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All about Vanessa Minecroft

Character Picture :
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Full Name :
Vanessa Olivia Minecroft
Age :
Race :
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Birthday :
April 4, 1978
Rank :
Occupation :
Nurse At AETU
Personality :
[/justify]Vanessa is a very boring person by herself. In the company of other's she's the life of the party but alone she normally just curls up with good book and a glass of wine and spends time by herself. If she's in a playful mood she enjoys video games. She may seem like a lady in public but she's a giant nerd on the inside. She's very professional at work but isn't afraid to make friends as well. People often make fun of her for her useless information that spews from her mouth whenever she's bored. Whenever she's bored she reads useless things on the internet only because she finds them interesting.

Vanessa doesn't have many friends nor family. After the death of her parents her siblings and herself went separate ways. They were upset that she would simply donated her inheritance to strangers rather than give it to them. She's always had a big heart and is extremely independent. She avoids conflict at all costs, it makes her too nervous and she visibly shakes. The reason is still unknown to her. [/justify]
History :
Vanessa was born into a very wealthy family, her mother was a doctor and her father was a therapist. She is the youngest of three children and is still to this day babied by her parents and siblings. Though she comes from wealth she does not flaunt it, in fact when her parents died she only took enough to pay off her college debt and donated the rest to charity. Unlike her siblings she enjoys earning her own money and proving she doesn't need her parents money to survive.

Her life has been pretty boring, she spent most of her time on her studies but she has been married three times the first ended when she caught her husband having an affair, the second when her husband and child were killed in a drunk driving accident, the third was because she tossed herself in her work and avoided her husband. Vanessa often told herself that she only married her third because she didn't want to be alone. But she was always alone even when she was around him. She never loved him. In fact, she was never in love with her husbands, of course she cared for them or she wouldn't have married them but she just didn't...connect.

In fact, the only time she actually felt a connection with anyone was with a complete stranger that saved her life when she was a resident in Boston. Vanessa was walking home one night when a mugger stopped her at gun point. Out of no where this woman appeared and saved her life. The stranger was wounded in the rescue and Vanessa took her back to her apartment to heal her. The moment she looked into the strangers eyes something just....clicked.

But of course she dismissed it, after all...the stranger was a woman and Vanessa was not in any way attracted to women. At least she told herself that. It wasn't until her last divorce that she finally accepted the fact that she was more attracted to females. Vanessa became good friends with her savior and kept in contact with her over the years. Though they haven't seen each other in a very long time.

So, Vanessa moved from Boston to Havelock to work at the prestigious Aeternitas University. Unknown to her that the school is overrun with supernatural creatures. She's never believed in stories of the supernatural and she wasn't going to now. The locals of Havelock have told her that strange things happen at the school. Things that can't be explained naturally. This didn't bother Vanessa, she was starting a new life in a new place.
Other :
- Is a huge video game nerd
- Enjoys spicy food
- Reads useless information on the internet just because she finds it interesting
- is left handed
- is a shoe-aholic
- has no idea that supernatural creatures exist
- has multiple degree's in various medical fields
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Playby :
Sasha Alexander
OOC Information :
Vanessa Minecroft
Vanessa Minecroft
Rank: Nurse
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