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All about Katsuruo Tsukuda

Character Picture :
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Profile - Katsuruo Tsukuda Katsuruohyde1
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Full Name :
Katsuruo Tsukuda
Age :
Race :
Kitsune (Fae)
Sexuality :
Birthday :
Rank :
Occupation :
Business man
Personality :
Katsuruo when he was younger was a rambunctious little fox who liked to play games and pranks on people. Always the mischievous one in the family Kat would be scolded and told to calm himself or his parents would have nothing to do with the young fox after trying to help him along. This proved to be overwhelming but effective for the young fox. But he did it. Once he proved himself not to be a trouble maker anymore his parents allowed him to venture out wherever he wanted. Now to this day, Kat has a love for adventure, wine, and both men and women.
History :
Katsuruo Tsukuda was born on October 22 in Osaka Prefecture Japan. He was born to two fox parents namely Daichi and Kohaku. His mother was a homemaker and sometimes seamstress for both the males in her family but she did not have a business. His father on the other hand worked for Panasonic electronics in the main offices where he could handle the money side of things. Now as far as his parents were concerned they wanted many great things to happen for young Katsuruo but as he grew up he was a real troublemaker.

Kat used to set off the sprinkler systems in his school and the fire alarms to go off many times. However, when his parents caught wind of this everything changed overnight for the young fox. They told him if he did not shape up and get his act together they would never allow him to go out and see the real world as he was almost suspended from the school. This made Katsuruo change the way that he thought about things and it also helped him not be a troublemaker anymore along with the fact that he was able to get A’s in high school and then he made his way onto university where he had gotten good grades all around to make it in the business market for Panasonic when he got out of university.
History Continued :
However, he did not want to be like his father who was solid grounded. He wanted to help his parents out as much as he could but this was going to be a challenge considering he would still get the nice clothes his mother made for him and his father.
Posts :
Playby :
Hideto Takarai aka Hyde
OOC Information :
Hi my name is Dorian. I'm 32 years of age. I have been rping since I was 16. Want to contact me you can do so by messenger or pm. My aim is: swtpsn1980.
Katsuruo Tsukuda
Katsuruo Tsukuda
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