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All about Francesca Boticelli

Character Picture :
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Full Name :
Francesca Boticelli
Age :
Race :
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Birthday :
August 13th, 1676
Rank :
Head of Business Department
Occupation :
Personality :
Oohh, barracuda. A feisty, sharp witted woman, France doesn’t have a lot of people that will stand up to her. She’s a hard-to-please, rough and dominant hunter who fit easily into the harsh lifestyle of the 1920s New York Mafia. Once in a life time France was an assasin. The coldest and lethal weapon they had before the mob came apart. She would have cut a mother's throat with her infant in the room if it meant getting the job done, because from the time she was created until less than ond hundred years ago Francesca was a slave. She was bartered and bought, traded and sold, and found her longest residing home within a gang thanks to her admiration of their leader.
What France wants, France gets; but it isn’t like she doesn’t have her fans either. There is a certain group of people that enjoy the way she hisses and puts them in their place. There’s a grace to the way she insults and gets things done. Raised by a poor family in hard times when human, Francesca isn’t one who’s afraid to get her hands dirty either. At first glance she wouldn't look like a woman who fights her own battles, but she's far from prissy. Do not mistake the girl for rude or without proper etiquette. She’s a lady, but knows how to spit venom in words (yet she doesn’t forget a ‘thank you’ or to cross her ankles when she sits). To be frank, most people’s first impressions of the girl don’t make her their favorite person.
There’s always a brighter side to someone. If someone can endure the storm long enough there is something likable about the woman. For friends, the few and brave, it’s her compassion and loyalty that shines to keep them close. It's in the feminine laugh that's well earned after such a struggle to really get to know her, and it's in the secret's that she's good at keeping. Francesca is a listener; she's not a sharer. Yet for lover’s it’s the sweetest reward after the chase and heartache, because if anything Francesca is the best thing they’ve ever had… If they can get passed the barbed wire. Behind the cruel mask is a woman who actually knows how to laugh, and make other’s feel at ease in her presence. Funny, isn’t it? Who knew the bitch had a softer side? It’s a far reach and many don’t ever get a glimpse, those close to her know that they’ve finally found a diamond in the rough.
History :
“I won’t tell anyone, I promise… Just don’t hurt my family.” Isn’t it always the same? The plea each life offers when a vampire comes slithering through the night. It’s either something along the lines of ‘God please not me’ or ‘Don’t hurt the family’. France hardly remembers the night she was turned now, it’s been too long for her to care. Her story is simple to the very few she’s told, but more complex than she’ll ever let on. You see, from the very moment Francesca was changed she was a slave. Sold from vampire to vampire, to even a wolf or fae here and there. A vampire sired her only to make a profit since the young Spanish girl was a lovely trinket only to be kept as a centerpiece. He even changed her name, though for the life of her she cannot remember her human name. She hardly stayed in one home for more than a decade, as she was considered ‘hard to break’. Defiant and sharp, she always managed a way to writhe out of the hands of one master but unfortunately fell into another shortly after. Freedom was never at a grasp for girl, but after a century or two she learned to bite her tongue and poison the coffee or tea instead of arguing.
By the time the 1900s rolled around Francesca was moved to America. From there she was sold to a man named Salvatore Maranzano, a head in the American Mafia. He was a dirty, disgusting man who quickly realized what having the vampire meant. She was a weapon in his rise to power. A tool to help him become capo dei capi, the boss of bosses. It hardly took him a year to train Francesca into the assassin who would slaughter a thousand people in the name of Maranzano, but it wasn't all credited to him. Another vampire trained France, a baby faced man by the name of Nowe. He trained Francesca and gave her all the knowledge she needed in becoming a sleek assassin. The cruelness and fierce attitude were innate in the vampire. Once the training was successful Nowe and France, who had become like twisted siblings, killed Salvatore and set Francesca free. Freedom felt strange after years of slavery and obligations to follow. She took to traveling throughout the United States, and even learned to write English and found that she loved to read. She took jobs as a bartender, waitress, and whatever else tumbled her way as she moved through the states; but found they brought her no satisfaction. Schooling was finally an option after all her energy was done being focused on the gang, but a girl like Francesca needs to be in control. Once she found the strange university she reconstructed her energy into something she missed - the business end of things. After all, business is what keeps a mafia member busy, right?
Other :
Irritation: The male gender’s lack of manners. France hates not being treated like the lady she claims to be. Sure she can swear and throw down with the boys, but first they need to pull her damn chair out for her. If not that, then they best open the door or else she may lose her sweet little head.
Common attire: Black on black most of the time, but sometimes the vampire will throw on a simple red dress to catch a few eyes. She keeps them in jars later.

People who are brave enough to stand up to her
Rough handling by the brave
& last but not least: learning

People without backbone
Most other women. She doesn’t like to share.
Men who are too stupid to follow direction.
Loud mouths
Men who don't mind their manners
Men who don't open doors or pull out chairs, didn't their mother teach them anything?

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Donna Feldman
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Francesca Boticelli
Francesca Boticelli
Rank: Head of Business Department
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