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ALRIGHT MY LOVES!!! Ash and I would proudly like to invite you over to the new site. Located [url=z13.invisionfree.com/strangerlyn]HERE[/url]. This is not a renewed AETU this is a brand new site with a new story line. However! You do not have to alter your character's story line too much. Simply put the main focus is not a school instead it's a town where supernatural creatures are known. You are either for or against them. Your choice. So please! Come over check it out. We are still tweaking a few things but not to worry we are more than happy to have you all there now!
Sally and Ash!
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The Grounds

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The Stables

Found close to the campus but downwind enough that the smell of horse and manure don't travel to the school, the Stables are probably the most casual and earthy structure at the whole University. Horses were taken off Campus after cars became popular for transportation, but were replaced a few years ago on the Dean's orders, for she missed their presence. The area is not fancy or state of art like the rest of Aeternitas, and it is like stepping on any old farm when entering here. The barn is beautifully kept, but is just a normal cement building with many roomy stables lined inside and plenty of spaces and closets for storage. Behind the stable are a few open pastures, and next to them are areas for training and practice in the events of dressage, jumping and cross country. There is a smaller stable disconnected from the larger, for any pregnant or ill horses that need to have their own privacy and special attention. All the horses at Aeternitas are specially trained to tolerate the presence of hunters, specifically Vampires and Werewolves. All the horses are property of the school and are mainly used for the Equestrian club on campus, but can be used by any student who wishes to ride or learn to ride. There are also reserved spots at the end for any personal horses students bring to campus. Personal horses are solely their owner's responsibility and the stable hands are not required to tend to them. At night the stables are locked, and only those of the Equestrian club or who have their own horses stabled here have keys to enter.
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Church of Everlasting

Built the same time the University was erected, Church of Everlasting has proven to be a strong and faithful building throughout the years. The Founders had strong religious beliefs, and the church has been wonderfully preserved and taken care of. Its age is regally shown outside, with a golden cross standing high above the roof and stained glass windows carved into the brick walls. Inside is devastatingly beautiful, the walls are carved with golden angels coming out to touch you, silver arches and the stained glass windows portray scenes of miracles from the Bible. The ceiling is high with a oval window above to let in the sunlight and golden chandeliers to match the intricate details all around the church. Rows upon rows of oak pews line the inside on the left and right, with a red carpet leading down the middle to the large pulpit with Jesus carved in the front and a few pews to the left and right of it from behind. There is a small unassuming door off to the side behind the pulpit, where a small room resides for the priest to live. The Church once held only Catholic beliefs, but because of the diversity of the school it now is simply a Christian church with no true roots to any certain religion. Mass is held every Sunday and its doors are always open for anyone who seeks shelter or help within it.
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Old Building

Yes, the Old Building has no name except simply that title and sits alone in a random spot in the middle of the woods. Many Immortal students don't even know what the building was used for, and there are no signs of what the wooden structure was once served as for it is completely empty inside, though it somewhat resembles some sort of office. It is clear it has been abandoned for quite some time, and that the school has no use for it or its upkeep anymore. Because of its distance from the school and its seclusion, parties are more then often held here and its a surprise the creaky building hasn't fallen already from the loud music and crazy fests that happen under its roof.
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Fontana Road

Fontana Road is the only main road that leads in and out of Havelock from the University. It takes about a thirty minute drive to enter Havelock, and there is never any traffic on the long stretch of road. It starts out like a dirt road, and then slowly transforms into a modern day street the closer to the city you get. Just make sure your car is in good shape and you have enough gas, because from the school to the city there is nothing but road and trees all around you and cell phone reception is not the greatest. It would not be the best place to get stuck at night.
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The Ruins

Just south of campus, only about a fifteen minute hike, are old charred remains of a once brick building. It was once a part of the school, but obviously suffered a fire and it also seems as if someone had attacked it as well with a wrecking ball, for there are pieces of the building scattered about with wild foliage growing around and over them. It used to be private rooms for newly turned Werewolves and Vampires that needed or wanted to be separated from other immortals that attended the University. However, it suffered the destructive fire over a hundred years ago and was simply never rebuilt, and the rumors give good reason. The immortal community say it was burned down by hunters, and simply not a mistake fire, and that the University hasn't rebuilt because the area is now cursed. Of course the school denies this, and say they simply leave the land at peace to not disturb the Werewolves and Vampires that were lost in the fire. To the human students, it's simply a piece of the school that burned down and was never needed again to be rebuilt.
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Fairy Fall

If you wander the woods enough, you will find a naturally cut little path of cleared trees that lead down to a rather small, but very beautiful waterfall. Named by human students that claimed they could see Fairies there at night, Fairy Fall is a relaxing place to hang out, if you are able to find it and remember how to get there. The waterfall is surrounded by a cluster of trees and flowers, with grass space near the small pool that leads out to a river. Light filters through the trees and hits the roaring water, making it twinkle during the day. During the summer the water is perfect for swimming, and many animals come here to drink as well.
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Somnio Woods

The Somnio Woods stretch out and surround the area of Havelock and the school, and are infamous by rumors that have been spreading since the school was created. Many different trees grow here, mainly pines and oaks, and the trees have gone so long untouched from fires or lumbermen that they reach so far up that you can barely see patches of the sky when you walk. The woods are pretty and peaceful during the day, and are perfect for hikers or a nice picnic for even on a hot day the shade of the trees keep it cool. But at night? The woods take a sinister turn when the sun goes down, and this is where the rumors and tales have began. Stories of monsters, deformed creatures and red eyes that stalk you have been told since the town of Havelock, or really the University, was founded. It is easy to get lost at night, which is why the school advises students to avoid the woods after daylight...or at least, that's the excuse they use.
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