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All about Alistair Verden

Character Picture :
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Full Name :
Alistair Michel Verden
Age :
Race :
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Birthday :
April 19, 1700
Rank :
Occupation :
Business Man
Personality :
Alistair often comes off cold towards other if only because of what he has gone through in his life. However, once you befriend him he's a giant ball of sunshine. Friends are very highly placed in Alistairs book and he will do anything to protect them and make them happy. Children are also a giant weakness to him, even in his human years he would often take in abandoned children and raise them as his wards. He himself could never have children, a riding accident took care of that so he claimed all of his wards were his children.

When he loves he loves deeply and with all his heart. He may seem like a tough man but on the inside he's a hopeless romantic. He is always searching for love, but has yet to find it.
History :
I was born into the lap of luxury in the beginning year of 1700. My father was a bold wealthy man who adored my mother for her beauty and youth. My mother was a young girl when she had me and my baby brother and we were mainly raised by the maids. But one thing I knew for sure was that my mother cared for me. In her own way. She was, of course, still a child in many ways. I was well educated, having nothing but the best tutors as per request or demand of my mother. Oh, I had almost forgotten, my mother, is Evelyn Varrow. Of course, that wasn't her name when I was a child but it is what she goes by now.

My father died when I was five leaving my mother to care of my brother and me. However, in those days a woman of noble statue didn't stay single for long and so my mother was married again this time to my horrid uncle. He was quick to send us away, why I do not know. I was a child then and though I was young I knew my uncle was not worthy of my beautiful mother. When my mother dropped my brother and I off at my grandparents, I had no idea that this would be the last time I saw my mother again. I begged my grandparents to allow me to see her but they refused and as time went on I too began to grow to hate my mother as well. In all the years I spent with my grandparents, not once did she come to see us. And so I simply figured so no longer wanted us. Why would she when she had a brand new family.

My brother died from the flu a ten years after we arrived at my grandparents estate. Once he was gone, I closed myself to my so called family. I earned the name Ice Prince for my cold demeanor to them. My friends on the other hand knew me as the playful mischievous Ansgar. I never stopped my education, I craved for knowledge that was out there in the world. If could always escape from my luxurious prison through the knowledge my tutors gave me and as I continued to grow I vowed that I would some day escape from my families grasp.

When my grandfather died, I received a letter from an anonymous sender telling me the reason my mother never came to see my brother and I. How our Uncle tormented her and treated her like dirt, how I had a half-sister and that my mother was now married for the third time to a man younger than her. Quickly I gathered my things and sought out my mother. I would protect her, as any son should when their mother was in danger. But when I arrived to her estate the only thing I found was blood and carnage. Something had tore through the manor and killed everyone. Including my mother. I had arrived too late.

I returned to my grandparents home once again and sank into a deep depression. I had no one, no family, no true friends. I was now completely and utterly alone. So for the next few years of my adult life I became a wealthy land owner, a deadly warrior and retained my nickname, the Ice Prince. I rarely showed any warmth or kindness to anyone, except for children. They always seemed to warm a small place in my heart.

On my way home from town my carriage was attacked by a vampire. His entire party was murdered and I was turned. Her name was Elizabetia, and she was beautiful. One of the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my life. We stuck together for over fifty years until she told me that she knew the possible whereabouts of my mother. From that time on I have been searching for her, every now and again Elizabetia would call and tell me she had more information on my mother. Her last call told me she knew exactly where she was, and I didn't waste a single second flying half way across the world to finally see my mother. A woman I haven't seen in nearly two hundred years.
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Alexander SkarsgÄrd
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Alistair Verden
Alistair Verden
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