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All about Gauge Townsend

Character Picture :
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Full Name :
Gauge Neo Townsend
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December 8
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Personality :
Gauge can be a cruel bastard, which is why most people see fit not to be on his bad side. He likes to exploit people's weaknesses and use them against people so that he can show just how much power that he has. If there is one thing that is for sure, he doesn't like the word no, and he doesn't like people backing out on a deal. Most people who say either to him usually wind up dead or suffering in one form of another. If anything Gauge is a very dominate man, he likes having control and keeping it. He expects people to say how high when he tells people to jump.

There is also a compassionate side to the man, which is usually only seen by his fledglings and those that he is pursuing in a romantic sense. He can be very charming, which is when most people have to worry because it means that he wants something or someone.

Gauge can also be rather blunt, because he sees no need in worrying about people and their feelings. He danced around people's feelings for far to long to care if people hate him or not. He is also a sucker for revenge, and trust him when he says he has all the time in the world to get a person back for doing him wrong. Just ask his fledgling Sebastian... oh that's right nobody can... opps.
History :
My history is somewhat long, okay is really long, but its also not all that entertaining so allow me to just briefly skim over what I feel is important, I am a busy man after all.

I was born a human, was raised by a blacksmith and my family was seen as scum because my father ended up making a sword for a man that killed a lot of innocent people. That thought that they were supposed to know that but we didn't surprise surprise.

When I was 30 years old I was bringing my sick mother to the town doctor late one night, but we never made it. My mother was sucked dry o her blood, I should have been two but when the man came to bite me I showed him no fear. Instead of being killed I was changed, and became the powerful vampire that I am today.

I have had a number of fledgling over my years, but none were as disappointing to me as Sebastian. He was like a son to me, I cherished all the time we shared together until he turned against me, or that is how I perceived it anyways, and my perception is the only one that matters.

You see I came to fancy this rather beautiful looking human, who's family saw fit to auction her off. It was sickening really, but being the man that I am, I wanted to bring her to a world I knew she would thrive in, only to have my Fledgling take her away before I could retrieve my prize.

Over the next several hundred years, I spent time tracking them down, and waited for my time to strike. Of course I had other things to worry about as well, but getting him back for his betrayal was high on my list, because nobody takes what belongs to me.

It only took me three hundred years to track my fledgling down, he had become wise to mine following him but not wise enough. I ended up hiring a hunter, a pathetic excuse for a man who would do anything for his family. I gave him an address and a time with orders not to kill them completely, he just needed the male unconscious and the female, his prize, could be kept alive as well.

Once the hunter had done his job I went into the house, and saw the bloodied corpses of two other hunters and smirked. Seemed my childe knew more about fighting then I gave him credit for, but he never expected me which was his biggest mistake. With hard hit to the back of his head I took my childe down and fixed my suit, before tossing the promised to the hunter and told him to part ways and never tell a soul.

From there I took my childe from his home and cast him into the ocean, in a coffin until I saw fit that he had lived in his suffering long enough to set him free. What I was not expecting was for him to have gathered so many enemies so when I returned to his coffin it was empty, and by the cuts on the outside, someone had gone after him... oh well... the bastard was dead... again.

After that I followed his child, my treasure around the world and watched her from a distance. I felt no need to approach her until I was sure she was ready to move on, and seeing her move on recently told me this was my chance. It was time to make my presence known to her, and stop that filthy wolf from spreading his stench over a vampire that deserved more then a pet dog by her side.
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Ian Somerhalder
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Gauge Townsend
Gauge Townsend
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