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All about Nikita Smith

Character Picture :
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Character Picture 2 :
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Full Name :
Nikita DeAna Smith
Age :
937, looks 26
Race :
Witch with essence of fae
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Birthday :
September 21
Rank :
Occupation :
Violinist / Student
Personality :
Niki is a very kind, sweet, bubbly individual who is a little naive about what life has to offer. She is stuck behind in the times and finds comfort in the violin that she plays. It is something that she always has with her because whenever she is anxious she can play and it will calm herself down.
History :
Nikita was a bit of a surprise to her dear mother, as a matter of fact, the woman didn't even know she was pregnant. It was something sort of a shocker, because her mother had performed a spell with a fae that was meant to keep her alive for all eternity. The pregnancy added in a complication, which the mother couldn't for see. Instead of the mother getting eternal life, the child was bound to a phoenix fae giving Nikita the gift of eternal life instead.... with one minor complication... every time the fae died, well the girl would slip into a coma for unknown reasons.

This has been going on for the last 900 or so years, but the interesting thing was that the girl didn't age after she turned 26, because that was the first time that she slipped into her coma.

Upon waking up from her first coma she had no recollection of who she was, and wandered the world until she came across a witches coven that noticed something very odd about the girl and began to protect her.

The only thing in Nikita's life that has remained a constant is her love and talent for playing the violin. No matter how many times she wakes up not knowing who she is she could always play the violin.

The last coma she fell into lasted nearly 100 years, but she recently woke up and is trying to learn about all the new things life has to offer. The coven sent her to AETU to adjust to life as it is now.

Other :
Being part fae comes with it's challenges and her's happens to be music. She has to play music or she starts to get sick, the only exception to this being when she has fallen into a coma which is a mystery even to the witches.

Also her violin music has a calming effect over those who hear it, and has been said to sooth even the most savage of beasts.
Posts :
Playby :
Lindsey Stirling
OOC Information :
Nikita Smith
Nikita Smith
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