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All about Kristine Kochanski

Character Picture :
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Full Name :
Kristine Kochanski
Age :
Race :
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Painfully Single
Birthday :
November 4, 1679
Rank :
School Staff - Nurse
Occupation :
Nurse at AETU
Personality :
Kristine is the bubbly sort who is usually always happy and smiling. She has this small tendency of speaking her thoughts out loud without meaning to but that is what makes her... unique... among other things. She is also the shy and bashful sort, she doesn't know much about relationships because she has never had one. Though she is friendly she just hasn't had much luck in that department, its probably because she has dived like head first and hit rocks but she is happy with life in general.

She is probably one of the most caring individuals that a person could ever met. She has this tendency of putting other people's needs before her own, because it is easier for her to care about others then think about herself. She can be a bit goofy, and a little over animated at times but then again life has thrown her funny curve balls so she just makes the best out of everything.

Sometimes Kris can be sarcastic to a fault, but she is really only that way when she is tired or hungry. She come across as having a nervous wit, trying to make jokes out of things that aren't really funny but she is uncomfortable so she tries to be funny. The most important part about her is that she is loyal to a fault. If she truly believes in something then she puts her all into it... which is why she has never had a romantic relationship, cause she hasn't found one to put her all into.
History :
So, um, here is a funny story.... okay maybe it is not funny when you think about it... but really it... it kind of is. You see, umm... I'm sort of my own sire. Now.. I know what you are thinking, Kristine in order to be a vampire you have to have someone bite you and blah blah blah, I know it's confusing but allow me to explain. See... I was a witch... with a kick ass ability, biokinesis and one day I was just like... gee I wonder what life as a vampire is like. Sooooooo, I copied their cell structure and made myself one.... ya.. you know you can't turn back from that? Ya... I didn't -nervous laugh- Soooo, anyways now I am this vampire, fangs and all see -bares fangs- but don't worry, I am really bad at using them. Hehe, a vampire that sucks at being a vampires... that's actually kind of... never mind.

So ya, basically I did this to myself, and luckily, you know I lived at this school already, so I umm, just stayed on as a nurse. The whole being a round blood thing.... WAY harder then I thought it would be but it's not to bad. I mean, look I am still here aren't I? Ya......

Anyways, so my life hasn't actually been That bad, I mean look at me all immortal and such, but really... there has been some rough points... for one... I've found that... well... relationships are... like super hard. So... I've never had one. HEY! You try being a 333 year old virgin, puts that 40 year old virgin movie to shame doesn't it now? Shit! I didn't tell you that okay? Ya, just forget I ever said anything about that whole relationship aspect of my life.... wait.... because I'm a vampire who's never had... shit doesn't that mean that it will always be that way even after... -shakes head- really need to stop thinking out loud... why didn't you tell me I was huh? Oh you are one of those people that like to know what people are thinking, well I guess I can't blame you... well I can but still.... moving on.

So ya, witch to vampire... still kept my power...soooooo don't know how that worked out, but ya.... Here I am, just being me... helping those in need. I'm just gunna go -points away- that way, you... you have a good -runs the other way-.
Other :
Biokinesis: can control life on a cellular level. She can cause cells to augment to induce advanced or declined biological healing, induce diseases like cancer, induce appearance alteration like hair and iris color change or freckle breakout, evoke sensuality, and even increase physiological maturity. Once she was able to change a person's gender entirely, don't ask. She has caused herself to become pregnant at one point... that was just weird. She has even transformed her body into an animal.. which was just weird. Now a days she uses her ability to heal, cause lets face it she isn't all that cruel of a person... she puts the term vampire to shame really.
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Felicia Day
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Kristine Kochanski
Kristine Kochanski
Rank: Nurse
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