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All about Elizabetia Romanov

Character Picture :
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Full Name :
Elizabetia Christine Romanov
Age :
Race :
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Birthday :
November 22, 1468
Rank :
Occupation :
Antiquities Collector
Personality :
As a human, Elizabetia was a warm-hearted you woman. She loved children, helped the helpless and needy, and was extremely religious. As a vampire, her religious view changed dramatically, but she remained the same just a bit rougher around the edges. At first, she loathed the idea of drinking from humans, though she tried animal blood it didn't sustain her hunger and ended up causing more damage than good. And slowly, the guilt of consuming an human, ebbed away to the point of not caring anymore. She enjoys the simple things in life, things that most vampires forget from their mortal years. Music and art are among her favorite things, as well as the classical theatre and opera. Whenever she is upset, she turns on "Carmen" and reorganizes her library until she is calm again.

Since the loss of her mate/sire, time has frozen her heart. Things that once brought joy to her life, such as the company of old friends, does little to appease her. She throws on a false smile and mingles as one of her age should. But inside, she is hollow and empty. Behind close doors, the smile she places on for others shatters into a billion pieces. The only thing that truly makes her happy is Sebastian's journals which she keeps locked in an air tight case to preserve the decaying pages. Though the ink is long faded, she has memorized each page to the last point. The last pieces she has of him are her dearest possessions. Anyone who dares try to remove them meets their end in a nasty form. She loathes cocky vampires, their idiocy and cockiness drives her bonkers. If it weren't for their sires she'd have their heads mounted on her wall.
History :
1492 Russia

While Columbus and his crew were off trying to find the new land that would soon become America. There were other events occurring throughout the world, like Russia, in this place the Lithuanians were pushing into Russia trying to overtake it from Ivan the Great, but was failing miserably. The Polish stepped in to help the Lithuanians but it did little against the great army of Russia. In the end it resulted in a series of six wars spanning over twenty years. Elizabetia was born in the midst of it all to a wealthy family who's sons had been sent off to war. Leaving her mother, Agitha, and youngest son of her line, Hector to raise the new born infant. Though the battle didn't effect their lands it did effect her mothers sanity. With the news of her husbands death and only one of the five sons she sent to battle surviving, Agitha turned into herself and refused company from anyone. This lead to her death, leaving Hector and Elizabetia in the care of the brother, Jorgan.

Hector was almost a teenager by the time their mother died, Elizabetia on the other hand was still a child, seven, and now alone in a world of war and men. Jorgan ruled the Romanov house with a firm grip, war had hardened him. Even when he took a wife, he barely showed any emotion to the woman. Elise was her only female companion as she grew, the wife of her brother and the mother of his children she gave Elizabetia everything she needed in a mother even if she wasn't her own. Hector soon went off on his own the war had ended some time around Elizabetia's twenty-third birthday and it was on that very day that she met a man that would be by her side for the next three-hundred years.

With the birth of her third nephew Jorgan threw a grand party, Elizabetia was at the front, as the last unmarried member of the Romanov family. With the announcement of her nephew Jorgan also offered her hand. With the wooing and the gifts Elizabetia found comfort in the one man who did nothing but listen to her. Of course, she found it strange that he was only there at night and only came stayed with her until dawn but at that time she didn't really care as long as she had someone to vent too. He never spoke about himself, only that his name was Sebastian and that he came from a land far away from her own. He just listened, and watched. The way he watched her sometimes sent chills up her spine the way his eyes traveled the length of her neck, the flickering red in those dark eyes.

After months of their secret meetings, he asked her a question that would change her life forever. "I wish to make you mine, forever and eternity. But to do that, I must take you away. You'll never be able to see your family again, never return to your home. To become mine, you must give up your life completely. Will you do this? Will you come with me?" She knew her answer the moment he asked. He was the only one who ever listened instead of trying to win her heart with gifts and false words. But to give up everything she had known, everything she had cared about, her family, her life?

She followed her heart, and gave him the answer that he knew she would. That night they fled Russia but the Russia noblewoman, had no idea what she had gotten herself into. Once they were safe, Sebastian showed her his true form, she didn't have time to scream when he latched onto her. He was the demon that the priests spoke of in hushed whispers. The demon that feed on the blood of the innocent and prayed on the weak and fearful. A vampire. Though his fangs sent a wave of fire through her veins, he held her with a intimate embrace. As her heart beat slowed, and deaths embrace was nothing more than a moments breath away, the bitter taste of blood ran past her lips and down her throat. And as quickly as it came, it left just as fast and was replaced with his lips.

Soon she felt the welcoming embrace of death wrapping his arms around her, but this was not meant to be. She floated in darkness for what seemed like an eternity until the faint sounds of someone singing echoed in her ears. Her dark orbs fluttered open, the only light came from a small candle in the corner, and even it's light burned her eyes. Her body ached, her head throbbed, she felt like someone had tossed her off a cliff. But at the same time, she felt stronger, and hungry. For what she wasn't sure, just that there was a gnarling pain in her stomach and a burning thirst in her throat.

Sebastian stepped towards her, she instantly retreated into the nearest corner. "Elizabetia, do not fear me." he whispered to her, moving closer with his hands raised to show he meant no harm. She hissed at him, and he smiled. "I asked you to be mine forever and eternity. And now, we can. I have given you a rare gift. Not many can survive the transformation into immortality."His hand gently went through her hair, it was then she noticed it's color was richer, softer, with a slight curl. Her skin was paler, her nails sharper. "I know this is a lot to take in. But unlike my own sire, I will be with you to teach you, to help you. To love you throughout eternity. All you have to do, is trust me."

At first she simply stared at him, unsure what she should do. If she left him, she would be hunted down and killed, and if she stayed she would become a monster, a murderer. But she would be with him, her Sebastian. So, she trusted him and it benefited her for three hundred years. He was her world, and she was his. He taught her about her new life, what powers she held within her, how to quench her thirst, where to hide and where to sleep. Everything she needed to know he told her and anything she wanted he got her. They traveled everywhere, saw the world change and cultures expand.

They met Kings and Queens, dined with militia leaders and saw and tasted from the worlds elites. They met several seethe masters and mistresses, and joined one or two seethes along the way. Everything was perfect. until a stranger crossed their paths and everything changed for good. His name was Aiden, and his family had been searching for Sebastian for the last five hundred years, two hundred before Elizabetia's time. He alone was no match for Sebastian, but Aiden didn't come alone. The first encounter was no match, Sebastian bested the boy and sent him running with his tail between his legs. But Sebastian knew more was coming, but he never expect them to appear so soon. On the eve of their anniversary, that night would be the last time Elizabetia ever saw him again.

It was a normal evening, one like any other, the lay together in their home watching the fire dance in the hearth. Sebastian was telling her stories of his homeland of the family he once had and of the wars he fought in before his transformation when three men came crashing through the door, fire, holy water, and stakes. The hunters were prepared for battle, the vampires were not. Sebastian easily took out the youngest of the hunters. His mistake, never look a vampire in the eyes. He took a well deserved leap out the second story window and onto the cobblestone streets of London.

The other two however, were not so easily manipulated. She had never seen Sebastian so angry, so feral. She was so caught up in the fight she failed to notice a fourth hunter enter the room until the pointed tip of an arrow protruded from her chest. The burning pain of holy water erupted inside of her from the covered tip. Her body crumbled to the floor, Sebastian's screams were muffled, the scent of blood soaring to new heights. And soon, her world went black.

She awoke the next night, the arrow barely missed her heart and was a pain to get out. She called for Sebastian, screamed for him, but the only thing she found was a puddle of his blood on the living room floor. Three hundred years, three hundred magical years were now nothing more than a memory. Her sire, her lover was now gone. She mourned for weeks until there were no more tears to be shed, instead sadness turned into rage. Elizabetia allowed her rage to consume her, and for seventy-five years she hunted down every hunter she could find until she found Aiden and his family.

By the time she found Aiden, he was an old man ripened with age. Worn from years of battles. His brothers were no challenge at all. Arrogance and age had caught up with them Revenge filled her heart, and fear filled his. "Where is he?![/color]" She bellowed slamming the old man hard into the rustic wooden walls of his home. The satisfying crunch of broken bones rang out with his cries, "[b]Dead! Tossed into the sea! A steel box is now his home!" This broken old man had stolen her sire, her lover. And in return, she made him watch as she devoured his family. He pleaded with her, curse her but his words fell on deaf ears. Once she was finished she placed the bloodied corpse of his granddaughter in his lap, and whispered softly in his ear. "Now, you will be alone for what remains of your pathetic little life, and you will know the same pain that I must now go through for the rest of eternity." Aiden wept for his family, for the curse he had placed upon them and for being completely and utterly alone.

Elizabetia swore she would find her Sebastian, even if it took her forever. She would find him. She begged for help from their seethe master, from witches, and fae. But none had the power to find him. The ocean was fast and unexplored. He could be anywhere, and with it's constant movement, so too was his resting place. So, she kept searching, mapping the oceans, hiring sailors to search for her. But they always came up empty. Just like her brother, her heart slowly began to harden, not by war, no she found war quite amusing, but by time. Time was nothing to immortals like her, fleeting and unimportant, but the pain of the years ticking by without Sebastian, emptiness was all she had left.

As time went on, and the world became more modern she too changed. Hitler was one of her favorite toys. His obsession with the supernatural placed her in his inner circle, there were others there too, witches, fae's of different races, a couple of wolves, but even with his charisma, she knew he would never win the war the engulfed the world. Pride was his downfall. But soon, Elizabetia grew tired of traveling and decided to settle down. Which is how she came to find this town and the University.
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