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 Club Sign Ups

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Evelyn Varrow
Evelyn Varrow

Full Name : Evelyn Varrow
Race : Vampire

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PostSubject: Club Sign Ups   Club Sign Ups I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 23, 2012 4:33 am

There are a number of clubs on campus to meet any student's needs and a few are exclusive to certain creatures of the night. To apply, simply post your character name(s) and which clubs you wish them to join, also the position if applicable. If you have an idea for a club, please post below as well.

Secret Clubs
NOTE: You do not technically have to 'apply' for these. Your character is sort of automatically in them based on their race.

Werewolf Pack

Although Aeternitas does not recognize any official pack, this club is more of a monthly gathering on the full moon exclusive only to Werewolves for them to gather with one another in a location in the woods far from prying human ears and eyes. It is a time for being social, for meeting others and helping any new Wolves; it is even for settling out scores in an environment where things won’t be allowed to get out of hand. There is an unofficial Alpha of the group as well, not dictated by the school, but the toughest male/female around who has given themselves the title.

Alpha: Kythen Lyaer
Members: All werewolves are welcome. No other races allowed.

Witches Circle

The Witch’s Circle is held once a month on new moons and on special occasions such as summer and winter solstice. The Circle is for socializing and being able to strengthen and perform one’s magic in the safety and comfort of other’s like them, where young Witch’s can practice there skills and share knowledge with one another. There is a circle leader who insures everyone acts accordingly in there practice of magic to keep them a secret from the humans and keep them safe.

Members: All witches are welcome. No other races allowed.

Vampire Coven

The coven is exclusive to all Vampire’s and they meet every first of the month deep within the catacombs on the school. It is a special time like the other two racial clubs, for Vampires to gather and learn of one another and be able to enjoy speaking about the histories and things they have experienced. It is also a time to discuss any issues among there numbers that may have to be dealt with. There is also a leader as well to help keep the peace.

Leader: Vega Dieudonne
Members: All Vampires are welcome. No other races allowed.

Universal Clubs

Drama Club

Kythen Lyaer
Tristian Arezzo

Student Council


Book Club

D'artagnan De Lioncort

Christian Fellowship


Gay Straight Alliance

Shane O'Connell


Kythen Lyaer
Tristian Arezzo
Vega Dieudonne



Auto Club


Army OTC






Animal Society

Michelle Karvan
Shane O'Connell

Cooking Club

Kythen Lyaer

Science Club

Mason Whitlock

Anime Club

Vega Dieudonne
Tristian Arezzo

Peace Society


Art Club

Tristian Arezzo
Shane O'Connell

Ballroom Society

Castielle Montisque

Chess Club


Student Newspaper


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Club Sign Ups
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