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PostSubject: Witches   Witches I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 23, 2012 3:33 am

:: Key Points ::
- Mortals that control magic and/or have magical abilities.
- With proper training Witches can conjure spells, potions and curses. Only few are born naturally powerful.
- Magic is deadly, and must be practiced correctly. There is no such thing as black or white magic.
- Some are born with abilities, like levitation, psychic powers, seeing the future and much more.
- Others many have affinities for there powers, like to elements or animals.
- If Magic is not used, it will fade away.
- Witches create circles, where they gather together to practice magic with one another and share council.
- Have weakness's like any other humans, though some Witches may be weaker against certain things more then usual depending on there affinities.

Witches are, essentially, human beings with a special genetic make-up in their DNA that gives them the ability to withhold abilities and control magic. For decades it has always run on the female side of the family, but slowly more men are being born with Witch blood (some prefer to be called Wizards) and as they have children, pass it on to their sons. Any human could make a potion, but it takes the true ability of a Witch to possess the true power of Magic. Witches have the power to conjure spells, potions, curses and other forms of Magic depending on their level of skill. Age does not define a Witches power, but it takes a truly special child to be able to posses immense power at a young age. Magic is rigorous on the body and it takes many years of perfecting and practice to learn spells and other forms of Magic. Magic is free and yet strict, it takes the right words and the right ingredients to do something correctly, for any margin of mistake can be deadly. Though there is no such thing as white magic or black magic, placed in the wrong hands it can be disastrous, and thus Witches are closely watched by a council. Anyone abusing their ability or power is quickly dealt with.

Some Witches are born with abilities such as being able to read minds, control objects, see the future or even astral project. Though these abilities are born with a Witch, just like their Magic it takes years to learn how to use it properly. Some Witches may also have an affinity for powers, such as elements, animals, substances (like iron), death (like a Necromancer) and many others, the affinities are endless. Though more often then not, Witches are born simply as a Witch and having a ability or affinity is quite uncommon, though many with these extra powers do come to Aeternitas to expand and learn how to properly control their talents, since more often then not Witches are simply taught by their parents and elders. A Witch, however, does not need to embrace their power. There have been many cases of Witches not wanting to have their powers and simply do not use them and in time, they fade away.

Witches create Circles, like a secret society formed with fellow members, where they gather together on Full Moons or special days like Summer Solstice to perform magic together, for it is claimed that on these special days a Witch's Magic is the strongest. These Circles are times for festivities, food and music to embrace the pure aura of being a Witch. Magic is shared among a circle when they are gathered together and can make them more powerful. Some Circles are more modernized by the younger generation and are more like parties, while older generations stick to the classic, old fashioned and more serious way of performing a Circle. Witches have weaknesses like any other human and can be easily harmed, though Magic can increase their resistance and heal them or protect them if need be. Also Witches with abilities or affinities can be weak against another Witch whose ability or affinity counters theirs.


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