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All about Javaid Kenith

Character Picture :
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Full Name :
Javaid Eiji Kenith
Age :
Race :
Kitsune (Fae)
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Birthday :
July 4th
Rank :
Personality :
Like the animal he truly is at heart, there is only one way of describing Javaid - unpredictable. Able to flit between joyous and murderous in seemingly in the blink of an eye, the Kitsune is a creature to be wary of at all times. He is highly intelligent, able to consider most outcomes to a situation and choosing the right course of action...at least most of the time. Most of the time, he will probably come across as playful and charming, though the mischievous glint in his eye should be enough to warn you to be careful. Charismatic to a T, he can be an easy friend to make; it's keeping him that's the trouble. If he isn't stimulated, he tends to lose interest and frolics away to spend his attentions elsewhere. He's as liable to stick by a decision he makes as he is to change his mind, though, but if he is to make a promise to anyone, he will stick by it by whatever means he deems necessary.

He has a small tendency to bend rules if he feels he needs to, but he always has the secret fear of being punished for it, thanks to the life he had before hand. The man also has a fear of anything that resembles a cage, though he will likely never explain why to anyone unless he gets close to them. If challenged, he puts his all into a fight, but more times than not he has to bandage himself up afterwards. He has a temper like fire as well - hot and destructive, but easily put out with the right words or gestures. If he chooses a new 'Master', it's unlikely that his loyalty will ever stray from the person; he would even die for them.
History :
Javaid was created a very long time ago, during the times of the Shogun and Shogunate in Japan. Not much was known about the boy, other than the fact that he appeared to be about four years old and sported fox ears and a tail. The Dojo he showed up at had a kind Shogun, who took pity upon the boy and took him in. He was given what would be his 'birth' name (Harukin Eiji Sakurai), and was started on rigorous training to become a Samurai. The boy trained hard, and through his lessons he grew to be able to control his wilder side. Around the time he was three tails old (which would be his early Teen years), he was allowed to participate in contests to earn the favor of others. Much to his Dojo's surprise, he passed most with flying colors. Thrilled with his success, the boy continued his training until he was made into one of the Shogun's top Samurai, right around the time he hit his early twenties.

Oddly enough, this was the time he stopped aging, not that it bothered the man who was both his Master and his father figure. Harukin loved the man, and would have gladly given his life for him. He spent a total of twenty five years by the man's side, only to lose him in a tragic way. One night, after he'd been sent to retrieve something from the market, the Kitsune returned back to the Dojo only to find it alight with flames. Panicked, the man dropped his items and bolted into the fire, only to find his Shogun nearly burned alive. He carried the man out of the fire and collapsed a short ways away, steam coming off his body though most of his clothing was burned. The Shogun lived long enough to smile at his adoptive son before he passed away. The Fae didn't leave the man for days, not until he was forcibly chased away from the body he protected even as it rotted.

Years passed, and Haru served other people, but never with the same passion that he had his 'father'. When the time of the Samurai came to an end, the man packed away his katanas and set off for another part of Japan, though life wasn't easy like he'd imagined it would be. He was skittish, jumping and posing to attack should he be startled. He was constantly paranoid that someone was out to take what was his, and so he sought more secluded homes as the years continued to pass. It wasn't until Japan became a big city with many people that he rejoined society, and he learned quite a bit. The Fae learned about fashion, and learned that he had to still fight, though it wasn't for a noble cause like he'd once fought for; now he had to fight to be known, instead of people hearing his name and knowing who he was.

After a particularly violent bar fight one evening, the Kitsune was left to curl up in an alleyway, bleeding and alone. A few kind men helped him to his feet and took him, though by this point he was beginning to lose his glamour. His normally blue-grey eyes were now the amber shade of his fox form, and his ears had materialized on his head. Two tails hung limply behind him, and the moment the leader of the gang got a look at him... He ordered the others in the room to bandaged him up and get him food. The man was unsure of the attentions he was receiving; no one had been this nice to him since his beloved Shogun so many years ago. But they took care of him, giving him food to eat, clothing to wear, and even a hair-cut, since he hadn't cut his hair in nearly thirty years at that point. However, he soon learned that though the Yakuza weren't as caring as they seemed. The moment he did something that displeased them, he would be beaten, and thrown in a very small cell that would be barely big enough for him to move around in human form, forcing him to shift into his fox form.

He soon became every bit as skittish as he once was, earning him the label of "Yasei Doobutsu", or litterally "Wild Animal". They provoked his anger, and hurt him if it got out of hand. The man was miserable, but he had a saving grace; a younger member by the name of Kaoru Takeda. The man had to be in his early twenties, but he was always the one to go and bandage Haru up after the others roughed him up. They became fast friends, and though the Fae still wanted desperately to leave most days, he found he wasn't as depressed as he used to be. He could take what they through at him in near silence, and would never complain. However, things got all the worse when the Yakuza discovered that he could become a female whenever he wanted. We'll leave out that particular part of his past as it makes Baine twitchy, but he leaned on his friend all the more after that.

While he had one of his weeks that he was stuck as a female, it would be the young Takeda who gave Haru his tattoo. Cherry Blossoms creep up from the man's hip and 'grow' out across his rib cage, still somehow managing to look beautiful and graceful no matter which gender he's in at the time. He spent another ten years with the gang, but when they made his friend kill himself because of some sort of disrespect, that was the final straw. The Kitsune released all nine of his tails and scorched the place, leaving just as the fire consumed the majority of the building. Most of the group made it out of the smouldering building, but the Fae would no longer be safe in Japan. He sought out a name change, packed all of his worldy belongings, and fled to another country, pleased when he found that they spoke mostly English. He'd spent many years perfecting his English, and when he spoke, one could barely hear his true Japanese accent on his tongue.

After bouncing from state to state for a while, he finally settled down in North Carolina... Only to be jumped and beaten badly enough to be forced into his fox form. Bloodied and hurt, he limped out into a forest until he couldn't get much farther and collapsed there...

... And the rest will be role played out. ;3
Other :
His true name is Harukin Eiji Sakurai.

* Has a fondness for birds.
* Has an irrational love of all things cinnamon.
* Has a major sweet tooth.
* Fears metal bars/cages.
* Can create fire that he can control the temperature of.
* Said fire can change colors if he wanted it to.
* Is able to change his gender at will, thanks to his species.
* Hair turns the same color of his fur when he begins to lose control of his Glamour; eyes turn amber as well.
* Is all but immune to fire.
* Can be extremely paranoid if it's triggered.
* Loves motorcycles.
* Hates onions.
* Has a tatoo.
* Has two katanas; One and two.
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Gackt Camui
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I'm Baine. c: See Zachariel for my info stuffs~
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