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All about Tristian Arezzo

Character Picture :
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Full Name :
Tristian Amelia Arezzo
Age :
Race :
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Single, but in a complicated fling with Khalid
Birthday :
March 15, 1638
Rank :
Occupation :
Chocolate Shoppe Employee
Personality :
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Sweet, smart and adorable. Three words that sum up this little wicca right here. After three hundred years in a statue the world seemed to jump ahead while she is still lingering in the past. Modern technology makes her confused and aggravated, but one thing she does like, sugar pops! She tries to understand the world around her but fails miserably and when she's too aggravated she starts ranting in Italian.

<p>When upset she sulks into herself and makes her puppets. Some happy, some sad. She often confuses the times just when she thinks she's getting use to modern day things often take a turn that sends her into confusion. Her ultimate goal in life is to make the perfect doll. One that will protect and love her like her mother and father use too. One that wont leave her alone, one that wont betray or abandon her.
History :
You know that old story, the one with the lonely man and the puppet that become a real boy? Well, it is a true story, well part of it. There was no fairy that magically came in and made a puppet come to life, no giant whale and no Jiminey Cricket. Gepetto was a real man, and he didn't need a fairy to bring something to life, he did that himself. He was a toy maker, just like the story said, specializing in music boxes and puppets. My mother was a painter who did all the elegant designs on the puppets and porcelain dolls, and my father was the most magical man on the planet. At least, to me he was.

After I was born, mother couldn't have anymore children which was no problem. They always wanted a daughter and now that they had one they didn't need any others. So, I was spoiled at least in the toy department. Magic ran on both sides of my family, my mother was a fairy, and my father a witch. My mother was a good fae, cheerful and happy, my father well, being a witch comes with a price. For the magic he was born with came with the price of pain and blood. Not of himself but for the creatures he needed to use his magic. They found happiness if bringing laughter and joy to children especially me. Everyday I watched as my father made his toys for children, observed the fine details my mother painted on them and saw the joy and happiness a child would have once they received it. I was eight by the time I began to make my own dolls.

Since childhood my father taught me how to use my magic, at first I loathed the idea of harming anything to use the gifts I was born with but father always said, "All magic comes with a price, you can not simply will something to happen. A sacrifice must be made." For my mother it wasn't so, magic ran in her blood but for my father and I we had to get down and dirty and often covered in the blood of or sacrifices. But through the pain and torture we created many wonderful things, but there was always something in the back of my mind something that whispered to me, something dark. And slowly it started creeping it's way into my very soul.

Many children made fun of me because I obsessed over my dolls, they had to be perfect, if even the smallest detail was out of place I would toss it into the fire and start again. There were times my fingers bled from the fine details I put into them just to make them perfect. They had to be perfect. One day while playing with some children down in the square, a boy named Joshua Leinzo took my doll and threw it to the ground where it's face cracked. I was devastated and began to cry. He tried to apologize but I wouldn't listen, instead I scooped up my doll and ran home to show my father. Liza, was her name, my doll. My favorite. My father said there was nothing he could do to fix it which only added to my depression. Anger burned in my heart, so I set to work on a doll one that was to look exactly like Joshua. For days I toiled over it, perfecting it, the tiniest details from his hair to the wrinkles on his face. I had taken a piece of his shirt from school and turned it into a little red scarf that tied around his neck. I used my pet rabbit, Shadow, for my sacrifice. The magic of the blood swirled around the doll, embedding it's power in it.

When it was complete I returned to the square with the puppet in hand, it's strings made from the dress of Liza, it's hair from my pet rabbit, and his clothes from various materials around the house. But that little red scarf stood out among the whole thing. Everyone gathered around it, admired the details, wanted to play with it. But I wouldn't let them. I told them it was a special doll, had I known how special I would have never of brought it to school that day. I wouldn't have made it, I would have destroyed it before it was finished. But that day, I learned that magic was not something to be played with.

I waited till the other children had left, Joshua always stayed behind to play with the other boys. But they had left early leaving him utterly alone. Joshua tried to apologize again but my anger had it's claws in my mind and heart. I drew out the doll and showed it to him, at first he liked it, but when I began to make the puppet move without touching it, his amusement turned into fear. It only grew more when he began to mimic the movements. He began to scream, beg and plead, but it all fell on deaf ears. The more he screamed the more I made him dance, until finally I made him dance right into off the edge of the old wooden bridge and into the shallow rocky river bed.. I looked down upon his broken body watched the crimson blood slowly stain the muddy water and a darkness fell upon my heart. The Joshua puppet matched the broken form of the human Joshua. But the difference between them, the puppet could get up again, the human could not and for the first time in my life. I feared magic.

Guilt, grief, depression and madness gasped my heart. I had killed someone, murdered him in cold blood all because of a doll. I locked his puppet away, but his screams haunted me nothing I did would make it go away. So, I stopped making toys, I put away my tools and paints and refused to look at them any longer. Secretly I hoped, like with any skill, the less you use it the more you forgot about it. But fate had a different plan for me.

When I turned sixteen, my father made me a beautiful music box, when opened a fairy would appear and dance across the opened space. It was beautiful, the most precious gift I had ever received. My parents threw me a small party, due to the raging war with Spain and the recession, we couldn't afford much. The shop had taken a major hit because of the rebellion and recession, people didn't need toys they needed weapons and food. So the shop was gathering more cobwebs than costumers. Most of my friends had left the village and moved to the city with family, but we were fine, as long as I had my parents I was happy. But someone came who was not invited. A crone, hunched over at the waist with a gnarled tree limb as a cane. She was blind in one eye, and had a wicked scowl that exposed her black and yellow teeth. She looked straight at me, and for a moment I felt like a chill in my soul. Papa told me to held outside with the other children while he and mama dealt with her. I did as I was told, and it was the worst mistake of my life.

As night fell, the guests all left, and I wandered back inside, the shop was empty, dark, and foreboding. I called out for my parents but only the howling echo of the empty shop replied. I wandered up the steps towards the living quarters and what I found, was not what I was expecting. The crone was sitting on my bed, in her hands were Liza and the Joshua puppet. The old woman looked as if she was falling apart. My parents lay on the floor twitching from some unknown pain.

"Such craftsmanship, such fine details...you my dear have a grand talent."

Her voice was old and cracked, she turned her eyes upon me and motioned me to come forward. "I have a deal for you my dear and you will be wise to take it, or suffer the same fate as your parents." I looked down at their bodies, their faces contorted in a scream yet no sound came from their lips. "Your father owed me a deal, yet he did not wish to pay it nor did your mother. I kept my end of the deal and yet they refused so I remembered, a few years ago there was a suicide that reeked of magic. And as I am torturing your parents, what should I find but the very magic that left it's sweet smell behind on that school ground."

The Joshua doll dangled in her hand, her twisted fingers grasping the wooden handle tightly, she bobbed the puppet up and down slowly. "You father owed me a very special doll. And you are going to make it for me. One just like this."

I shook my head, and backed away from her. I wouldn't, I couldn't, the darkness that grasped onto my body that clutched my heart and soul that day frightened me far worse than anything this crone could do. "N...no...I can't." The crone stood shakily and gently sat the puppet down on the bed. "Oh...but you will, or I will take the souls of your parents and keep them in my collection where they will suffer for all eternity."

I shakily nodded my head. Which brought a twisted grotesque smile to the crones face. "Good, now, her name is Laverne Tulio, she's a fae with a great influence. I want you to go work for her, while your there memorize her face and make me a doll that will control her just like little Joshua alright." I nodded my head quickly and stepped aside so she could leave. "Oh, and deary, don't run...I will find you and when I do I'll make your parents pain seem like a walk in the park." She snapped her fingers and my parent's bodies relaxed.

It wasn't hard to gain entry into the woman's home as a maid. The head butler, Gustav, told me everything I would be doing, what my responsibilities were and that if I was ever in the company of Lady Tulio to never speak unless spoken too. When I finally met her, I was taken aback at how beautiful and young she was. She couldn't have been more than thirteen. Long elegant chestnut brown hair flowed down her back, her skin was flawless and the color of fresh milk. Her lips, plump and pink and her eyes were the warmest brown I had ever seen before. And what was worse was how kind she was. Why did the crone want to harm her? What purpose did hurting her serve?

But my family's lives were on the line, I had to do what I had to do to protect them. So everyday I would come home, tell my parents how my day was, and get to work on the doll. But the more time I spent with Lady Tulio the more I regretted making that doll. But soon the day came when the doll was almost complete. The last thing I needed was something she owned to tie to the doll. What I chose couldn't be more perfect. As I was cutting her hair, I accidentally knicked her cheek with the scissors. She wasn't mad, which wasn't surprising, she instantly healed her scar and told me it was okay. But it wasn't going to be okay...not now.

I rushed home after work and pulled the scissors from my pocket. The blood had dried on the end of the blade and as gentle as I could I wet the end of my brush and ghosted it over the blood and painted the perfect red lips onto the doll. There was a rush of magic that entered the doll and a shimmering purple light. The doll was complete.

The old crone came the next day, and the smile on her face sent shivers up my spine. She had something horrible in store for Lady Tulio. You have done well, my dear. she told me as she ran her twisted fingers through my hair with a hideous smile. So, you'll leave me and my family alone now...right.

Of course, deary.There was a glimmer in her eye, one that I knew had sealed the fate of my family. With a snap of her fingers, my parents bodies fell to the floor, lifeless. My heart shattered into a million pieces as I looked upon the lifeless bodies of my parents. The old crone leaned in close to me, Your family betrayed me and so they must pay. But you, I will keep alive. I may have use for you again.

The world seemed to slow to a halt, my heart stopped beating and I could hear the howling abyss of oblivion calling to me. The anger I had once thought to be destroyed that I thought i had buried slowly crept towards me and latched on like a leech. It fueled my power, my magic that I had tossed away with Joshua's death returned stronger than ever. That woman was going to pay.

I arrived at Lady Tulio's home shortly after the crone. As I entered the decapitated bodies of the staff members met me with a sea of crimson blood that painted the floors and walls of the manor. I could hear shouting, the blast of what I could only guess as magic and the smell of burning fabric. I thrust open the doors of the study, where the crone and Lady Tulio where fighting. The curtains were on fire and so was the couch, the crone pulled out the puppet and twisted the strings around her fingers. You should have never betrayed me sister. Cried the old crone as she dangled the puppet in her hand. Lady Tulio glanced from me to the puppet and up to the crone. You killed my husband Olivia! Be thankful I didn't kill you as well."

The crone let out a banshee like scream, Well that doesn't matter now, because thanks to this girl I now have the power to control you I didn't look at Lady Tulio but I knew what her face showed, betrayal, hurt. As the crone whispered the incantation her eyes grew dark. Now you will join your pathetic human husband in hell! Taking hold of the doll she twisted its elegant neck and laughed evilly but nothing happened. She twisted again and again but still nothing happened. Her dark eyes turned to me, You dare to betray me!"

I knew that you would betray me, and as I spent more and more time with Lady Tulio I knew that I couldn't allow you to harm her." I removed my hands from behind my back and revealed a puppet that I had secretly been working on. The only magic within Lady Tulio's doll was that of her blood. I used no magic of my own. However with the crones doll, I used what magic I had stored for Joshua's death into hers. When the crone had visited me on my birthday she snagged part of her cloak on my bed. And besides, no one can control my puppets but me, for I am the Puppetmaster. The doll straightened up and twisted awkwardly beneath my hand. The strings slowly wrapped themselves around my fingers and shimmered to life. Now...Tristian...there's no need to be hasty...

Pulling back on the strings, the doll went ridged and so too did the crone. Her body suspended in the air, with slow strides I made my way over to the fire that was slowly consuming the manor. Anger and hatred burned in my eyes as I watched the dancing flames. I should have been paying attention, but I didn't and before I could stop it, the witches cane embedded itself in my stomach. Looking back I watched the old crone cackle manically. It hurt my ears, so I made it stop by tossing the puppet into the fire and just like the little doll so too did the crone catch on fire, and burn in midair. Her screams were like music to my ears but soon they died down and the agonizingly painful hole in my stomach soon came crashing down upon me.
History Continued :
My knee's buckled under me, sending me crashing to the floor. Lady Tulio was at my side in an instant. Her hands removing the cane from my stomach and applying pressure to my wound. I'm sorry Lady Tulio... I whispered pulling the puppet of her close to my chest. Tears ran down her cheeks and splashed onto my face. Even her tears were magical. It's alright, I will fix this...when your wounds have healed...you will awake my little one. Sleep now...sleep."

I felt my body relax and a cold sensation wash over me and then...darkness. I fell into a deep slumber and what happened next I never expected.

371 years later
Modern Day

I could hear voices, but they weren't speaking Italian it sounded English. It was dark, and cold my body was stiff and sore. There was a loud cracking noise and a sudden rush of air. My body collided with something hard forcing my eyes to open. Forcing myself up I looked around, the broken reminisce of what appeared to be marble laid scattered around my feet. It appeared to be a museum of some kind. Looking down at my hands I saw the puppet of Lady Tulio. She had placed a spell on me to protect me. How long had I been asleep? I forced myself up slowly, bracing myself on the glass containers. As I ventured further into the museum I noticed my tools on display as well as the Joshua doll and Liza doll. Age had gotten to them both but they were still beautiful. I placed my hand on the lock and forced it open and gently gathered my belongings.

What awaited me once I reached the outside world was nothing short of shocking. Lights, and sounds and people and strange smells. I became disoriented and confused, where was I? This wasn't Italy! I ran as fast as I could, my muscles still sore from years of not being used slowed my speed, I clutched my belongings close to my chest until I found what appeared to be a abandoned home. Boards covered the windows, broken glass littered the ground. I easily made my way inside and peered around. My body crumbled onto the sheet covered couch. My chest heaved up and down, my legs burned from overuse. I need rest, tomorrow maybe I will find someone to help me...to explain to me what was going on...and where I am.
Other :
- Wood Crafts
- Puppets
- Magic
- Professor Khalid
- Punishing those who deserves to be punished
- Candy
- Her familiar Cervantes
- Gifting people with puppet like replicas of themselves
- Chinese food

- Tiny Dark Spaces
- The Story of Pinnoccio
- Dark Witches or Fae
- People calling her puppets Barbies/Ken dolls
- Being touched
- Licorice
- Modern Technology

- Uses Puppets as vessels for magic
- Can draw in magic from other magical creatures through sex
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Ksenia Solo
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Sally-kin's Witch
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