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 Night-time Flights, Awes and Wonders

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Elizabeth Aura

Elizabeth Aura

Full Name : Elizabeth Rosangela Maria Aura
Race : Angel Fae

Night-time Flights, Awes and Wonders Empty
PostSubject: Night-time Flights, Awes and Wonders   Night-time Flights, Awes and Wonders I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 15, 2013 9:13 am

[OOC: If anyone wants to try to get to see the real Elizabeth... This is as good a time!]

As a heavy sigh escaped her lips, bringing forth with it the tell-tale signs of Winter still within their midst, Elizabeth gazed over the darkened grounds and buildings of Aeternitas as she kept vigil over all within it's residency. Her Outfit perhaps not being the best of things to wear but she didn't really feel the cold, not tonight at any rate as her emerald green eyes gazed over the buildings during the late, almost early, hour.

Since her run-in with Kristine, Elizabeth kept her word and stayed away from the young Witch-turned-Vampire under the wings of Castielle Monstique, to the point that she went with the school to the Winter Vacation site: Sugar Mountain Resort. It was nice and peaceful there, up in the Mountains where she could slightly fly around with little worries of getting caught, and it was easier to clear her mind there.... Even with some of the students forgetting to conceal themselves from Humans which she reminded.

Now they had returned, which Elizabeth was slightly glad of as she shut her eyes whilst the moonlight caressed her skin. Almost distracting her enough to let go of her glamoured self. For a few precious seconds, it did as her wings gently unfolded from her back, her skin lost it's freckles and wrinkles becoming completely smooth and her hair curled around her head to form a Halo as her skin and wings emanated a soft, warm and gentle glow as Elizabeth just let her natural form take over for a few seconds, relishing the feeling of release and small freedom.

A soft and blissful sigh escaped her lips as her eyes remained shut in order to not lose such a magical and wonderful feeling, lest she be drawn to quickly shift back into her glamoured self.... Not that many people would be up at this time of night, let alone be on top of the roofs save for fellow Fae, the occasional Vampire or Witch, maybe.
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Night-time Flights, Awes and Wonders
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