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All about Castielle Montisque

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Full Name :
Castielle Evangeline Montisque
Age :
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Birthday :
Fifth of February
Rank :
Head of the Historical Department
Occupation :
History Professor
Personality :
Castielle is a very complex woman with a few thousand years under her belt she has changed largely over her vast life time. At first glance, she is very elegant, refined, and screams elegance. She is very formal when meeting new people choosing to address them by their last names and titles. She has a no nonsense policy with her class. All her students are Miss, or Mister and never called upon by their first names. She does her best to keep a student teacher relationship with her students but there are a few students who slip pass the gape and see a different side of her completely.

To people who know her she is the life of the party, always smiling and laughing. Often switching for the cold stern teacher into a party animal. She is very affectionate to those who are in her inner circle, often embracing them openly and calling them by pet names. She is very picky with her friends, with her being as old as she is friends are sometimes enemies waiting for the chance to strike. So those she trusts she trusts deeply and if she is ever betrayed by them they would see a side of her that would bring the devil to tears.

Her "demon side" as she likes to call it is dark, extremely dark. It only reveals itself when her life is in desperate danger and once it is released all hell breaks loose. Anything that moves is it's target and by the end of the night the town will be painted red with the blood of her enemies. She takes on a completely different appearance as well, her normal elegant blond hair becomes limp and oily and hangs in front of her pale face like a curtain hiding the twisted features of the demon behind it. Her eyes become ebony and crimson, her skin almost transparent, and her fangs elongate below her lips. Her body hunches over slightly at the waist making her body sway side to side like a snake waiting to pounce. And what's worse is she is deadly fast, blending into the darkness like a shadow and striking when least expected. A word of caution to those who meet this form, run, far away and very fast.
History :
Profile - Castielle Montisque Castielle-1
I was born, as all humans are, between a man and a woman. Humble, poor, middle class, merchants. We lived in a small cottage right outside of the city; the city was Sumeria, the birth place of civilizations. My brother and I were my parent’s only children. Twins, inseparable, my light to his dark. I inherited my mother’s golden curls, and my father’s blue eyes. Damian was the spitting image of my father, hair, eyes, and body. He was my silent protector, always looking out for me even though I was born first. But it didn’t matter, he protected me and in return, I protected him.

Our childhood was innocent, carefree. We worked when we were old enough to understand how to, we never questioned our parents, and we were thankful for the life that we had been given. But I couldn’t help but want something more, to be something more. I yearned for knowledge, I watched the boys of the noble families as they sat on the hill side, learning everything that the scholar had to offer with distaste and boredom but I hung on every word he said as if it was a message from the gods. Lower class citizens were not allowed to go to school, let alone a female. Lower class, that was what I was, and in their eyes I didn’t deserve to know anything other than how to sell my goods and spread my legs from my husband.

In that time, the station you were born into is the station you were set at for life. You did not associate with anyone higher station than you other than to sell your goods, and even then it was looked down upon. I, however, didn’t care. I was a reckless child, hardheaded and stubborn with a temper that could rival that of any grown man when it came to something I believed was right. It was there that I met my first love, Hekuput. I was helping my father sell our goods when he caught my eye. He was a beautiful boy, with long brown hair and the softest green eyes I had ever seen before. He wasn’t hateful like the other noblemen who looked down on me and my family; instead he was kind and spoke sweet words. I fell.

Soon I took a job as a maid in his home, being only ten at the time and in my tomboy stage I was not beautiful, or graceful as the women who graced my new master’s home. I worked hard there to distract myself from their beauty. These tall, elegant women, his father’s concubines. I wished that I could be beautiful. Every day I saw my Hekuput and my heart would race like a thousand wild stallions. He’d pass me a few spare glances, smile, and go about his way. But at night, when all those around us curled into their beds, he would have me sneak into his home and there we would become lost within each other. He taught me to read and write, to do basic math and how to map the stars.

In the day I was his slave, but at night, I was his love. As the years drew on, I eventually fell from my awkward stage and became the woman I had so longed to be as a child. I was thin with long doe like legs. My neck was long like a swan and my face was that of envy to those I had envied no long before. My brother became more protective of me as men of all stations wished for me to become theirs. Damian fought more men than I could count, defending my honor. Even Hekuput’s father wanted me, but I declined. My heart and body belonged only to Hekuput, who had grown as I had, into a handsome soldier.

And just as we had as children, so it carried on into adulthood, servant by day, friend and now lover at night. I loved him and he loved me. We would whisper to each other as we lay wrapped in each other’s arms how perfect our lives would be. But deep down I knew this would never be and so too did his father. He caught us one night upon the parlor floor. Enraged that his son would enjoy a treat that he, himself, could not he made sure we were never together alone again. I was no longer allowed to stay the night within his home, never allowed to speak to him, never allowed to be near him and to make it worse, his father had him betrothed to another woman from another noble family.

My heart broke into a thousand pieces; there was nothing that we could do to save ourselves from this horrible nightmare. Even worse, was that I carried his child within my womb. A bastard child to a noble family. I was now a whore among my people, even my parents refused to forgive me. The only person who still loved me enough to help me was my brother. He took me in when even my parents denied me. I saw less and less of Hekuput at the home of his father and I felt like my soul was slowly dying along with my broken heart.

But one night, as I lay in my brothers bed, he was out with one of his own whores, the man that stole my heart appeared before me, bags within his hands and a cloak around his shoulders. He told me to come with him, that we were leaving the city. I wasted no time and followed after him in the cover of darkness. I didn’t think twice about leaving the only place I had ever known. All my friends, my brother, my life was in Sumeria. But now, it was with him and our unborn child or at least I thought it was.

We didn’t even make it to the gates before the city guards surrounded us, their bronze spears pointed at us as if we were criminals. His father came from the shadows, his face twisted in anger and disgust, he yelled, cursed, slapped, and beat on his son, my Hekuput. His father turned his gaze to me and then back to his son, his words still haunt me to this day, the icy venom that dripped from his voice, “I will not have my son taken away by a whore!” and before I could do anything, Hekuput was dead, his head severed from his shoulders by his own fathers sword.

My world came to a screeching halt, time seemed to stand still. I told myself I was dreaming that this was a horrible nightmare but as the blood stained my sandals and I felt the warm oozing feeling of his blood I knew I wasn’t dreaming and this was in fact, very much real. His father turned to me next, his weapon drawn, ready to attack, and I had no way of defending myself. He struck, cutting deep into my womb, I screamed, not knowing what else to do, I was surrounded, alone, and now my child was going to die. All because I couldn’t take care of myself.

He left me there to die next to Hekuput, his blood soaked my golden hair, my blood slowly draining from my body to mix with his. If this was how I was to die, then so be it. As I felt the cold hand of death slowly stretch its spider like fingers over my body, I was forced back to reality when pain erupted from my womb. Someone was taking out my child, I could feel their hands inside of me. I screamed and tried to force them away but I had no strength. I only remember his voice and those haunting words, “Tis not your time yet.”

I awoke a week later, tired, in pain, with my brother watching over me with a sickening saddened look. He felt guilty for not being there, he felt guilty for choosing to lay with a whore instead of protecting his sister. He apologized a thousand times once I awoke and a thousand more times after explaining what happened to me. He said a stranger brought me home bandaged, and tired but said I would survive. Damian hadn’t left my side the entire time. But I wasn’t fixed, my mind was broken and my heart shattered. Not only had I lost my Hekuput, but I lost my child, a girl, named Hope. For months I spoke to no one, I barely ate, I rarely slept for nightmares plagued my dreams. I steadily fell deeper and deeper into hating the fact that I survived. I was alive and my family was dead. I wondered how my life would get any worse, I was soon going to have my answer.

King Hestion was known for his adulterous ways. He was a handsome man, with power and money and a very beautiful queen who could not bare him children. So beautiful was his queen that instead of killing her, as he had with his many other wives who also failed to deliver a child, he kept her to himself, flaunted his whores in front of her and showed her no love. Soon the queen became bitter, though she knew none surpassed her in beauty she loved her husband and wanted him to want no one but her. So she began to kill his concubines, poisoning their food, drowning them in their baths, choking them with their jewels. Outside she was the most beautiful woman in the kingdom, but on the inside there was darkness that even the queen feared.

A year went by, then two, and then three, I finally came out into the world that I had shut myself away from. It wasn’t what I wanted, but I knew that Hekuput would want me to live on. Slowly I dove back into my normal life, Hekuput’s father killed himself once he returned home and burnt his home to the ground. Eleven years I spent as their servant and yet I couldn’t care less that the home that I had known was now gone. Everyone ignored me as if I didn’t exist, which is what I wanted. I didn’t want their stares, their pitying looks or hateful words. I wanted to be invisible I wanted to be left alone. I thought I was doing well, avoiding the eyes of those around me, all of them except one.

I worked with my father and mother once again, not that they opened their arms to me but they no longer hated me as much as they had before. I was in the middle of helping one of the customers with their purchase when I ran into someone. As I turned I was horrified to find that it was no other than the king. He only ever made his way to the market when he was looking for a new flavor of the week since his envious queen seemed to be killing them all. Quickly I fell to my knees to apologize, the king was known for his temper even the slightest insult could result in a massacre of innocent lives. I waited for something to happen, anything, a hurtful word, a painful slap but it never came. I slowly looked up at him and saw him smiling at me. I didn’t like it, I knew that smile, not two years previous had most of the men in the city worn that smile for me.

He reached down slowly, pulling me to my feet with his large fingers under my chin. I looked to my parents for help but they just stared, also wondering what was going to happen. The king continued to look at me, his eyes traveling my face, my body, his fingers danced over my golden curls and down my swan like neck. I knew I was beautiful, and it wasn’t until this day that I cursed it. Secretly wishing I had never envied those beautiful women who once graced my lover’s home. After his inspection was done he let his hand drop from my face and motioned for his guard to step forward.

King Hestion reached into the bag that the guard was carrying and pulled out a beautiful silver necklace with an ornate sapphire moon at the end. I didn’t like where this was going, not at all. The last thing I wanted was for the king to have an eye for me and his queen to become my worst enemy. I stood frozen by my family’s stall, my icy blue eyes locked with the kings. With a sly smile he unclasped the necklace and stepped forward, a breath away from my face he leaned forward and reached around my neck clasping the necklace. The crescent rested above my breast for the entire world to see, I knew what it meant, all of Sumeria knew what it meant, the king now wanted me for his newest concubine, the highest “honor” a girl of my station could receive.

I wanted nothing more than to rip the jewel from my chest, but to do so would mean death. No one denied the king, no one. So, he turned to my parents, threw a satchel of gold on the table and wrapped his arm around my shoulders taking me away from my parents who looked just as lost as I did. My brother watched from the blacksmiths shop horrified but there was nothing he could do, he was no fool and knew that he couldn’t fight the king, he couldn’t demand that his sister be returned to him.

We arrived at the palace, a grand castle built with the most beautiful stones and designs of the age. The queen greeted us at the entrance, I had never seen her before but she was indeed very beautiful, but I could tell that her age was catching up to her, fine lines creased her brows and eyes, her long ebony hair was specked with gray, none the less she was beautiful. But the king strode with confidence, ignoring the body that was currently being carried out by two guards. A smug smile spread across his lips, I saw the queens eyes darken and I quickly adverted my own for fear of what I would see within those dark orbs.

“Another whore,” she said, her words stung, but I couldn’t blame her. The queen was being betrayed by someone she loved and he didn’t care in the slightest. She had said that the body that had been carried out was the last of his concubines but she was not afraid to add one more body to the list. The king simply smiled at her and pulled me closer to his chest. His response to her comment was the nail that sealed my coffin in the queens eyes. “Go ahead and try, unlike the others who were easy to access, this one will be impossible for you to reach. For unlike the others, this one, sleeps in my chambers.”

Rumor was that after the queen failed to give the king his heirs he forced her to move to the other side of the palace and forbad her from entering his rooms under penalty of death. That was ten years ago, and he never took a concubine to his rooms it was always somewhere else. Needless to say, I was shocked and scared more scared because I knew now that by the queens hands was how my life would end. All because of the infidelity of a king.
History Continued :
At first, things went as one would expect. I was bathed in sweet oils, fed the most delicious meals, clothed in the finest silks, and pampered as many concubines were. To those in my station this was the highest position one could rise to. It was a honor to be the mistress of the King. Anyone would say so. However, I didn't feel that way. I felt like a mouse in a rather large snake pit.

Everywhere I went I could feel the cold eyes of the queen. Sure King Hestion kept guards around me at all times when he wasn't present but I could still feel her everywhere. King Hestion showed me off like a prized animal, often holding me tightly in his lap with his left hand upon my breast. He wasn't a gentle lover either, his hands were rough and calloused from years of sword play, his mouth was stained with the scent of wine and smoke. I would curl into myself when he bedded me and wait till it was over. I could no longer bare children thanks to Hekuputs father so I had no reason to worry for children I would bare him no bastards.

Damian soon joined the kings army after finding out about my becoming the kings whore. At first he was angry, and then sad. So he decided to join the army to protect me. But even my brother was no strong enough to save me from the darkness that would soon encompass my entire soul.

The King died a year after I started sharing his bed. Poison, though everyone knew who had done it they had no proof. My brother became my personal guard. I don't remember a single moment that he wasn't there. But the Queen knew that if she wanted to get rid of me, she'd have to get rid of him first. Her moment came a few months later, word of a enemy warriors reached the queens ears and she sent my brother along with a handful of other guards out into the desert leaving me completely defenseless.

The queen tried everything, poison, drowning, assassination, but someone always protected me. And as time went on her hatred of me only grew more and more intense with every passing moment. But there was one way that she could ensure my demise, and it is there that I met my tragic fate.

Every fifty years, our people would give a sacrifice to the Great God Azreal. His temple sat in the middle of the city, towering over all other buildings. Normally we would give him a virgin but not this time. The Queen justified her chosen sacrifice with "One as beautiful as she will please the great god more so that any virgin." and it was at that time that I cursed my beauty once again.

I was bathed in the most relaxing oils, adored with rubies and pearls, the finest silks wrapped around my body I looked like a queen but felt like a prized bull. My parents stood in the crowd and watched as I walked up the stairs towards my doom. Below me, the city cheered and danced celebrating another year of protection but to me, they were celebrating my death. The whore of the city, the murderer of a nobleman and the Kings Mistress. When I was gone they would have no one to taint the cities image.

The sun began to set on Sumeria, but the music and cheering continued on. I reached the marble doors as the sun dipped over the horizon, my icy eyes stared at the two guards as if pleading for them to let me leave. But they stared back with cold eyes and gently pushed me into the temple and closed the doors behind me. Any hope I had of escape now vanished with the thud of the lock.

The temple was dark and cold, the only light came from a single torch on the wall. The sound of the silk gown dragging along the floor and the cracking of the torch were the only sound within my prison. With shaky hands I withdrew the torch from it's holder and looked around my prison. I moved towards the walls behind the aged crimson stains were faded cuniform words. "Monster...demon...God." It was written over and over again. On every wall were the same words. There were pictures of a demonic creature holding people within it's clawed grip. It's mouth wide open with fangs that bit through the flesh of the humans.

There was only one place to go within the temple, and that was down a small hallway. Swallowing my cowardice I made my way down, with every step I took the temperature dropped. Large cobwebs clung to the wall obscuring the faded blood stains and broken stone. As I walked I couldn't help but feel as if somone's eyes were upon me. I looked behind me but there was only darkness the followed.

My nerves were on edge, I had heard stories of the God who lived within the temple, a dangerous creature that drank the blood of virgins to regain strength. The first king made a deal with him, that if he protected the city he would give him a sacrifice every fifty years to ensure the safety of the city. The God agreed and since then has kept his promise. Some say they had seen him walking in the streets at night devouring the life of those who caused trouble or threatened the city.

My breath now came out in thick fogs, from the corner of my eye I could see the old bones of the previous sacrifices. They lay together in a massive pile, it took everything within me not to scream at the sight. The hall finally came to and end and emptied in what seemed like a large circular throne room. I lit what few torches there were and placed mine in a holder on the wall.

In the darkness I saw movement, it was fast and hard to keep up with but slowly something made it's way around the stone throne. "Damkina" It spoke my name, but it's voice was odd as if it had numerous voices all speaking on top of each other.

The creature looked old, long white hair hung over it's face shielding it from view. His fingers were long and spidery with long curved nails that looked razor sharp. His skin was almost transparent, the blue and green veins within his arms showed easily in the light. He hunched over slightly at the waist giving his back a slight arch.

Was this the great god Azreal? This broken old man? If he was a man. He turned his face to me and I let out a startled gasp. His eyes crimson and ebony not a speck of white could be seen in them and pearl white fangs dipped below his lips making his face seem as if in a snarl. I took a step back as he stepped forward, my hand covered my mouth to keep from screaming. "Do not be frightened..." he said to me taking another step forward. I took several steps back from him, my feet became twisted in my gown sending me crashing to the dirty floor with a scream. "I don't want to die. Please...let me go." I had never begged for anything in my life. But I spoke the truth, I didn't want to die. I had barely begun to live as it was. In a blink of an eye he was hovering above me. His face merely inches from mine. I closed my eyes and pressed my hands on his chest to keep him from getting any closer. His hand grasped the elegant fabric of my dress and ripped it from my body leaving me bare in front of him. The cold air hit my body making goosebumps appear upon my flesh. The creature dipped his head low inhaling my scent. "So...beautiful" I had to do something, anything. I couldn't let myself succumb to this. "How I have waited for this moment." He dipped his head low his fangs ghosting across the flesh of my neck. Instantly my eyes popped open. With as much strength as I could muster and kicked him hard in the groin and pushed him off. He growled and moaned angrily on the floor as I leaped from my spot on the floor and took off back
up the hallway towards the door.

The creature released a feral growl behind me but I didn't look back I ran as fast as my legs could carry me up the hallway towards the door. I felt the floor even out alerting me to my presence in the first room of the temple. With my arms reached out in front of me and quickly moved forward through the blinding darkness until my hands reached the doors. "Let me out...please let me out!" I screamed against the solid stone doors. My fist beat against them and I pulled on the handles trying to free myself from this tomb. "PLEASE LET ME OUT!"

I felt his breath on my neck making my heart skip a beat. His cold hands wrapped around my hips pushing me against the cold door. "You are different from the others...I have watched you since you were a babe. I protected you because you...have always been mine. You will lead me out of this place, together we will change the world into a better place. His hand traveled from my hips and traveled up my waist and latched onto my breast. My body shivered from disgust. "Please...just let me go..." I pleaded with the demon behind me, transparent tears ghosted their way down my cheeks. "I can not do that, I'm going to kill you and then...I'm going to make you a God." I felt a sharp pain in my neck, my nails dug into the stone door breaking them at the quick and through all the pain I let out the most deafening scream I could muster.

Down below the music and dancing stopped, all eyes turned to the temple with shocked expressions. Never...in all the years they had offered a sacrifice to Azreal had they ever heard a scream come from inside the temple. Let alone one that sounded like death itself. My screams lasted for what seemed like hours until finally...it stopped. The Queen smiled as she listened to my screams of pain. In her mind she had gotten rid of me, if only she knew how wrong she was.

As dawn broke the next day, the guards opened the doors to the temple and found my body. It was wrapped in my silken dress once more, my hair framed around me like a halo. To every around me I looked asleep, but no one would expect what would happen once I woke up.
Other :
- Classical Music
- Opera
- Original Art Works of the Renaissance Era
- Antiques
- Coffee
- Italy
- An Intellectual Conversation
- First Edition Works of the Brothers Grimm
- Ballroom Dancing

- Extreme noises
- Screaming
- Young Vampires
- Most Wolves
- Most Fae's
- The Color Green
- The Modern Government
- Democrats
- Republicans
- Women Who Smell Like Sex
- Men Who Smell Like Sex
- Being Dirty
- Hates the French

- Can Play The Piano and Violin
- Is Fluent in German, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Latin, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian
- Expert in Ancient History spanning from Ancient Sumeria to the Revolutionary War.
- Photogenic memory
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