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Evelyn Varrow
Evelyn Varrow

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PostSubject: Humans/Ranks   Humans/Ranks I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 23, 2012 3:55 am


Humans are, well, human. There is nothing remotely spectacular about them, though some claim to have abilities, like to see ghosts, be psychic or be more empathetic, though this is very rare indeed. Some humans are aware of inhuman creatures from some event in their life or have simply grown up knowing, while many others are blissfully unaware. Aeterniatas accepts any and all students, they are not too concerned about who enters since most are just worried they are going to be on campus. But, the curriculum is fast paced and not for the faint hearted. If you can't keep up, be self assured you will be kicked out. It means one less human they have to deal with.

We are allowing non-students on the site, which would simply be human and nonhuman citizens who live in town or live on campus but aren't technically students. These can simply be people who have grown up in the city, have graduated or been kicked out from Aeternitas, anything you please. However, know that much of the action will be happening on campus grounds and not so much in the city itself.


*note: The ages are just a rough, general idea. There can be many reasons why your character may be older or younger then the age stated, like graduating high school early, taking some time off before or between attending college, etc. Also the ages are, of course, for the human, wolf and witch species. Vampires and Fae are old (unless recently turned) and choose what year they wish to start in.

Freshman: 18-19
Sophomore: 20-21
Junior: 22-23
Senior: 24+

Professor: Most professors at Aeternitas are inhuman and because of an often shortage of inhumans wishing to teach, many teach more than two classes. Although Professors have always been inhuman, now that the doors have opened to human students they have also been opened to human professors, on the grounds that they are aware of the inhuman species and can be trusted.

Citizen: Humans or inhumans that live and work in the city, have either grown up there, are graduates/drop outs from the University or simply moved there in their lifetime. Can also be people who lurk on campus, but aren't technically students.

*note: If you want a rank or think up of a rank that is not listed and would like your character to posses it or simply think it would be a good addition to the ranks we already have, please contact the admin and we will consider adding it.

Priest(0/1): Works at the church on the school grounds. Can be inhuman or a human who knows of inhumans.
Associate Dean(1/1): Second in command to the Dean. Must be inhuman and rather old.
Secretary(1/2): Works at the front office and does all paper work for the school, answers phones, questions and helps students overall. One inhuman and one can be human as well, or both inhumans, but both can't be human.
Dean's Guard(3/4): Watch over and protect the Dean and back her up if she needs them, go with her if she needs to play ambassador to a situation in another state/country and are always lurking nearby. Must be inhuman and over 500 years old, strong enough to keep her safe. Can be either male or female. Must be devoted to the Dean and trust-worthy.
Groundskeepers(0/6): Does maintenance for the campus and makes sure students aren't breaking rules, sneaking off campus, and that no one is sneaking onto campus either and protect anyone that becomes in danger. Basically they are security guards that do some campus work here and there. Must be inhuman and rather old. Two may be a human, if you desire, but must be very strong and aware of inhumans.
Head of English/Humanities Department(0/1): Self-explanatory. Can be an aware human or inhuman.
Head of Science Department(1/1): Self-explanatory. Can be an aware human or inhuman.
Head of Mathematics Department(0/1): Self-explanatory. Can be an aware human or inhuman.
Head of Performing Arts Department(0/1): Self-explanatory. Can be an aware human or inhuman.
Head of Athletics Department(0/1): Self-explanatory. Can be an aware human or inhuman.
Head of Fine/Visual Arts Department(0/1): Self-explanatory. Can be an aware human or inhuman.
Head of Business Department(1/1): Self-explanatory. Can be an aware human or inhuman.
Head of Historical Department(1/1): Self-explanatory. Can be an aware human or inhuman.
Counselors(1/4): Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior counselors, one for each. Help students with any problems they may have. Can be a human that knows about inhumans or inhuman themselves.
RM Moderator(0/2): Watch over the dorm halls and tend to any needs of the students. One for the Freshman and Sophomore Hall and one for the Junior and Senior hall. Must be inhuman or a physically strong human aware of inhumans.
Librarian(0/2): Can be inhuman or human.
Nurse(2/4): Can be inhuman or human.
Stable Hands(1/4): Can be inhuman or human. Care for the University horses in the stable.

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