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All about D'artagnan De Lioncort

Character Picture :
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Full Name :
D'artagnan De Lioncort
Age :
Race :
Sexuality :
Relationship Status :
Birthday :
February 14th
Rank :
Occupation :
Music Professor
Personality :
First impression, D'artagnan is extremely charming and charismatic. With a sexy lopsided smile and smooth talking voices that will make you shake in your neither regions. Always found with a smile upon his face, the Djinn appears to be the perfect host or business partner. He goes out of his way to make you comfortable but that is only for his own benefit. Like all Djinn he is extremely manipulative. Once he has you where he wants you, he goes in for the kill. Deals are his specialty along side his wish granting. He honors every deal he's ever made, good or bad. It doesn't matter to him as long as he receives his end of the bargain.

This particular Djinn feeds off the greed and lust of others, so the greedier the client the stronger he becomes. He doesn't eat the humans, just their emotions. Humans never know when to stop, they are the greediest of all creatures upon this earth. Which only makes his dinner much more appetizing. The human eventually goes comatose from the Djinn's feedings, in worse cases it leads to death but that is very rare.

If you want to get on D'artagnan's good side, have a long talk with him over a nice cup of English tea. He enjoys company, especially the kind that want nothing from him save his company. For too long people only wanted him for his powers, his gifts. Sometimes he enjoys talking about the weather not what latest wish went wary. Or just offer him anything crystal like, he makes things out of them.

Overall, he's an easy going Fae. His part of in the fae world is simple. Grant wishes, manipulate humans, have fun living life. His worst nightmare is becoming someone's servant again. Because unlike the Disney version of Genies, servitude to your master is forever. Unlimited wishes, unlimited possibilities.
History :
D'artagnan was born to an Indian mother Shirabi and a French father Cornelious, he was the only one out of his parents twelve children to survive. His father was a Siren and his mother a Djinn. Obviously, D'artagnan took after his mother. They had hoped that he would be like his father, but it would seem their child would not be so lucky. Different Djinn have different abilities, some are good, some are evil but all enjoy manipulating the weak minded and the greedy of hearts. Another thing all Djinn have in common, the have the ability to grant wishes. D'artagnan was born over a thousand years ago in the early years of France. Back then it was country sides and forests. Fae moved freely, becoming part of myth and fairy tales. His parents moved to this land because of it's beauty. But like all Djinn his creation came with enslavement, to a "lamp." Now unlike the fairy tale story of Aladdin, the lamp isn't always a lamp. Djinn are tied to other things, prisons if you will. D'artagnan's is a music box, small, undecorated and it plays a simple melody. For years his box was passed from one master to the other. Fulfilling wishes, making them more and more greedy and black of heart. Nothing his parents did could stop the curse of being a Djinn.

Of course, his enslavement didn't become so at birth, no, not until his twentieth year, when his powers were strongest. Then the shackles were on and the box appeared. At first it wasn't so bad, but as time went on, he learned of the darkness in peoples hearts. Even the people who seemed innocent and pure were often the ones who wished for the darkest things. However, some of the rules from that story remain, A Djinn can not make other fall in love with another, and they can not kill. Two rules that are never, ever broken. No matter what the cost.

He tried to keep in contact with his parents, but after his mothers death in the late 1500's. There was no way for him to contact his father and so they drifted apart. Whether he is alive now or not, he does not know.

It wasn't until D'artagnan's last master died mysteriously that for the first time in centuries no one owned his "lamp". He was free, well, sort of. So to make sure no one could use his powers again, he started gathering hundred upon hundred of music boxes. From big ones to small ones, along with various lamps and nick nacks and decided to make a game out of it. If you could find his "lamp" then he would grant you your every hearts desire. If not, he would get what was most important to you.

Many came in search for his "lamp" but all have failed leaving our lovely D'artagnan as free as could be. To live his life to what he wanted. He traveled extensively, met important rulers in both the supernatural and non-supernatural worlds. Made deals that have made many men rich and also lead them to the untimely demise. All the while, maintaining a perfect appearance. But as time went on, D'artagnan decided to settle down for a while. And so his journey landed him in the quaint little town of Tri-Cities. Of course, it was a beacon of Supernatural activity, with the recent out of the closet experience with the world knowing that magical creature exist. He, however, chooses to keep a low profile. Few know who he really is, and he likes it that way.
Other :
- Crystals
- Magic
- Antiques
- Scented Candles
- Southern Cooking
- Playing tricks on humans
- Tea Time
- Old vampires
- Antique Music Boxes
- Reading
- Riddles

- Most Humans
- Granting Selfish Wishes
- Cheap Wine
- Witches
- Wolves
- Young Vampires
- Someone who Breaks deals
- Anyone who messes with his lamp
- Killing Innocents
Posts :
Playby :
David Bowie
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D'artagnan De Lioncort
D'artagnan De Lioncort
Rank: Professor
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