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Evelyn Varrow
Evelyn Varrow

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PostSubject: Vampires   Vampires I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 23, 2012 3:22 am

:: Key Points ::
- Literally, the walking dead. Can only be created by blood being drained and given Vampire blood.
- Drink blood to live, either off humans or animals.
- Human features enhanced.
- Immune to illness and heal quickly. Are immortal.
- No organs work in their body and cannot produce children.
- Strength, speed, immunity, blood control etc all becomes better with age.
- More sociable then Fae, but do not function in large permanent covens.
- Not governed by a set leader, but old Vampires are respected as such.
- Can be killed by beheading, fire or starvation. A stake threw the heart will only paralyze them
- Can resist sunlight if they are over three hundred.

Vampires are the most classically told creatures. They are, essentially, dead beings. Vampires are created only one way, and that is for a human to be drained practically till death and then fed a large amount of the Vampire's blood, which will then become their sire. The blood of a Vampire shuts down all human organs, but sustains the person to continue living. Humans survive the Vampire change much more easily then a Wolf's, but there are still some instances of the human body rejecting the Vampire blood and dying. Vampires do not eat food, breathe, go to the bathroom or are able to have a beating heart or produce children. They are cold to the touch and have enhanced appearances. Not every Vampire is devastatingly beautiful, but their human features are shockingly enhanced. The skin is smoothed, eye color is sharpened, hair is healthy and shines, the body is contoured and emphasize any already striking features carried when a human. Grace, posture and over all movement is improved as well. Hair and nails will continue to grow for quite some time, just like it would on a corpse. Vampires are immune to all sickness and heal quickly, the duration depending on age and how severe the wound is.

Vampires sole way of survival is blood and their palette and desire is fashioned from their first couple of feedings. Generally a sire stays with their fledgling (the name for a newborn Vampire) and will teach the young Vampire how to feed depending on their own feeding habits, or if the Vampire is abandoned it will figure it out on its own....which can result in disaster. A Vampire can get blood in any source, either from a blood bag, feeding off animals, feeding off humans and even feeding off other Vampires, though this is very taboo. Once a Vampire begins to feed in a certain way, it is very difficult for it to change it's palette to a different source of feeding, and the Vampire's body may even violently reject and purge the blood if they have been feeding on a certain source for so long and are forced to switch (this often happens when switching from human blood to animal). A young Vampire can only go a few days in between feedings, but the older they get the longer they can go. Some Vampires can go up to a month, to six and for ancients, possibly even a year. If a Vampire does not feed, the hunger will be excoriating and eventually, will die.

Some Vampires are solitary, though they are not as independent as Fae. Many will travel with their sire, or create their own fledglings for company. Other times small bands of Vampires will form together and travel with one another as well, but unlike in stories, they do not form large clans or generally keep close contact with one another unless they are close friends. Vampires five hundred years or younger seem to have the tendency to be more open, modern and come to Aeternitas to be social and indulge their need to mingle. However, Vampires older then this are many times out of touch with society and often come to learn about the world that has passed them so they can try and assimilate back in society.

The laws for changing a human are strict and closely watched and only human family members or lovers are usually changed. Vampires do not have leaders nor are they governed by a council, though there are some ancient Vampires (800 years or more, usually) who are held in high respects among all other Vampires. Other then those few, they are all independent and watch out for themselves. Because of this, they take matters into their own hands and if they observe a Vampire who is changing too many humans or overall putting the species at risk, they will rid themselves of the nuisance. Vampires are very powerful and can only be killed by beheading, starvation or fire. A stake threw the heart will paralyze, but not kill them. Depending on the age of the Vampire when he or she is killed, the body will immediately begin to decompose. The older the Vampire, the faster they will deteriorate after death. Vampires can resist sunlight, if they are over three hundred, and ages over two hundred can venture out in daylight for short periods of time, but will need to wear sun block, protective clothing and sunglasses. Under two hundred Vampires cannot venture into the sunlight at all no matter how much they protect themselves, it will easily scorch them. Night classes are usually crammed with Vampires that rather not deal with with the sun.


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