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All about Elizabeth Aura

Character Picture :
Profile - Elizabeth Aura Normal
Character Picture 2 :
Unglamoured Self (ish)
Character Picture 3 :
Profile - Elizabeth Aura Elizabethweir
Character Picture 4 :
Pre 1900's
Full Name :
Elizabeth Rosangela Maria Aura
Age :
Race :
Angel Fae
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Single, but not entirely open
Birthday :
March 12th 1846
Rank :
RM Moderator
Occupation :
RM Moderator
Personality :
Elizabeth is someone who can easily be described as a Mother to all. Accepting of both Humans and Inhuman, she was almost literally born of Compassion and Goodness so those are her prominent traits of character.

But she is extremely well mannered and will very rarely lose her temper unless pushed to the very edge or her children, both biologically and metaphorically, are in danger, then she will be extremely protective and pissed off.

Wise beyond her physical and mental age, Elizabeth is used to many different kinds of people and is accepting of all personalities, though rudeness and vulgarity does not agree with her.
History :
Having been born in the Victorian era, Elizabeth will often say that she was born to four parents: Her two physical parents and two emotions. Her Father was a... Rather demonic Fae called Lucifer Aura, who fell in love with a Human woman, Anna Dreamer.
When Anna showed Lucifer that he did not have to follow his darker instincts, her compassion and his want to do good helped to create Elizabeth, her physical body created from her parents and her powers from the mixture of Compassion and Want to do Good.

Raised to be a prim and proper lady, Elizabeth has the mixtures of Victorian England and Canadian in her mannerisms and accent, but also has a good understanding of how short periods of time can alter the Human behaviour, even though some aspects confused her still.

The two Boer Wars in the 19th Century certainly proved interesting for Elizabeth being that she was in Africa both times. But it didn't stop her from starting her path as a Healer, despite needing to hide herself from the English as there would have been plenty of questions to somehow answer seen as women were viewed extremely poorly in those days. Not that Elizabeth ever bowed to a man's wishes, or the standard fashion norm which was the most puzzling for her as to why Women were viewed in such bad light and yet they have the most outrageous changes of fashion.

So when she hit her 60th year, 1906, Elizabeth decided to be enrolled into Aeternitas University in order to gain a better understanding of the changing world around her and the many creatures within it.
During her years, Elizabeth had a rather unusual Dorm-mate in the form of a rather socially unacceptable Vampire; but once their differences were put aside, the two had quite a strong bond to the point that Elizabeth would give her friend a small amount of her blood if she was near the brink of the lose of her Vampiric life. But it was very rare that this was needed.
Having spent four years there, Elizabeth barely managed to reach graduation day when, after surviving many trials and adventures, she almost died in her last term but suffered a terrible wound on one of her wings which left her grounded for some time but she didn't mind it all too much.

After graduation, the First World War soon hit and Elizabeth's compassion was pushed to new boundaries when she helped in Nursing, occasionally using her Healing powers to help out the soldiers, of any country or Army, a little without getting caught or suspected of being Supernatural. But it was the Second World War that truly changed her.
In 1942, when Elizabeth was in America, she met a Human pilot, Jonathon Watcher, who was training in one of the F4F-4 Wildcats which was to be ready for the Battle of Midway and she fell helplessly in love for him, he seemed much liked a kindred spirit and yet much more than she was despite being a Human. No matter how much she tried to fight against her emotions for him, she eventually gave in and let him drop out of his main career. Although she wouldn't marry him, knowing that she would live a long time; the two were happy even after John found out that she was a Fae and even after three children: one son and two daughters.

Their happiness was short lived however when John died in 1958 in a training exercise for up-coming pilots, he was only 42..... And it almost broke Elizabeth's heart, but forced a surprise miscarriage of her fourth child, another son. Still she continued to raise their children till they were big enough to look after themselves and old enough to understand that she was a Fae so she left each of them, one by one, during the 60's.
History Continued :
So Elizabeth spent 50 years as a kind soul, taking on the name of 'The Guardian Angel', healing wounds and healing hearts as she tried to help make the world better by helping children and people who were in the darkest of places and make their lives better.

Soon, hearing about Humans being accepted into Aeternitas University, her old school, Elizabeth soon decided to return there so packed her belongings and began her journey back there.

Now, Elizabeth longs to share her wisdom of times gone by and of her powers, in the place that helped her to find the 'Human' in her. And perhaps to reacquaint herself with old friends, and some new ones. Maybe more for this old soul.
Other :
Proper etiquette and language
Ballroom dancing
Horse riding for leisure/pleasure
Modest clothing

Lack of mannerisms
Use of vulgar language when it is unnecessary
Her immortality
Inappropriate clothing

+ Has white wings that are quite typical of what Humans view as Angels, but she easily makes them disappear or appear at will.
+ Is able to heal wounds both minor and major.
+ Speaks a few languages: English, Latin, French, German and Spanish.
+ A soft singer who rarelt shows such a talent though is one of the few things that people remember about her in her Angel form.

- Keeps herself rather secretive and secluded, this is the first time she has shown herself to more than one person at a time since 1958.
- Prefers her Human glamoured self.
- If she tries to heal a Major wound completely, she reopens her old wounds and can cause her to lose consciousness.

In her glamoured form, Elizabeth has slightly longer hair which reaches her shoulders in gentle waves and has freckles on her cheeks which shows when she blushes and is under certain lighting. Unglamoured, her white wings and pale complexion almost seem to glow in a magnificent aura of light and her skin, flawless.
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