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 I Rise From the Ashes (Open)

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PostSubject: I Rise From the Ashes (Open)   Mon Sep 10, 2012 2:37 am

A laugh had echoed through the extensions of hell as a portal to the mortal realm had been opened, and the hounds of hell were released. It was a glorious sight for Razi to behold, as it would allow her to walk into the mortal plans and take what she thought was rightfully her's... earth as a whole. Now that her precious pets were up there causing havoc it was only a matter of time before one was killed and her mortal body began to form.

With each blow, each scratch and death pieces of Razi's body was put together. The longer her hounds stayed upon the surface the more powerful Razi would be when she rose to the surface. There was however an unforeseen complication that Razi was not happy about. A dirty little fae had discovered a cure, which caused some minor complications but nothing Razi couldn't fix when she got there. It wasn't like she needed the students of the school dead in order to step forth, it was just, more satisfactory if they were.

Razi watches as her mortal body formed and knew that soon it would be ready for her to inhabit. It wasn't the best looking creature one had ever seen but seeing as it was taking bits and pieces from everyone the hounds encountered she seemed to think it was doing a pretty good job.

Finally after watching her hounds take people on for days, she watched as some found ways to dispose of the hounds. It was just what she wanted, and as the hounds returned she ran her flames over the tops of their heads. She had released many, but there was actually only a few that needed to be killed for her to be capable of taking over her human form.

Finally after what seemed like years, the forth and final hound's life was taken from the mortal plans and Razi was freed. She wasted no time and in a burst of flames Razi disappeared from the fires of hell and engulfed her mortal form.

The transformation had not been as fluid as initially planned, and that is where the complications came into play. As the ground rumbled and her body was revealed upon a stone platform, she awoke, and her memory was a blur. The hounds had taken the memories of the people they had killed, causing her to lose part of who she actually was. The intentions and thoughts were buried among all the other memories as Razi's mortal form sat up.

The woman held onto her head as the memories took over, causing her to shake her head. This was a huge error, one that Razi thought she would have been powerful enough to overcome but she had underestimated the memories and feelings of mortals and super naturals alike.

Getting up from the platform Razi stumbled out of the burn and tattered ruins and began to look around. She didn't know where she was, or how she had gotten there. Looking around she saw the night sky and heard sounds she had never heard before. What was happening to her? Where was she? Who was she? and why were all these faces flashing in her head?

Shaking her head she stumbled forward, taking in a deep breath of the fresh air. What the hell was she doing out here?
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PostSubject: Re: I Rise From the Ashes (Open)   Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:31 pm

Smoked filled the air where Jericho was wondering around, he was smoking from his unique but same pipe he had been for nearly a hundred years now. Now some may question why he was in the woods at night, especially walking towards the old ruins of the school. Well, he'd tell you first off that it was a matter best left to the more intelligent minds. However Jericho's true purpose in the woods was to follow a trail. A trail that was left behind by the beasts that were let loose a little while back, which he deduced that the feeling he was getting was coming from the old ruins by the school. It was a delicious problem that he needed answered, what was the true purpose of the beasts? He knew he didn't call for them, at least not intentionally, and even if they slipped passed it was too many to quickly to have jumped out of the portal. And it seemed they were on a mission, their patterns, their movements, all pointed to control rather than just pure beast intentions of killing and mayhem.

However it seemed his queries would be answered soon enough, a saw a bright like flame erupted in the distance, as he predicted, it was in the old ruins. He quickly made heist, using his super human abilities to try and make it there on time to make sure whatever it was to not escape his grasp. As trees flew past him as he kept up his relentless sprinting, embers from his pipe started to flow out. They battered his face lightly, marking him with soot screech lines all around. Jericho didn't care at the moment however, what he cared for was answers to his burning questions. What had finally risen from hell that needed hellhounds to do its dirty work? The only obvious answer to him was it needed a body, but a body constructed from the mangled corpses of anyone the hellhounds could find. But why would a demon needed to do that? If it was a higher demon such as him they could just get up here and keep their form while just taking DNA from a random human, smash it up and make a human form for themselves. Or in the case of Katerina, make a pact with a human if it was lesser and share the body with the human for however the pact was made.

As he slowly approached closer and closer, he could smell the scents of different beings in close proximity to one another. It seemed as if they were all mashed up into one spot, which it seems the evidence was proving his theories to be correct. However there was a faint scent, something he hadn't had the 'pleasure' of smelling in a long time. His worries grew a slightly, it couldn't be that could it? Sure, it had been desiring a body to transcend into the human world for some time, but it couldn't have gotten out so easily now could it? Finally reaching his destination, his burning queries were finally answered, though for once in his life time he wished he was wrong this time. He sighed heavily at the sight of the woman in front of him; hold her head with a bewildered look striking her 'innocent' face. Jericho exhaled smoke from his nose as he rubbed his eyebrows from the center outward facing the dilemma that has just fallen upon him and the school. She finally did it, the living flame actually finally did it. Jericho just started at the girl, she seemed to be focusing more on her thoughts then at his presence at the moment which was good.

Looking at her a bit more and her actions, he could assume that when taking the flesh of others their being was transmitted with hers. It was confusing her to be frank. It clouded her mind, muffled her own thoughts, her own ideals, what she wanted to do. It also seemed her powers at its infincy, possibly due to the same reason she had that confused and dumbfounded look on her face. Jericho decided to walk up to the girl, bend down in front of her. His pipe extended from his lips as smoke escaped from the tobacco chamber. With his right hand he rubbed his stubbles across his chin and cheek, observing her pupils. "I know you're in their living flame, however all I have is one question for you. Why is it now of all time that you decided to come out? You choose to come out so close to that infuriating date 2012, 12, 21 you're really going to make people believe it is truly the end of all days"!
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PostSubject: Re: I Rise From the Ashes (Open)   Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:57 pm

Razi looked around a bit bewildered really, there was things out here that she didn't recognize but voices in her head telling her what they were, screaming really. It was enough to give anyone a headache but all Razi could do was hold onto her ears as her eyes took in all the new things.

The strangest of those things was the feeling of a beating heart within her chest which caused her took look down and bring her hands to it, in order to feel the pulse beneath them. She had done it, she was finally here on this god forsaken realm... but who was she. So many voices, so many opinions that she couldn't get out of her head, then came another voice, male but it seemed to be on the outside of her head and not the in.

Looking up her eyes looked until the fell upon a briskly looking man. He... he was familiar, she knew him, but who knew him? There was so many people shouting his name, what was the name. "Stop it! I can't listen to all of you at once." She snapped at herself jerking her head inwards as she did so. It was hard enough to take a new form, but taking one with so many personalities was... well it wasn't what she had expected. The hell hounds had messed up, they were supposed to only take powers, but little did Razi know many powers were linked to personality.

"Now be quiet!" She growled to herself as she jerked her head the other way, the voices in her head talking back to her. "I said silence!" She screamed loudly and it was in a voice that shook her to the core and caused voices within her to tremble and quiet down for a moment before turning her head back to the man. "You know who I am?" Her head tilted in a sort of curious manner as she took a breath in.

The man's scent, it was... it was familiar, something that she recognized but for many different reasons. For a moment her eyes squinted, this was... this was a demon yes, that much she could tell. shaking her head again she tried to weed through the memories, that flooded her minds. "You're the one that let them out? Aren't you?" the word them was riddled with an almost child like fear as one of the other personalities she had showed that it had been rather scared of the hounds when it consumed the girl's body.

Razi hit herself in the arm "I told you to be quiet." She growled at herself again as she tried to gain control over these voices they would listen to her, she just needed to figure out how. Damn mortals and their feelings how could she have underestimated this in her plans?
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PostSubject: Re: I Rise From the Ashes (Open)   Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:35 am

As he looked upon the woman frantic movements as she tried to quite down the personalities and thoughts from her head, all he could do was smirk. Smirk and shake his head slightly, he presume that this wasn't what she intended as her big entrance into the human world. It was quite funny and sad to him at the same time, the living flame, something that was 'burning' sort of speak to get out and look what had become of her. A squabbling being that was fighting with the voices and personalities she made her pets kill to make her form as it is. It was sort of ironic actually; how all she wanted was a body but instead got many in return, so much in fact that it was shifting her up and down as she tried to make clear of her situation. Jericho took in another puff from his pipe and pull out the excess smoke from his nose back to the outside. He then took the pipe from his lips and carefully held it in his left hand as he continued to bend down in front of the woman.

As she asked him if he knew who she was a chuckle creped out from him, know her? In fact, almost every demon knows of the living flame, even if they believe it is just a legend that was passed down. Though normally legends don't just appear out of nowhere and take the bodies of innocent people to make their own form. Well, at least the legends that he has heard in way, which by the way was plenty. "Yes, quite in fact a lot. I know who you are living flame, though that question seems absolutely redundant and quite frankly does not pertain to the current dilemma that plagues us at the current moment. That squabbling seems to be a real pestering too you at the moment and might I say it quite a sight to behold. Quite marvelous really, to see one of the oldest beings in hell to be reduced to just a squabbling juvenile who just seem can't grasp a single thought. If I do say, I applaud your efforts however; it seems like it has become for not at the moment and might I add brilliantly funny at that. Good show on you old girl"!

His old British accent bounced off the ruins, as he gave her a huge smirk while placing the pipe right back on his mouth. Jericho, while maintaining his smirk raised his right eyebrow this time, taking note how many times she screamed out. He wanted to know how many people where in there, give him an indication to how many people they need to find and at least give a proper fare de well. It also wouldn't hurt to note such a thing, since it might come in hand in the future to deal with her. She then however seemed to gain some sense, picking up his scent and was trying to piece together the information amass the plenty that was already going through her head. As she spoke, she spoke with a frighten tone which noted that there were at least two people inside her head. The one other was noted in the beginning when she was screaming off, but then again that could just be to the many then just one being galloping around her noggin.

"Sadly yes, I was the one that opened the portal however the blame cannot fully squared on me. It seems you had your little devious hands in that, sending them out to make this dubious body of yours. Which, might I say get a better agent? For whomever suggested to do such a thing to get you a body was not doing so in your best serves. Though considering the outcome, I think it benefited those of us who were hoping you'd stay down there for just a tad bit longer". Jericho then moved his right hand through his hair; he was contemplating on what to do next with her. He couldn't just as well abandon her here, which would be simply idiotic and moronic of him. Keeping an eye on her was his best course of action; he'd also need to tell the rest of the staff at the school what has transpired. "Brilliant. Evelyn is going to chew my ear out till the spring of a century from now"!
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PostSubject: Re: I Rise From the Ashes (Open)   Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:55 am

Razi was.... well she was more then displeased at this current situation. To be riddled with so many different personalities at once, was like trying to have a conversation with people during the screams of the innocents as they were tossed into a fire. It was damn ear impossible to separate the voices from one another, which made it even harder to shut them up. For the love of god didn't these 'people' ever hear of sleep or were they just doing this to annoying her. "Help, she's going to kill me." a scared almost child like voice came out, which Razi quickly contained. "You're already dead you bastard now shut up." She growled. Damn the hounds for their mistakes, but they gave her what she wanted she would just have to deal with the side effects.

When he started to mock her a bit she reached out to grab his throat but her other hand came up and caught it, pulling it back against her chest. "Stop that you'll hurt him!" A child like voice again as Razi glared at herself. "That was the plan." She tilted her head lightly as she struggled to get her hand free. "Now give it back." She growled and her hand was finally let go. Seemed one of her personalities had a small soft spot for the professor, just what Razi needed, kindness. For now she settled for a glare at the man before her... Jericho, that was his name yes she remembered him now.

"They were supposed to take only the powers." She growled a bit as she shook her head, jerking it lightly. Seemed there was another voice that wanted to come out but that was not going to happen. No, she would show these personalities who was boss. "Don't under estimate me Jericho, this is but a small hiccup." She spoke as she stood up straight. For the most part it would seem that she had most of the control over her body, it was just the voices that seemed to be causing the issues for now.

"The dean will save us, just you wait and see." Razi rolled her eyes as she heard those words with her own ears. "Shut up you pathetic twats, no one will be saving you." She spoke as she let go of a sigh as she spoke, thank god she had only been in this body for a few moments or she would be sorely pissed off and would have to kill the hounds herself. Still, she needed control, and that meant using the body more.

The woman started to walk, it was different walking rather then simply gliding like she had done in hell but it was a rather unique feeling that she rather enjoyed. "I do say they did a wonderful job at piecing the body together. Better then what my sisters were given." She spoke as she used the moonlight to examine her body. There weren't any stitches pieces the skin together but the markings were rather pleasing to the eyes. Yes, this body would do even with the complications that came along with it.

Turning around she looked to the demon "Do you think I'm pretty?" she asked as she walked backwards. It was spoke with a hint of many personalities behind it, almost as if all the personalities wanted to know what the man thought of their new home.
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PostSubject: Re: I Rise From the Ashes (Open)   Sat Sep 22, 2012 4:26 am

The situation started to get even more hysterical than Jericho would have ever hoped for, it was as if Christmas had come early for him. It was actually a marvelous site to behold, yet still unnerving to say the least. She made it quite more so once a voice sleep passed her control; it seemed to be a young child. A child that he once new and had been missing for some time now that even his parents asked him to find, well that solved that mystery. Jericho began to rub his forehead, which he really didn't want to hear or see. However, comedy once returned as the woman fought with the voice to shut them up and keep them in check. She seemed to be having a hard time with it, another good thing for Jericho to note for the near future.

Jericho noticed the slight hand movement from the corner of his eye; he glanced a bit towards her hand as she raised it against him. He of course didn't move, all he did was smirk at her in till her other hand grabbed it, and pulled it back. It seemed she wasn't the only person in there that could control that body of hers, just one good detail after another it seemed. The child like voice, seemed the same as before, cried out as one hand held the other. She fought with herself for a few moments before settling with just a glare to him. "Ohhhhh, I am terribly frightened by the little juvenile, who, might I add is fighting with her own self. I don't know about you, but you don't seem like the most sinister type at the moment, but the poor woman who has the slightest case of dementia".

His smirk grew slightly as she retorted his statements, claiming to not underestimate her. "No would I be myself if I didn't do that? I believe that is part of my manly charm sort of speaks, plus underestimating is also quite fun. It is through underestimating someone where you can actually be a bit surprised at what they can offer to the grander game". He pulled the pipe from his lips once more, than exhaling the smoke from both his nose and mouth. Jericho slowly raised himself up, noticing that the woman was also trying to do the same. It seemed the battle continued within her mind; it seemed that the voices were thinking someone was going to saved them, which prompted the woman to say otherwise. It also seemed she wasn't the only one who made it out the same way; she had sisters who made it out as well. That fantastically made the situation ever more deliciously complicated.

Jericho glanced at the woman once more, looking her up a down before closing his eyes and rubbing them with his right hand. She had asked him if she was looked pretty, it had a hint that all the people in her seemed to ask at the same time. It made sense to him, she is the supposed main "controller" of the body so the other voices inside would follow suit while she talked. He...really couldn't say much, she has a very attractive body, but the voices that came out of her mouth especially voices that he knew quickly turned the tables. By the time he removed his hands from his eyes to look at her she was approaching him by walking backwards. "I'm not going to privy an answer to that query of yours, especially with some of the voices spewing out of your trap that I recognize".
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PostSubject: Re: I Rise From the Ashes (Open)   Sun Sep 30, 2012 3:41 pm

Razi still looks like this, her change in appearance is happening in a thread

Razi was of course not happy with the mistakes that had been made when it came to forming her body, but she would deal with it. Just give her time, she would have this body and voices under wraps in no time.... at least that was her hope. If this was what her life was destined to be like... well she would likely just end up killing anyone who laughed at her, or at least try to anyways, but that was for time to tell really. "What I seem like now is none of your concern, trust me this wont last long. Give a hell spawn a break, I've only had this body for an hour at best." She spoke as a devilish smirk swept over her lips.

Even with the hiccup, Razi was looking forward to embracing her new life and that meant getting a look around and pretty much ignoring what Jericho had to say next. She would show him, so everyone that she had learned from her sister's failed mistakes. They may no longer exist on the mortal realm but Razi would thrive if only because she had a body that didn't look like it was placed together by dead bodies. Her's was seemless and sure there was some markings on her body, tattoos she believed they called them but she didn't mind one bit. They were interesting to say the least and had her attention for a moment.

Though when he failed to answer about her appearance she did give a slight pout because she had honestly wanted to know, but if the voices were what bothered him then so be it he didn't have to. She was sure that she could find someone that would answer that question for her, so she simply shrugged. The woman then turned around and started walking normally, and walked past him as she began to look around. "So tell me, what is this place like, is there anything I should be aware of?" She asked as she started walking along, it didn't even seem to phase her that she was naked.
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PostSubject: Re: I Rise From the Ashes (Open)   

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I Rise From the Ashes (Open)
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