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All about Michelle Karvan

Character Picture :
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Full Name :
Michelle "Misha" Karvan
Age :
Race :
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
D'artagnan's lover
Birthday :
Rank :
Occupation :
Nun/Sunday school teacher
Personality :
Michelle is a well-mannered, nice girl who is pious in her beliefs and sets strict standards for herself. She is meek and quiet but isn’t shy, if given the right topic she will speak out passionately and isn’t afraid to look people in the eye and speak cordially to them, but she has a quiet and peaceful tone of voice and its obvious she has never yelled in her life. If someone is in need she will reach out to them, for turning a blind eye is not something she would ever even think about, even if it puts herself in danger. She is sweet and has a contagious little giggle, but has a rigid nature to herself, obviously a person who doesn’t know how to relax. Her posture is always with shoulders back and a straight spine, and when she speaks it is not the norm of how someone her age would, but more like a grandparent would speak. She never wears anything above the knee, always has sleeves and never any shirt with a line below the collar bone; to be honest, she isn’t even a fan of jeans, and make up or hair styling products. She doesn’t use them, but she always manages to keep polished. Even with her reverent manners, she is one to easily laugh, but also very easy to correct others who display improper behavior. She spends much time in prayer throughout the day and is quite out of touch with modern things, like TV, books, sayings and other things she never had connection with in the convent.
History :
Michelle Renee Karvan was born to a quiet, Catholic couple in Hollywood, Florida one sunny Sunday morning. Her father, Robert, was the manager of a bank and her mother, Emily, was a stay at home mom. The couple had struggled to have children and had gone through two miscarriages before Michelle was blessed into their lives. Her childhood growing up was showered with love and affection and a strong religious background and Michelle’s dream since she could talk was to be a veterinarian. However, tragedy struck the Karvan home when Michelle was only six, her parents both perishing in a car accident caused by a drunk driver; Michelle had safely been at a church activity at one of her friend’s homes. Her uncle on her father’s side wanted to take her in, he and his wife already had two children, cousin’s Michelle had met and gotten along with. But her aunt Marie from her mother’s side wanted her as well, but there was some controversy, for her aunt Marie was a nun in a convent in Missouri and her uncle battled in court that such a life wasn’t suitable for a young child. In the end it came down to Michelle’s choice, and she chose her aunt Marie, having loved her so dearly growing up.

Being left without parents at such a young age was difficult for Michelle, but the love and comfort she was given at the convent made things better for her sad life. One may think living such a sheltered life took away her childhood, but not so. She still went to school, and still played with toys and ran around outside, but her life was more pious then most children. She did many chores, attended church every Sunday with her aunt, studied the bible every day and wasn’t allowed to watch TV or entertain in activities that didn’t help pursue a spiritual life. There were at times Michelle wished to be able to do things that other kids got too, but she actually enjoyed her life with the nuns and devoting her life to God above all else. Although she was truly never influenced to follow the life of her aunt and the women who raised her, when she turned eighteen she took her temporary vows and first wore the habit proudly. She continued her life as a quiet, well-mannered woman and was told many a times by her aunt and the Father that led her church of what an example she was. When she turned twenty, she took her solemn vows as a nun, and became truly connected with God.

While at the convent a girl came to them searching for help. Her parents had been killed and she did not want to go to a orphanage, having a fear of getting cruel parents. The nuns took her in temporarily until they could try and convince the girl otherwise, but her secret came out shortly after staying with them. She was a werewolf and the nuns and priest were quick to call her a demon and that she needed to be exorcised, but the girl begged to Michelle that she was not possessed and that werewolves, along with other types of creatures, did truly exist. At first Misha couldn't believe her, but something in her told her too. She tried to beseech to the other nuns but they were horrified with what Michelle was trying to make them believed and insisted the girl had evil in her. Although it pained her to do so, she left the convent with the girl and with her help found a wolf pack to give her too.

After the experience, everything Misha had ever been taught felt shattered. Her beliefs were shaken to the core and she didn't know what to think anymore. She started to do research on werewolves and the other species's the girl had told her about. She went back to the convent for a short time to try and re convince them, but they refused to acknowledge these "species" and claimed they were demons and they were corrupting Michelle. She wanted to stay and accept what they were telling her, but it felt wrong and she left once again but this time for good. She continued her research and once in a library met a man who was curious about her interest in inhuman species. He came to reveal he was a Vampire and helped her in her wish to obtain knowledge about some of the secrets humans were kept from. He then directed her to the University, where Evelyn granted her permission to stay and help tend the church as long as she did not speak to other humans about what she had learned.
Other :
The color yellow
Reaching out to people
Her teacup poodle, Puddle.

Cursing, drinking, drugs, showing flesh, acting out...
Swimming (doesn't know how)
People who have lack of faith
The color black
Halloween (the masks and such scare her)
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Playby :
Blake Lively
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Tis Ash Very Happy
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Michelle Karvan
Michelle Karvan
Rank: Nun
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