Will You Survive Graduation?

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Evelyn Varrow
Evelyn Varrow

Full Name : Evelyn Varrow
Race : Vampire

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PostSubject: History   History I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 23, 2012 1:44 am

Quick Facts:
Located: Havelock, North Carolina
School Motto: Sanguis Et Animus (Blood and Spirit)
School Colors: Dark Red, Dark Gray, Black
School Mascot: Raven

Built in 1772, Aeternitas has been the most hush-hush and impossible University to get into. Secluded with high security, no one could understand how to get in and most importantly, what happened within its walls. The students were rarely ever seen and strange things were always seen near its grounds. Lurking shadows, large Wolves, unexplainable lights...soon the stories got so bizarre that people's curiosity turned into fear. Yet, the most prestigious men continued to try and enter the impermeable school, but to no avail. The secrets of Aeternitas were for only the students and professors to know and oh, what a secret was confined within its walls.

Aeternitas was not in fact a private school for perfectly chosen humans, but a sanctuary for inhuman creatures. Werewolves, Vampires, Witches and even the rare Fae could come to Aeternitas to be protected, to be among their fellow species and those that could understand them. The founders of Aeternitas saw the world was expanding at a shocking rate and the human race was becoming increasingly aware of what was living among them, which meant increasing danger for the inhuman population. They erected the giant, stonewall castle to resemble the appearance of a college, where they could easily house as many inhuman creatures as was needed and be able to keep all unwanted humans out.

For years, the secrets and mysteries surrounding the University stayed firm. Human students, first men and quickly women, kept persisting in applying to enter the school thanks to rumors revolving around it for its high academic standards and meticulously intelligent students that graduated from it. But holding true to its founded purpose, humans were kept from the school as the school itself transformed more true to its outer appearance. It began to cater to young Wolves and Witches, teaching them not only a standard curriculum, but classes specified to their species and abilities as well. They began classes for Vampires and Fae, two races that had commonly kept themselves disconnected from the world, to learn of the history that had passed them and the new technologies and societies emerging on Earth.

Whether they were the Prince of Scotland or the child of a millionaire, there was no way in hell a human was getting in. But as the twenty first centaury set in, keeping the secrets of Aeternitas became increasingly difficult. Media gossip flew with controversies about what really went on inside. It became harder to say no to parents who were ready to slap down a lawsuit if their child was rejected and snooping became a daily threat that would evnetuallly unveil the secrets of the students. The present Dean, Evelyn Varrow, knew that if she did not do something soon, all the members she looked after within the walls of Aeternitas would sooner or later be exposed.

In the fall of 2009, Aeternitas' doors opened to the public, to the unsuspecting human race that had been itching to walk the halls and sit in the classrooms since it had first been built. Fearful of the scrutiny and suspicion of the increasingly aware population of humans, Evelyn, along with fellow professors, decided to allow a select number of humans into their ranks to diverge the watchful eyes on the University. Finally all the scholarship smarties, silver spoon born babies and even some poorer students on loans were allowed to enter the forever spoken about walls of Aeternitas University. The students of Aeternitas were and still are spilt upon the decision of allowing humans into their sanctuary. Some are neutral and don't mind the entrance of humans, others feel it's fair and necessary, and then there are many others that have been completely opposed and left the school to show their intolerance.

Although there are the rare humans who know of what "goes bump in the night", many more are blissfully unaware. The Dean and professors have made it clear that no inhuman is too speak about themselves or the other races to a human student, are not to behave in their nature in front of a human student (no biting and no shifting) and are not to overly involve themselves socially with any unsuspecting humans. But even with those rules in place and the watchful eyes of the Dean and the professors, many believe there is no question that an accident or catastrophe will happen; the question is when will it happen?

Do you dare enter the halls of Aeternitas University? You may graduate and have a better future then even a Harvard or Yale student or...you may never get the opportunity to graduate at all.

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