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All about Xavier Grimm

Character Picture :
Profile - Xavier Grimm Tumblr_mcxem0GJ4r1rtzlzf
Character Picture 2 :
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Character Picture 3 :
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Character Picture 4 :
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Full Name :
Xavier Christopher Grimm
Age :
Race :
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Birthday :
Doesn't have one
Rank :
Occupation :
Dance Instructor
Personality :
Profile - Xavier Grimm Tumblr_mcxeligN9V1rtzlzf
His personality changes with every rebirth but a few key traits stay the same. He's very old fashioned no matter how many times he is reborn or what century he is in. He enjoys literature and classic music. When he finds a romantic partner his entire focus is set on them. Xavier would give his life to protect them from any kind of harm. He doesn't listen to the Elder Council of the Fae's. He's far to old to be bossed around by arrogant men in robes.

Dancing is his only reprieve from the painful memories that often flood his mind. When he dances everything just fades away.
History :
Profile - Xavier Grimm Tumblr_mcxefpul0W1rtzlzf
Most of Xavier's history is shrouded in mystery. He has lived many lives and has been reborn too many times to remember all of his life. His life normally comes to any end at the height of his five hundredth year. His body becomes engulfed in elegant flames burning him to ashes and amongst those ashes he is reborn. He keeps his adult appearance but his previous life is scattered in pieces. Many call him the skitzo fae for with every life he takes on a different personality and becomes a completely different person.
Other :
-Has a fire phoenix form that is as large as a helicopter.
-His entire body is covered in flames of red, orange, yellow and purple.
-Can control the temperature of his flames to allow trusted allies to ride him
-Likes shiny objects
-His song is said to calm even the most aggressive of enemies
Posts :
Playby :
Joseph Morgan
OOC Information :
Xavier Grimm
Xavier Grimm
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