running through it in random areas. His skin is on the lighter side of things, only a few shades away from being considered 'pale', which only serves to make the scars scattered across his body all the more apparent.

As the Angel of Death, and a part of a Thirteen Angel family, it's only obvious that he would have wings. They are a deep, inky black shade, the color of the very pit of a black hole. As the feathers cascade down his wings, the tips gradually get a bloody red shade, evening out into a seering crimson once they get to his flight feathers. When his emotions run particularly strong, his eyes have a tendency to take on a bright crimson color, a clear indication of what Element he was created from (psst... Necro/Death, if you didn't know <3).
Posts :
Playby :
Gaspard Ulliel
OOC Information :
Um... I'm Baine. |D I'm 20 years old, and I'm happy this site is back up. c: I'm obsessed with the Elements (if it's not obvious... ) and I'm a huge music lover. There isn't a genre out there I have yet to find at least -one- song on that I like. I do have a job, so I won't be able to be online as I'd like, but feel free to shoot me a PM if you wanna plot~

Also, I'm on these here sites (shameless plug) :
Chicken Smoothie: Elemental Rebellion
Pokéfarm: Isilme Anulo
Zachariel Bant
Zachariel Bant
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