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ALRIGHT MY LOVES!!! Ash and I would proudly like to invite you over to the new site. Located [url=z13.invisionfree.com/strangerlyn]HERE[/url]. This is not a renewed AETU this is a brand new site with a new story line. However! You do not have to alter your character's story line too much. Simply put the main focus is not a school instead it's a town where supernatural creatures are known. You are either for or against them. Your choice. So please! Come over check it out. We are still tweaking a few things but not to worry we are more than happy to have you all there now!
Sally and Ash!
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More like a real theater then anything else, the auditorium is large enough to fit practically every student on campus. Stadium seating goes row upon row, and even has private booths up above that look down perfectly upon the massive stage. The seats are rocking and cushioned well enough to keep anyone comfortable through long periods of time and even have cup holders. The walls are covered in wallpaper depicting the evolution of theater in a time line of artwork, starting at the entrance from the beginning of time and all the way down to the stage to modern day. Red velvet curtains are tied back to reveal the stage lit up by bright lights, a stage big enough to fit the needs of any play the drama club puts together. The backstage is large as well and can fit a whole cast of members comfortably, and there are lines of private dressing rooms along with a fully equipped prop and costume room. The auditorium is mostly for plays and the occasional recital or show from band or choir, but at times it is used for school meetings organized by the Dean and can be rented out to clubs. A large screen comes down from the ceiling over the stage to have items projected on it. It's usually empty unless in use, but since it only closes at night students wander in and out as they please.
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Classrooms and Hallways

The halls at Aeternitas are intricate and can be quite confusing for new students and sometimes, even to those who have bee here for some time. Stone halls seem to go on endlessly, doors spaced out one after the other and it seems that even spending four years here you will never know every single hall and classroom. Many rooms are off limits and are indicated by signs, but students seem to sneak in them to snoop among the old items that have been left inside. Classrooms vary from small windowless rooms to large lecture halls and there are ever a few that require key cards. Those special rooms are for specific classes for immortal students that would be dangerous for human students to enter. Many of the windows in the hallways have window seats for students to sit and wait for classes and soda and snack machines are at every corner. Though the main halls that lead to important sections like the Great Hall and Dorms are lit at night, many other hallways are pitch dark to discourage students wandering about in classrooms when they shouldn't be. So watch where you go.
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Front Office

The front office would be the next important place for students after the student center. Not nearly as busy as the building next to it, but a steady stream of students flow in and out throughout the day. As you come through the doors you are greeted by the secretary, who answers any questions a student or visitor might have and helps direct you to where you need to go or what papers you need to fill out. To the left is the Dean's and Associate Dean's office, along with the offices for the Head's of Department's. The right holds the offices for all other professors along for rooms that hold files and other hard copy information. Any paper work can be found and brought here, and also the sign in and out sheet for students leaving campus under twenty one is here at the front desk as well. The whole atmosphere is precise and organized in deep red and gray colors, just like the Dean likes it.
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Hall of Immortals

Just across from the Great Hall located through a tall, dark wooden arch is a large round room lined with portraits. The ceiling goes up so high that no echo can even come back, and at night when the lights are dimmed it seems that there is no ceiling at all and it simply goes on and on into eternity. Portraits of past professors, Deans, staff and some memorable students are forever enshrined here to be looked upon and have their accomplishments on a plaque next to them for all to read. On the wall opposite the entrance are the portraits of the Founders, their firm eyes seeming to watch you no matter where you go in the room. The Hall of Immortals is formal and taken seriously as a respected place, so not many students bother to wander in here, but to those students that can respect the people on the walls, it is a quiet and powerful place to be.
12Wed Jul 25, 2012 9:21 pm
Evelyn Varrow Hall of Immortals
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Student Center

The epicenter for any new or transferring students, here you can find anything you need for your school term. Located next to the front office, the student center is one of the craziest buildings and constantly has students coming in and out, so expect lines at all times. Registration, enrollment, testing centers and financial aid are found here, along with the rooms to pick up your student ID's or attend new student orientation. The counselors offices are here as well, where you can either schedule an appointment or wait for a counselor to be available. Other offices to help with your needs can be found in here as well, and there is a pleasant waiting room both on the first and second floor with a fireplace lit in the winter, located in the middle of all the offices so you can hear your name being called when you're next to be helped. Downstairs near the entrance is a large bulletin board, where announcements, listings, job searches and club fliers can be posted.
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The third largest building on campus, the library is extraordinary even to the student who finds libraries boring. Two stories tall and stocked with all books imaginable, the library at Aeterniatis is a sight to behold. With dark wooden panels on the walls, dark red carpet and dim lightning filtering through the windows, it all gives the atmosphere a quiet and serene touch and along with the original paintings and hand done stone work in the six giant pillars supporting the building, truly a room to respect. In the past years it has been updated, with new computers and printers in the middle of the room for any student to use. To the left and right there are private rooms for the serious student or study group, and dozens of cozy cubbies scattered about in the back for anyone to plop down and work at. On the second story there are giant tables, old furniture dating back to the 1800's and that are near the balcony looking down below to the first floor. The books are extensive, and you can find first editions to new releases within the original bookshelves that have stood there since the school was built. The librarians desk sits near the entrance, where all the books can be checked in and out and detectors sit at the exit to make sure no book is stolen. Noise is not tolerated here, even less so then a normal library, so make sure you keep yourself low key.
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The Great Hall

The largest room next to the auditorium, The Great Hall is centered in the middle of campus. Once a ball room for parties when the school first opened, it has now been transformed to fit the feeding needs of the students. The room is exquisite, with elegant gold and red wallpaper, paintings dating back to the 1600's, a massive fireplace and large, wide windows to bring in the light outside. Long, heavy oak tables fill the inside of the room, with the kitchen off to the far left side and gold chandeliers line the ceiling above and constantly keep the room aglow. A stainless steel buffet table is always set near the kitchen, filled every day with different foods for the students to enjoy every breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a secured unmarked door near the kitchen, for Vampires to go into the back and enjoy thereā€¦needs, in private. The Great Hall is always busy, either with students dining, studying or simply hanging out and on Saturday nights they play music from a popular radio station. It is the most popular spot on Campus.
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Nurse's Station

Newly built when human students were allowed to attend the University, the Nurse's station is conveniently located right in the middle of all the dorm rooms, accessible to anyone when they need it. The Dean ordered it's placement since human students would need the care, unlike immortals. It's equipped to handle any situation, from a minor headache to a large bleeding wound. It is a rather small room, though like any other new building at Aeternitas it is state of the art. It is bright and pearly white inside, always smelling like flowers with a undertone of bleach and other cleaning supplies. There is a waiting room at the entrance with comfy chairs, and then a couple of rooms in the back to tend to any students in need or for anyone who just needs to lie down on a cot. In case of serious emergencies, there is a golf cart in back outside of the building, in case anyone needs to be rushed to a car and taken into town to the hospital. There is a secret cabinet as well locked up tightly behind the Nurse' desk, little remedies cooked up by witches for the occasional immortal who may need them in dire circumstances.
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Teacher's Lounge

Down the hall and to the left of The Great Hall is the one place teacher's can come to talk, complain about students, eat and just overall relax between classes. Though this is no tiny little room with a tiny fridge and some plastic chairs and tables, Aeternitas takes very good care of its professors. Instead of a mini fridge and microwave, the Teacher's Lounge has a full kitchen, with the latest technology of kitchen appliances. A Professor can bring their own food, though its unnecessary with the full time chief that is there preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday and cooks to order. There are tables and comfy dining chairs in the middle of the room, and couches with coffee tables on the other side for any professor who simply wishes to relax. There are TV's in the corners and massage chairs positioned to face each one. To protect from any students breaking in, a pass code is required to open the door.
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The catacombs are the most off limit area on campus, and yet the most explored none the less. It's purpose when first built was mainly for Vampires, to store blood and be a place for Vampires to sleep away from any threats of the sun. It was also meant to be a shelter for protection, in case of emergency, for there is only one way in and one way out through a small creaky wooden door. It is rumored that there are bodies buried down here as well, but those rumors are always dispelled by the staff. It is dark and drafty, there are no working lights down here except a few beams coming in through cracks on the ceiling, though not nearly enough to even put a small film of light within the cold room. The catacombs are just endless twists and turns, as if it was built with no rhyme or reason intended. Empty shelves line the walls except cobwebs and some other old, discarded items are scattered here and there on the floor. There are cages in the back for any wayward Werewolves or Vampires that need confining, but they are well hidden. The catacombs are frighteningly confusing, and most that come down here immediately get lost and travel in circles. It's advised you keep your curiosity locked up and not come down here.
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The campus at Aeternitas is prided in being vast and well kept and the best preserved castle in the U.S for it's age. Large, old gray stone buildings loom tall, some of them the original buildings first built in 1792 and others newly built in the past twenty years. In the middle of the vast grounds is dark green bermuda grass and large willow and oak trees dotting across in perfectly placed sections, with cast iron benches sitting under them that have been there since the school was erected and have the names of the first students engraved in them. Sploshes of wildflowers line the newly paved walkways and well hidden security camera's keep an eye over every corner of the campus. Here you can place threads that don't fit under any of the other sections.
11Fri Feb 15, 2013 9:13 am
Elizabeth Aura Night-time Flights, Awes and Wonders
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Fields and Gym

Behind the school just down a small hill are the gyms, sport fields and tennis courts spread out among each other. There are the fields specified for certain sports, such as football and soccer and the courts for tennis, and then there are several other open fields available for any sports teams or classes that need them; they are also at times used for clubs or school events. Surrounding them are three large gym's, massive buildings that are the newest on campus and state of the art. One building holds a large indoor stadium for basketball, also at times used for gymnastics as well. It also posses a fully equipped work out room and wrestling room and some other random rooms for P.E classes. The second gym has a ice rink for hockey and ice skating and a indoor and outdoor swimming pool, the indoor more for the swim team and the outside more for recreation, for it has a water slide and no markers. The third and last gym has a smaller indoor stadium, most of the lockers are inside this gym for it is closest to the football, baseball and soccer fields. It also holds a snack bar filled with healthy food and drinks along with several other medium sized rooms for the dance and cheerleading teams and for classes such as yoga, zumba, plates and other P.E courses.
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Smokers Alley

Just off to the left of the English and Humanities building, is a long plain stone alley that leads down to the fields and gyms at the back of the school. Built for the purpose of being a shortcut instead of going all the way around the buildings to reach the back of the school, it has now come into use for smokers taking a break between classes and some other people doing things they'd rather not be caught doing. Cigarette butts are littered here along with the occasional trash, but every morning it is cleaned and the mess gone, ready for a new coating of crap to be left upon it. During the day there is always at least a small group of people puffing away and using the shortcut to get around, but at night you will rarely ever see someone deciding to take this route down the dark alleyway. The walls on each side are perfect for someone to crouch above and drop down without you noticing until the last minute...
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Raven Tower

Part of the first original building of the University, Raven Tower is the tallest piece of the school and forever casts a shadow over the campus. It can even be seen for the farthest edges of the Somnio woods, dark and chipped stone after so many years. Because of this tower the school claimed it's mascot, since ravens can always be seen perched atop it. Because of it's age it is meant to be strictly off limits because of the danger that pieces of stone many fall and harm someone. Iron gates were installed at the entrance of the steps in an effort to keep students out. But, mysteriously, sometimes the gates are simply...unlocked, and no one seems to know why or who does it. Students don't seem to care and take the opportunity to sneak up the strange steps to the tower above. No one knows exactly what the tower was once used for, but now the rather large space is used as an attic to store old furniture, portraits, clothes, chests and other things that are now hundreds of years old and forgotten. Students are threatened with being expelled if they are found up there, but it doesn't stop them from doing it anyway.
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Aetas Fountain

Located just inside the entrance of the school to greet every student and visitor, is Aetas Fountain. It is a massive fountain which was built in honor of the founders after the school was open for ten years. Made of pure white marble that has somehow escaped getting dirty even after so many years, water trickles down from the beaks of a flock of marble ravens taking flight in various directions. Some students claim they can sometimes see the eyes of the ravens glowing red at night, but this has never been confirmed. The circumference of the fountain is huge, and serves as a cool place to rest during the warmer months, which is the perfect time to enjoy the fountain, for the water turns off during the winter time to avoid it becoming frozen. When the sun is out, you can see glowing and glitter coming from below the water, for students throw coins into it and make wishes.
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