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All about Zeus Riley

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Full Name :
Zeus Axel Riley
Age :
Race :
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Birthday :
June 9
Rank :
Associate Dean
Occupation :
Associate Dean at the University
Personality :
When it comes to Zeus’s personality it is something that is hard to describe. He is very wise, wise well beyond his years, but he is also very trusting even if his wisdom tells him not to trust a person, he typically will. He would like to blame that on his upbringing, the fact that his parents raised him to be a gentlemen but he knows that he just generally wants to see the good in everyone that he meets.

He is a very polite man, he never raises his voice because he doesn’t see a need to, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get mad. When he is mad it is usually taken out in private because he doesn’t want to be seen as weak. Most of his anger gets taken out in his art or in his writing, or in a game of chess. He is the sort of man that loves anything that challenges the mind, well like games and riddles, not so much people; people who challenge his mind usually just give him headaches.

The one thing about Zeus that is widely apparent is that he is no fighter, he knows how to fight but the thought of ever hurting someone makes him cringe. He has far to kind of a heart to ever raise a hand to anyone, but if he has to he will not hesitate to put someone in their place. He is also a little awkward when it comes to people touching him; he feels the need to brush the area off where someone has touched him. Only those close to him can touch him without him doing that. He sort of goes to the thought of ‘I don’t know where that has been’ when it comes to people he hardly knows.

All in all Zeus is a good man, with a good heart. He gets a little depressed from time to time, will sometimes get lost in deep thought but he likes to think that he has a level head and when needed, he can provide advice that can be useful from time to time. He is also extremely organized because it is the one thing that he has control over, but don’t point that out to him cause he will deny deny deny.

What many don't know is that he is still going through the stages of grief after losing his dear wife. While it has been several years since her passing to him it often feel like it just happened.
History :
Zeus grew up in well, poverty isn't even the world that describes his world the best. His family was treated more like the ant beneath the king's boot rather than being something of importance. You see where he came from his abilities were not welcome and that caused his family to have to move around a lot. Magic back in those days was said to be unholy, and if it wasn't for the fact that people were afraid to touch him, he and his family would have been killed. What they didn't know was that his abilities didn't work on people just the objects that they held.

His parents did the best they could to keep them clothed and fed but it wasn't always easy. Many nights they slept in the cold and went without food but they made it through. It wasn't until he reached the age of six that his family got some hope in the world. A vampiress by the name of Castielle Montisque, though he only vaguely remembers her now. She had taken pity on his family on a cold winter's night and offered them food and shelter.

Zeus's parents pleaded with the boy not to touch anything for fear of losing the warmth of a home more importantly dry clothes and food. The young boy did try, he tried very hard not to touch anything, even used napkins to hold the utensils to eat with. It wasn't until the vampiress dropped something, and he tried to be nice and picked it up did he reveal what he could do. His parents started to apologize repeatedly after Zeus had rambled on about the object. They begged not to be kicked from the home and got the surprise of their life, he was asked to do it again, and again.

As time went by, he began to learn more about magic, and what he learned he loved to show off. Cas always seemed overjoyed by the things that Zeus could do, and Zeus loved being able to show off without being cast aside. He also loved being able to learn how to do it and how to control his ability, thanks to the vampires help.

From the ages of 6 to 13 his life was amazing, if only because he smiled more and his parents were no longer struggling. His parents tended well to the vampire's needs, cooking, cleaning, and anything else the woman asked for. It was his first real home and the memories that he would love to get back if only so he could remember his parents faces.

Alas after turning 13 Zeus's life began a downward spiral that would bring about more pain in his young life then he could have ever dreamed.

In the middle of the day, which is odd when one thinks about it, Zeus was outside playing a game all by his lonesome when someone came and took him from the home. A rag was stuffed deep into his mouth to the point he almost couldn't breath and a sake placed over his head. He was taken from the home of the vampire, in order to serve what he was called 'the greater purpose.' Really it was about serving a man who wanted power and saw Zeus as his way to get it.

For months Zeus refused to do anything, because he wanted to go home and because of that he was tortured. They never brought him close enough to death though, telling him that he would not get death, till this man got power. It wasn't until he had been starved and beaten that Zeus finally caved and showed a glimpse of what he could do.

That was his biggest mistake, because right at the point he had given up, the man was ready to send him back to Cas thinking what he had been told was all a lie. Now that he had proven to be useful, Zeus was forced to use his magic in ways he had never wanted to. Having to do bad things against his will wore heavily on his mind, but it made his powers growl. While he hated being cruel the rush of it made it better.

From the time he was 14 until he was 49 he lived for what one could call the dark arts. He had grown mad with power so to speak but then something amazing happened. He met a maiden, beautiful as the day was long and it took his breath away. It was like heaven on earth just seeing her face and that was when he turned his wicked ways around.

Zeus started spending more time with this woman, courting her and his master was pleased. The man thought that Zeus was doing this to gain control of the kingdom when really Zeus was doing it to turn his back against the man who forced such a darkness into his life.

It was late in the night when Zeus befell another terrible tragedy. His master had gotten word of Zeus's intentions and he sent his men out to destroy the home and lives of the maiden Zeus had come to love. It was then that Zeus turned against him, using his dark magic to kill every last one of the men that were involved in the killing.

Later that night he went to his potions and tried to make magic that would control time. He wanted to go back and save her, and he knew he could do it he just needed to focus. As he created the potion, he failed to notice that the herbs he was using was not properly labelled and instead of making a potion to go back in time, he created one that stopped time within him... it made him an immortal.

At first he thought that the potion had not worked, obviously it didn't take him back. It wasn't until he had burnt himself late one night that he realized what he had actually done. As he looked down at his hand, it healed before his eyes without a single sight of blood. Of course he thought he had to be dreaming but that wasn't the case. He took a knife and cut himself but there was no blood only pain, that was when he realized the potion had given him immortality.

History Continued :
Over the next several centuries, Zeus worked to find a way to reverse the potion that he had taken. It didn't work though, because he didn't know exactly what had been placed into the brew when he made it. Slowly he began going insane, trying to get the potion right so that he was not doomed to live a life alone.

Each attempt was met with another failed potion and some had left him unconscious for days because of the poison or whatever it was that he put into his body. Years upon years slipped away and before he knew it, he had out lived not only his parents, but the kids that he had grown up with. It wasn't until he heard the date one year that he even realized how much time had passed and he was left with a sick feeling in his stomach. He would never get back to the maiden who had stolen his attention or the parents that raised him. The chances of finding the vampire that saved him was even slimmer now and that made him wander the world alone for some time.

When he reached around 1500 years old, Zeus found his place in the world again. He stumbled upon a vampire named Victor. Victor gave Zeus a new purpose, using his magic for good over evil and teaching him to be a right and decent man. For years the pair travelled together and learned together until Victor decided to part ways on a new adventure but promised the wizard that they would meet again.

There was really not specular events that went on in his life until he had wandered the earth for 3000 plus years. At that point he had forgotten his age, and merely goes off the fact that he was married, and happy for 50 years to an amazing woman.

He met his dear wife one day while she was serving pie at a little dinner. The wizard ended up staying there all night ordering various types of pie just to see her smile and once she was done with her shift he offered to escort her home. From there the relationship blossomed and within a few years they were married.

Those were the happiest years of Zeus's life, and even though she could not have children he did not love her any less. He had shared his life stories with her, and offered to find a way to make her just like him, but she declined. She explained that she had learned what love was, and would not want to suffer the loss of it, should they not be happy 100 years from now. While he understood, it didn't stop him from at least trying to recreate that potion on last time.

He would never get to finish it though, because his wife kept him out of his cellar and made him enjoy the life he would have with her. Which he did, all the way up until she had grown old and wrinkly and he looked the same as the day they had been married.

The night she passed away, he laid in bed with her, holding her against his chest doing his best not to cry. The wizard simply didn't want her to go without feeling all the love in the world.

Her funeral was nearly 5 years ago, but Zeus still feels like there was something he could have done to save her.

In his most darkest of hours, he was approached by an old friend once again. Victor had shown up at his out of nowhere and asked Zeus for a favor. It seemed that he had a university, or rather had passed one down and was terribly worried about the dean. Victor made it clear that Zeus was not to tell Evelyn anything that the pair talked about, but Victor made it clear that Evelyn needed to be able to take some time for herself.

With no purpose in life and no real idea of what to do from here, Zeus agreed to go to the school and help. It wasn't until after he agreed that Victor told him that he had already sent word to AETU that a new Associate Dean was stepping in. That last part through Zeus off a bit as he was sure he would have something doing with history but Victor said that Zeus was surely the man for the job. So here he is now at AETU acting as Associate Dean for a school he has never been to and to a woman whom he has never met.... this could get interesting.
Other :
- Plays Piano & Guitar
- Plays chess, but doesn't actually sit and play instead likes to randomly move pieces when it feels right.
- Smokes, its a nasty habit but he refuses to quit.
- Can touch an object and know the history of it, how it was made, and anyone who may have touched it or owned it. No one actually knows this as he usually picks something up and just goes 'Hmm' before placing it down. This does not work on people. He will also know how the object works in the fullest extent... so magicians beware he can steal your secrets.
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Johnny Depp
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Zeus Riley
Zeus Riley
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