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PostSubject: Fae   Fae I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 23, 2012 3:43 am

:: Key Points ::
- Rare and diverse. Not much is known about them.
- Created by magic from combined items like substances, feelings or elements.
- Many times posses a magical ability or power.
- Have a human or animal Glamour that disguises there true form.
- Immortal.
- Majority solitary in nature.
- Often tricksters or very sly and secretive.

Fae are very rare and secretive creatures. Much of what is known of them is assumed, for Fae are also notorious for being sly and playful creatures that will neither say yes or no to anything you ask of them. It is said that Fae are often not born, but created from magic and a substance, depending on the kind of Fae they are. Some are made by elements, such as fire or wind, others can be made from trees, snow or iron and even some are said to be born from darker substances such as blood, dead animals or human flesh. It is even rumored they can be manifested from emotions, such as intense sadness or jealously. Many times it can not be completely pinpointed from what they came from, but many of them possess an ability or appearance that hints to what created them. More common Fae like fairies, elves, leprechauns or trolls are born and their origins are unknown.

Fae can posses magic, though not the kind of magic that a Witch would have. They may hold an ability or power that stems from the kind of Fae they are. A Fae created from fire can control it, one created from an animal can control that species of animal and one created from an emotion like happiness can invoke that emotion in others. Their weaknesses also come from their abilities, like a tree Fae cannot be around fire. Most folklore like Nessie, Bigfoot, Unicorns, Dragons, Demons and other fantasy creatures are actually tales about Fae. There is one ability that is broad among all Fae and that is the ability to use Glamour, which hides their true Fae appearance. Fae are also immortal creatures, and many are older than most Vampires.

Because of their unusual factors (rarity, age and diversity), Fae are mostly solitary creatures (their are exceptions, some Fae function in groups) and keep to themselves in a environment that suits them, which is many times away from too much human civilization. Wolves and Vampires are generally cautious of these creatures, since so little is known of them. What is know is that they tend to be tricksters and troublemakers. Fae joined Aeternitas mostly out of curiosity and the need to get into the affairs of others rather than for the safety and security that the other races sought. Some of them attend the classes to catch up on the world that has fluttered by them, while others do it simply out of boredom or for amusement. They are usually not long-term students as Vampires tend to be, and flit back and fourth between living outside of the University and attending it. Close attention is paid to them then out of the other three species, for they are more inclined to enjoy bending the rules.


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