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Evelyn Varrow
Evelyn Varrow

Full Name : Evelyn Varrow
Race : Vampire

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PostSubject: Rules   Rules I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 23, 2012 2:12 am

OOC/Role-playing Rules
Must be followed

|::| Respect your fellow members. There is to be no arguing, bashing or putting people down on the OOC threads. If you have a problem with someone, don't talk or RP with them, simple as that. Any issues or concerns pertaining to another member you may bring up to the Admin.

|::| Were all adults, so let's not start drama like this is middle school. Also don't beg people for threads, don't bug people continuously if they haven't replied to you and don't harass people to role play with you. Role-playing is awesome as we all know, but we all have other lives that are important and come first.

|::| Please be active with your characters. There is no character limit, but be honest with yourself. Don't create a bunch of characters and then don't do anything with them. Make sure when you create someone new, your really going to role-play with them.

|::| No Godmoding and no Powerplaying. You can't be all powerful and you can't control other people's characters without permission. This also goes with originality. Even if you're a Vampire, you're not going to be perfect all around with the perfect looks and the perfect personality. Flaws are good. Embrace them.

|::| Please mark mature threads with an M or R in the thread name or the first post, just to forewarn anyone who doesn't want to read such content.

|::| Make sure to remember if your going to be absent for a period of time, to post it in the OOC.

|::| Make sure to do your best in using proper English/grammar/punctuation etc when posting. There is spell/grammar check on Word, it's very helpful. There is to be no text lingo.

Cbox Rules

|::| No arguing in the Cbox. If someone is angering/upsetting you, just stop talking to them, don't fuel the fire.

|::| No begging for RP's or threads. If you've had a thread open for some time or are in an RP mood and have nothing going on, situations like that, then post in the OOC boards. I do not want to see someone spamming the Cbox complaining that no one wants to RP with them, or posting every day they have open threads. Don't do it.

|::| If you have any questions you are more then welcome to ask them in the Cbox. However, any questions about your personal profile when applying are to be directed by PM to an Admin. Also any problems you have with the site or other members are to be directed to an Admin.

|::| The Cbox is a PRIVILEGE, not a right. Any member who causes trouble in the Cbox will be suspended from using it and if they persist to break the rules it may end up in deletion from the site entirely. If it ever gets to a point where top many people are abusing it, I will take the Cbox away and no one wants that, so follow the rules please.

IC Rules
Supposed to be followed (Aeternitas is very strict, more like a private academy then a University at times), but can definitely be broken for plots sake. Just don't let the Dean catch you! ; ]

Rules Specifically for Inhumans:

|::| Inhumans are not to speak about their species or a fellow creature's species to a human student who is unaware of the existence of the supernatural. Any questions a human asks an Inhuman will need to be dispelled. The beings of the University are to reroute and dismiss any humans desire to learn of any species that attends Aeternitas and are never to encourage any curiosities.

|::| No Inhuman is to reveal themselves to a human and will take utmost caution when around humans. No Vampire is to feed off a human student or allow a human student to see them feeding. Wolves are to take caution in keeping their temper around a human student and dismiss themselves if they feel they are loosing control. That said, Wolves are no longer allowed to shift and be in Wolf form on campus. They must recede into the woods surrounding the University and keep themselves as far away as possible. Fae are not to play tricks or tease human students and Witches aren't allowed to perform any hexes, curses, spells or any form of magic on a human student. Inhuman students are also not allowed to speak about any of their classes that are specified to inhuman students.

|::| Inhumans students are not to over associate with human students who are unaware of the existence of inhumans. We encourage our students to be friendly, helpful and open to human students, but are not to form deep relationships or invite them to social events that are being more specifically catered to inhumans. All of this is for the safety of not only the humans, but the inhumans as well. Any friendships are to be kept casual.

For Vampires:

|::| There is always a blood supply for any of our Vampire students needs in the kitchen and hunting animals is allowed in the woods surrounding the university. An experienced Vampire, who has feed off humans regularly in their time safely, are allowed to feed off citizens within the town as long as they do not harm, kill or leave the human knowing of their actions. They are never to feed off any human attending the University.

For Wolves:

|::| Wolves are not allowed to shift while on campus or allowed to be in their Wolf form during the day. All shifting must be done in the privacy of the woods, at night and away from the town and the University. Wolves are allowed to hunt as well in the woods.

For All:

|::| Freshman students are to be in their rooms by ten o'clock. Any student found wandering campus after this time without permission will be punished. This is for any freshman student under twenty one, the rule is lifted for a student who has enrolled as a freshman but is already twenty years old or older. (*note: this includes human, witch and wolf students. Most Vampire and Fae never enroll as a freshman, to avoid this rule, unless a Vampire is a fledgling and thus would be asked to be enrolled as Freshman for the sake of human student's safety)

|::| At no time should a female student be in a male's dorm, and vice versa, during the evening (after six o'clock). If a student of the opposite sex wishes to be in the others room, the door must be open. This rule is not in effect in the private upperclassmen apartments.

|::| Freshmen and Sophomores (under 21) are not allowed to venture into town (off campus) except for on the weekends (Friday-Sunday). They must sign out and in at the front office.

|::| A full breakfast and dinner is served every day, with a lunch buffet served in the afternoons. Students are encouraged to attend breakfast for announcements which are given at this time, but no student is required at any time to attend breakfast, lunch or dinner in the great hall.

|::| No animals, besides fish in no more than a two gallon bowl, are allowed in the dorms. Upper classmen in the private apartments may have pets if they wish, but are not allowed to bring them on campus.

|::| The campus is drug and alcohol free. There is to be no drinking at any time in any place on campus (except the upperclassmen apartments at the edge of campus), whether a student is twenty-one or not. Any students caught drinking will be suspended or possibly expelled considering the degree of alcohol consumption, and anyone caught with drugs will be expelled. Smoking is allowed in designated areas.

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