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ALRIGHT MY LOVES!!! Ash and I would proudly like to invite you over to the new site. Located [url=z13.invisionfree.com/strangerlyn]HERE[/url]. This is not a renewed AETU this is a brand new site with a new story line. However! You do not have to alter your character's story line too much. Simply put the main focus is not a school instead it's a town where supernatural creatures are known. You are either for or against them. Your choice. So please! Come over check it out. We are still tweaking a few things but not to worry we are more than happy to have you all there now!
Sally and Ash!
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Crystal Coast

A twenty minute drive from the beach, Crystal Coast is the most popular home district in Havelock. The homes vary from small and quaint to large and ridiculous mansions, but all are pretty well reasonably priced for any family and there will always be a home that will work for you, either if your renting or buying.
123Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:10 pm
Nowe Veleno Love Bites (Zach)
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Zotheca Cottages

Varying around a fifteen minute walk to campus, Zotheca Cottages are reserved for married couples, single students who have children or students over 25 that want complete privacy and the comforts of a true home. There are only five of them, and they are close to each other but not in sight or hearing range of one another. They are tucked well into the woods, and are painted in light colors. They are not extravagant by any means, but are cozy and spacious enough for one to live comfortably in. They are two bedrooms, with a kitchen, living room, bathroom, a small fenced backyard and a porch. They come with security installed and are not to pricey to rent out, but are very difficult to get.
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Havelock Hills

Located in the middle of Havelock is Havelock Hills, the most developed district of apartments in the whole city. Hills Drive goes straight up through the small rolling hillside, with streets branching off to different apartment complexes. Apartments range from cheap little boxes to extravagant condo's, but the rich and the poor are pretty much clustered only with there own kind and divided by an invisible line. Apartments in whatever your price range can definitely be found here.
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Praeceptor Chambers

Praeceptor Chambers was built fifty years ago, but was recently renovated and are in use for any Professor that doesn't wish to make the thirty minute commute from Havelock to campus. It is a tall, modern steel building that is just a ten minute walk from it's quiet place tucked in the woods to campus. Each apartment is in fact a beautiful, spacious flat and vary from one bedroom to two bedrooms. Each has a kitchen, large living room, den and bathrooms to match the number of rooms. There are four wide floors with stair and elevator access, and each flat is rather plain and simple with white walls and beige carpet, a blank canvas for a Professor to do as they wish. The front and back entrances are secured, and can only be entered with a key card that also opens the apartment door.
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Dean's Quarters

Tucked away in a little clearing of trees close to campus, is Evelyn's home, a quaint little building that reflects the old fashioned Dean. It was once a barnyard for horses, but once cars came into use and horses were no longer needed for transportation, they were removed. Evelyn always spent much of her time in the barn with the animals, and thus changed it into a home years after the horses were gone. It is painted white outside with a small porch and cabin like in structure. It is very tidy and old fashioned within, though not many get to glimpse inside for the Dean is very strict on not allowing students to just come to her home whenever they please; however, her door is always open for emergencies, both physical and emotional. Though a peak through the windows would reveal a small kitchen, living room with a recently placed TV and two bedrooms with one bathroom, no extravagant furniture or accessories. She has a small garden in the back filled with her favorite exotic flowers, and many wind chimes in the front above her porch. She is not home often unless late at night and is seen more in her office on campus. Though lately, you may see a young woman walking about...
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Tironis Hall

Tironis Hall is exclusively for Freshman and Sophomores and is located on the left of campus. It is less fancy then the dorms for the Juniors and Seniors, but that is not saying much with the extravagances of the University. Tironis Hall is made of dark red brick, with perfectly kept flowers and low foliage around the building. It is co-ed, with each of the four floors split into half men and half women, with the highest floor all single dorms for the students who want to pay more for privacy. Each floor has a common room, littered with couches and tables, a couple of large screen TVs, video arcade games, a fireplace for the winter and the normal old fashioned accessories that make the atmosphere seem more like a expensive hotel then a college dorm. The dorm rooms themselves are large, not as spacious as the upperclassman dorms, but definitely big enough to satisfy any student. The beds are all twins with expensive mattresses and every dorm has it own small bathroom. The inside walls are of the same brick as the outside, with high ceilings, a window and enough room to fit a whole bedroom set for both roommates. There are back doors that you may exit, but cannot come back in. There is only one entrance, with the monitor's desk right next to it to watch who and what comes in and out.
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Erus Hall

Located to the right and across from Tironis hall, is Erus Hall, for the Juniors and Seniors living on campus. It is made of the same brick as the underclassman dorm building, but has larger trees surrounding it for a more secluded feeling. It is much nicer and upscale then the underclassman dorms, and it's vastness is clearly evident when coming through the front doors, which is situated exactly like the underclassman entrance. It has four co-ed floors, with each floor split into half women and half men, except the top floor which is all single rooms for the more serious student who wants to pay more for there privacy. Each floor has a common room, lavished in beautiful furniture for lounging about or maybe even studying, several big screened TV's attached to different game consoles and a DVD and blue-ray player, a fireplace for the winter, a large fishtank with tropical fish, windows with window seats that look out to the campus, a ping-pong, pool table and air hockey table, a white board on the wall for anyone to write upon. There is also a fully equipped and stocked kitchen on every floor, with a eat-in bar. The dorm rooms are truly massive and could easily fit a group of six students instead of two assigned to each one. Each dorm has a window with a perfect view, and have a small second story to be put in use for anything the roommates wish. The beds are full sized expensive mattresses and a full, well sized bathroom as well with walk-in closets. The walls are brick and each have there own, unique design on one walls ranging from ravens, to trees, to the waterfall and other attributes of the University.
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Conlegium Suites

Just a twenty minute walk from campus are the upperclassman apartments, the opposite direction from the Professor's apartments and are for any upperclassman who wishes total independence and privacy from the campus life. The Conlegium Suites building is a rather plain, reddish brick building on the outside with gray stairs leading up to all three floors, but has a beautifully decorated front office that could rival any five star hotel. It's always neat and well kept outside, with large oak trees and rows of flowers. The apartments themselves are plain, with simple white walls and beige carpet, but can be decorated in any fashion the renter wishes. They are average sized and differ from several different floor plans, but overall vary from one to three bedrooms, a well sized kitchen, living room and walk-in closets. They are not cheap, and renters are expected to pay all the bills themselves, but can be worth it to be kept away from the rules and overall rowdy campus life that can exist in dorm rooms.
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Louvel Manor

Just a few miles outside of school grounds nestled back within the forest lies a Louvel Manor. Vines creep and crawl up the sides of the log cabin, accenting the picturesque nature of the home. An open porch appears more welcoming than the actual owner of the home with a red swing swaying to the left. Inside the cabin is cozy and hand crafted in detail. Simple, yet modern woodwork throughout the home gives a natural aroma and relaxing setting throughout. The kitchen and living room take up most of the home with their high ceilings and modern appliances. Though the bathroom is something to brag about with stone flooring and a unique shower/bathtub set wide enough for multiple people. Just big enough for two or three to live in comfortable, the Louvel home holds five stars for character.
4152Mon Apr 15, 2013 1:47 am
Adella Louvel You're gonna miss me when I'm gone.
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