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PostSubject: Werewolves   Werewolves I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 23, 2012 2:42 am

:: Key Points ::
- A human who can change into a wolf, roughly around the size of a small horse up to the size of a bear.
- Can shift to Wolf form freely, except on full moon's when they are forced to change. New moon's they cannot shift at all.
- Newly changed or young Wolves cannot properly control their emotions.
- Shifting is very painful and doesn't ease for several years.
- Wolves are created by either being bitten or being born.
- Female's can become pregnant, but must conceive and carry to term in Wolf form.
- Wolves function formally in packs, although the school as no official pack.
- Are monogamous creatures, and have soul mates which they bond to.
- Are not immortal, but live very long lives, far longer then a human.
- Do not become ill easily or encounter diseases often, though at rare times they can suffer such things like cancer or AIDS.
- Very difficult for them to become drunk or high.
- Allergic to silver. It will kill them if it enters their bloodstream.

Werewolves (most commonly just referred to as Wolves in North America. In other countries they are known as Lycans) are the most bountiful species of the four, though once they were almost extinct when poaching wolves was legal. A Werewolf is ideally a human who can change to a wolf, though no normal wolf. Werewolves at their smallest are the size of a large pony and with their dense bones and wicked muscle mass, averagely weigh around five hundred pounds, though dominant males have been known to weigh a couple hundred more than that and can be as large as bears. A Wolf must change on the night of a full moon when their power is at its climax, nothing known can stop a Wolf from shifting. Silver in their blood can make the change take longer, but will not stop it. Wolves also have the ability to change at will when they wish, except on new moons, where the opposite happens to Werewolves and they are forced to stay in human form and do not have the ability to shift. Young/new Wolves do not have proper control over themselves or their emotions and things like anger can easily make them shift. Shifting is very painful and a rather long experience to a new Wolf, and it takes many (average fifteen) years until the shift comes easily. The power is very draining and young Wolves often pass out once they return to human form.

Wolves are created in two ways, being bitten or being born. A human can be turned into a Wolf if a Werewolf bites them in Wolf form, but a bite from a Wolf in human form will do nothing. Though a simple bite will not do, it is in fact much more of a ravaging. Like vampires, a human must go to the brink of death to be able to change into a Werewolf and because of this, humans being changed is an uncommon occurrence since many do not survive being attacked by a Wolf. Also the laws of changing a human have become an issue among packs in the last twenty years, and many Alphas have forbidden it. Wolves now are commonly born, though it takes much effort on the mother's part to be pregnant. Because the shift is too hard on the body, a Wolf female cannot be in human form when she is pregnant, for it would immediately abort the child when she shifts. The only way a female can safely carry to term is to conceive while in Wolf form and stay in Wolf form throughout her pregnancy. Because of this, most females have more then one child, like a Wolf has litters, and many times can have up to four babies. The children are born in Wolf form and stay this way until their body is strong enough to shift into human form. Some children, unfortunately, still die at their first shift, but usually only the sick or weak suffer this.

Wolves outside of Aeternitas function in packs, much like real Wolves do. Their is a Alpha, his mate, a beta and an omega and then the rest of the pack members. Packs at their smallest are around six to ten, and at their largest at times can be thirty or forty and function more as a small community. However on campus there are no set packs or Alphas, though there are at times naturally born Alphas that take charge. Wolves generally fall into their natural instincts at Aeternitas and find a leader to follow and form their own groups, though no official packs are recognized.

Werewolves are monogamous creatures as soon as they find their rightful mate and when that happens, the bond is immensely powerful. Some Wolves spend their whole lives not finding their soul mate and settle on basic love, while others fall into luck in their lifetime and find theirs. A Wolf always knows their rightful mate, simply by looking at them. Wolves can choose to deny their mates, however, but avoidance is necessary or the bond will force them to collide with one another, like magnets. Mates have an unbreakable bond and if they choose to accept one another, nothing can come between them or make them stray, even if the human side wants to. Usually if a Wolf loses their soul mate, they do not live long after.

Wolves are not immortal, but their lives are very long. A human changed into a Wolf will continue to grow and mature normally for about five years after their change until their body slows down the aging process. Born Wolves will get into their thirties until the aging process decreases. After this slowing down in age, it will take five years to equal one year for a Werewolf. Wolves have high metabolisms and strong immune systems, and it is very rare for a Wolf to fall ill, though at times stronger diseases like cancer and AIDS may get past their defenses and infect them, but illnesses like flus or parasites will not have any effect. It is also difficult for a Wolf to become drunk or high, for it goes through their system so quickly. It takes large amounts to effect their mental state. Wolves are also allergic to Silver. If they touch it, it is simply very uncomfortable, but if it enters their blood stream, they will die swiftly.


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