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All about Isabella Orb

Character Picture :
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Full Name :
Isabella (Isis) Gaia Orb
Age :
Race :
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Birthday :
October 31st, 1994
Rank :
Occupation :
Personality :
Isis is one of those type of girl's who could be seen as the epitome of goodness: A gentle soul, a kind spirit and generally very friendly..... Once you go through her shy outer shell.

Quite a clever girl, Isis is undoubtably a person who you can be a friend to but she doesn't wear her heart on her sleeves nor allow people to get to know her that well having been raised to be secretive.
History :
Born with the names of two goddesses, but with only her mother, Celestia Marina Orb, as a parent; Isabella was raised predominantly under a Matriarchal system with the occasional influence of men but this was rare and in between.

Instead of being taught about making friends and how to be open about herself, Isis (as was her nickname which was used more than Isabella) was taught to cook, sew, speak and read ancient languages such as Latin, but also to chant which was different to singing and the hard lesson of keeping oneself secretive unless someone approaches you and knows who/what you are.

Although perfectly aware of people who are supernatural, Isis has not been made aware of the fact of how to tell who is a supernatural, let alone the fact that the entire female side of her family are Witches who are hoping that her Magic will awaken at some point.

In her slightly older years, Isis questioned her mother as to why she was being taught these things, but all she ever got in return was a cryptic smile and the words: "One day... My little Isis.... You will understand...."

Upon the year of her 18th birthday, Celestia and Isabella's grandmother, Eowyn Gabriella Orb, packed up her daughter with her faithful companion of a horse, Swift Swan, before directing them toward Aeternitas University, "It is time for your journey... To find out who you are my daughter..... In time, you will understand if you let the spirits guide you...." Were her mother's parting words before Swift Swan cantered away with her charge under the orders of Eowyn towards Isis' new journey.
Other :

Traditional crafts - Sewing, Herbalism, Cooking
Ancient Languages
Female Companionship


"Heavy" Music
Modern life e.g. cars

Doesn't mind:

Male Companionship

Powers: (Is not aware of this yet...)

Manipulation of Plants and the Earth
To a point can 'hear' what trees and plants 'sing', but as of yet won't be able to 'speak back'.

Has ownership of a Grey black base Mare called Swift Swan.
A green grimoire which she has not quite worked out how to open yet.
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Zoey Deutch
OOC Information :
Charlotte (Lottie), Somerset, England
Isabella Orb
Isabella Orb
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