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All about Khalid Nasser

Character Picture :
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Full Name :
Khalid Nasser
Age :
Hard to gauge for the Fae side, but definitely at least 3,000
Race :
Fae, Boogeyman
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Fae side is in a complicated relationship with Tristian / Human side is dating France
Birthday :
The human sides birthday is 07/27
Rank :
Occupation :
Independent psychologist/Teaches world philosophy
Personality :
"Human" Personality: The Boogeyman refers to this as his "human" personality, for this personality is not aware that it is Fae and lives his life quite in a fog.The human side is in deep, deep, deep denial. He knows self-consciously he’s not human and knows he’s been living a long time, but he just refuses to accept any of it. This personality is the one who plays the role of the psychologist and the professor and although the boogeyman personality is aware of what he does, he is not aware of the boogeyman's actions. The human personality is very dry and could be called boring by many students who do not get the chance to know him better. He is not the kind of man to find laughter in everything or feel a reason to smile often, but he is polite, patient and kind. He is quiet and reserved and does not like to draw attention to himself, but does well in front of his classes and demands attention. He doesn't make learning overly exciting, but he has much knowledge and those who appreciate what he knows enjoy his teachings. He does not talk much unless when working, but he is a very good listener and can easily catch hints in people that would otherwise go unnoticed by others. He is not a man that is quick with temper if it comes to personally attacking him, but he will be easily infuriated if he see’s children or animals harmed, as he finds they are far too pure of creatures to tamper with. He also will become awkward and uncomfortable if anyone tries to ask about his Fae species, which he will claim does not exist and he is a normal human being but he does not harbor any ill feelings about inhumans, though he could hardly say he feels comfortable around them, but he is respectful. Khalid in a weird way likes the human persona and warns other Fae who question him to leave the human persona be for he has use of him. Khalid uses the human persona to glide around in life a little easier, and to use the clients Khalid helps as easy meals; also the fact he’s tried forcing the human persona to merge with the Fae personality but can’t seem to do it, so he leaves the human persona be for he doesn’t cause any trouble for the Fae personality.

Boogeyman, "True Fae" personality: This personality would be considered the true personality, the Fae, the Boogeyman. Since the personalities switch when Khalid sleeps, he tends to go days without sleeping so he can stay aware for as long as possible and keep the boring human personality at bay. He is a cruel and spiteful creature, but what else could be expected from a Fae that lives off the worst fears of people? Khalid makes people’s fears come to light in forms of nightmares, or twists their good dreams to make them afraid and then he feeds off their fear and the fear is what sustains him, like an energy source. He can’t know spontaneously people’s fear’s, so he touches them and can go through their minds and read their thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears, ect and he uses that to turn on people. He is sadistically playful; he enjoys messing with people and playing mind games by using their fears against them. He’s a trickster and gets bored doing the same ole’ same ole and likes to cause trouble, but not harming anyone, but more…harassing other species or trying to pit people against each other by using what he learns from their minds. He likes a little theatrics in the way he talks and uses his hands often when he speaks, all to make a point on something he thinks is so very important, for Khalid is very vain and feels he is the most significant Fae in the world. He finds amusement in the little things in life, whether it be harassing someone for his entertainment or using what he receives from there mind against them and play games with there life. He at times can get bored simply creating nightmares and ruining dreams, so he'll try and find entertainment elsewhere in different creative ways. Even with his flashy attitude, he still tends to keep himself secretive and doesn't speak to many different people about his abilities. He does not appreciate being told what to do and doesn't respect any type of authority. He doesn't make friends, he just simply meets people and if he finds some kind of enjoyment in them, he'll keep them around. He likes to discover new things to keep his life interesting, whether it be objects, emotions, people, music...he loves to unravel things he is not familiar with and indulges in the riches of life.
History :
The story of this Fae does not begin with Khalid; no, it in fact started far, far before him. A manifestation that appeared seemingly from the pits of nowhere, living off the fears and horrors of humans since the beginning of mankind. This creature had no appearance or gender; it simply existed as a whisper on the wind that blew into the ears of unsuspecting humans sleeping in the night. It existed this way for centuries, until people’s fears became far more complicated than the mundane fears of not having food or shelter or death by animals. Soon people’s fears grew into the worries of not being loved, power, family, loss…the creature could no longer play off the simple, easy terrors to spot in humans and it became harder to give humans nightmares if it did not know what it was they feared the most. It had no ability to see into people’s nightmares…but soon, it realized that perhaps it needed a body, something to control that could more easily understand the fears of humans. And in that, Khalid was chosen.

Khalid was always a strong man, since a boy. Born in Cairo, Egypt he survived infancy and childhood even as famine raged his homeland and claimed his parents. He survived under the harsh rule of the Ottoman Turks as a teenager growing into an adult, and even lived on after such sickening poverty and battered circumstances took his wife and child away. He was a simple laborer, not enough money to have a proper home and went days without food. But somehow Khalid survived the harsh conditions of his homeland, and that is why the creature chose him. It saw no fears in Khalid like it saw behind the eyes of other humans, he did not fear death or anything else of his life; he simply existed and kept living for the sake of doing so. So the creature entered his body in the middle of the night and tried to overtake him…but underestimated Khalid’s strength. He fought the creature from taking him over and in turn, created two personalities. The creature existed in Khalid but could only take him over after Khalid was asleep, not all the time. Still, the creature thrived and found advantages to using Khalid, while Khalid could not understand what had happened to him. He felt different and sometimes had memories of “sleep-walking”, but could not comprehend why. And when he did not age, he knew something had happened to him as the people began to fear him. He left Cairo to travel across the desert and far past it, never staying too long in one place as the creature inside him left its mark across continents.

With its control over Khalid, the creature felt stronger. Khalid developed the ability to touch people and see into their minds, their thoughts and dreams, but the creature only cared for the person’s fears. While Khalid slept, the creature took control of his body and made him creep into the homes of the people he touched and would raid their minds and make them suffer nightmares, exploiting their worst fears. These fears were stronger and made the creature stronger as well, and soon he gained the ability to make people hallucinate their fears while they were awake as well. The nightmares fed the creature just like blood feeds a Vampire, and it not only sustained the creature but Khalid as well, keeping him ageless. Khalid learned of other non-humans in his travels, of Vampires and Werewolves and Fae. He knew he was neither Vampire or Werewolf and came to terms he must be some sort of Fae…but he has never been able to determine exactly what. He suffers nightmares from the things the creature has done, and feels whatever he is must not be good. But after to many years, Khalid could only accept whatever he was, like knowing you have a tick on your body but cannot find it.

Soon the creature gained a name for itself wherever Khalid traveled: The Boogyeman, Sack Man, Cuco, Bala, Ou-wu….but all were for the same terrifying creature that existed within Khalid’s body. The creature subconsciously pressured Khalid to become a psychologist in the 60’s and then after, for where was a better place than to learn of people’s fears? Khalid however could never find it in himself to settle in one place for long or to assimilate well with people or society. He stays in one place for about ten years before drifting to another city or town and restarting his practice under a different identity. The Fae heard of the University for a while, but finally decided to pay it a visit.
Other :
Western novels
Cats (he has eight)
Working out. This is how the humans die releases tension he feels from the Fae side.
One of his students, Tristian...

Christian faith (belief in one God)
Good dreams
All animals but cats
Tristian, according to the Fae side. Although if you touch her, he will rip you apart and feed you to yourself.
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Playby :
Oded Fehr
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Ash again Very Happy
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Khalid Nasser
Khalid Nasser
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