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All about Allie Clemmons

Character Picture :
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Full Name :
Allie Clemmons
Age :
Race :
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Single, but looking
Birthday :
December 18th
Rank :
Pending Applicant
Occupation :
School Secretary
Personality :
Allie is a very witty and with that, she can have quite the sharp tongue and can easily talk somebody into a corner and isn't afraid to speak her mind, save for communicating with her superiors, and even then she still can hold her own in the office. On the flip side, with her very outspoken personality, she can be a great person to have on your side and an overall good friend as long as you don't anger her too badly.

Being a former legal and now school secretary, Allie is a very organized person and is more often than not in the loop of things happening internally, whether she should know certain things or not. In the office place, she is typically the person that tries to find levity in the more somber points of the day, often harrassing someone with a joke or creating small talk with anyone who is within earshot. Allie tends to never get too stressed out while at work, but if by some chance she's frustrated at something or someone, everyone definitely knows it.

Allie tends to be very social and easy to get along with, unless she seriously finds someone an obvious threat or flat out doesn't trust them. This easy gained trust has burned her in the past, especially when she was a legal secretary, but she has strived to become more accurate with her judge of character over the last few years.

Another striking point to the female would have to be her explosive temper, which takes a lot to build up, but once it does, you'd better take cover as she will give you an earful and run you off quickly. Allie tends to find ways, such as small hobbies to relieve this however, as a terrible temper can result in a world of trouble for a werewolf.

Allie respects almost every member of the school staff and will quickly do whatever they ask of her unless it seems rash or too hasty. She holds a huge amount of respect for Evelyn and always tries to stay on her good side as well as everyone else's.
History :
Born to the Beta werewolf pair in Boston, Allie was destined to accomplishing big things in the big city when she came of age. She was almost fearless at times while a pup, even going as far as wandering away from her family's place of residence and getting lost for hours on end. Due to this, she was sheltered more than any other of the wolves in the area and was more book smart than street smart, which was evidenced by the few times the local news had tape of a young wolf roaming around late at night.

As a youngster, the female always seemed to have her nose in various books and actually read her first newspaper at the age of 3. Allie was indeed fond of exploring and moving about, but with how wild her imagination ran at times and how late of a bloomer she was at shifting with precision, it caused her parents to protect her carefully all the way up to school age.

As she made her way through school, it was apparent that Allie was going to be very successful at whatever she did outside of school, almost always finding herself towards the top of her classes with outstanding marks, which occurred all the way through High School, which lead to her nearly graduating at the top of her class, finishing 3rd. While successful in school, Allie managed to catch the eye of numerous internships, one of which happened to be file work and small office work in Boston's City Hall. Needless to say, Allie got the taste of legal work and wanted more, applying and eventually getting into Boston University and studying Law.

The five year ordeal of receiving her Bachelors Degree in Law came with a few mental breakdowns and late night, forest laden lapses in shifting, along with nearly being caught by a hunter on the road side during her Sophomore year. Eventually, she moved from Boston and accepted a job at a prestigious law firm in New York City as a legal Secretary, helping lawyers with paperwork and other things.

After eight productive years of working at the law firm, Allie's world was shaken as the business was promptly bought out and management cleaned house, leaving the then 29 year old werewolf with no job and very few connections, which caused the female to leave the city and search around the country for something that would benefit her, considering that after the events, she didn't want anything to do with the big city or law after seeing the dark, bloodthirsty side of both.

A year passed as Allie continued searching around for a secretarial job that would fit her, and after searching newspapers and various job sites, she stumbled across an opening for a secretary at Aeternitas University, which piqued her interest and caused her to apply and therefore she finds herself in the small North Carolina town of Havelock, trying to start anew.
Other :
-Allie prides herself in the fact that in the nearly 9 years she has been involved with secretarial work that she has never misplaced or lost any type of file or paperwork.

-Sports (Mostly football and football)
-Movies (preferably Romance and Comedy)
-Sugar Cookies
-Acting (She "embodies" her roles)
-Legal Shows (Law and Order/Suits/etc.)
-Burn Notice
-Pop Music
-Baseball (Huge Boston Red Sox fan)
-Drinking Socially (only does so once in a while)
-Juicy Gossip
-File Work
-Joking around
-Catching people in their lies
-Cute Guys

-Annoying, Hurtful People
-Spicy Foods
-Being Outsmarted
-Vampires (Slightly scared of Evelyn)
-Being out of the loop
Posts :
Playby :
Sarah Rafferty
OOC Information :
This is Petey, I also play Mason Whitlock on the site, if there is anything else you need to know, just drop me a line!! XD
Allie Clemmons
Allie Clemmons
Rank: Secretary
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